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  1. Thanks everyone! I'm sorry I didn't have time to finish. I have lots more things. It was busy yesterday and now I don't have time because I'm on my way to the airport!!! I'll finish when I get back and I'll be sure to post some pics! I'll see you all when I'm a Mrs.!!
  2. I can't seem to edit my first post, but we're leaving this saturday and it's finally my turn for this. I still have more, but I'm taking a break, beacuse this has already taken me 2 hours, lol!
  3. THE SHOES The shoes are just simple ivory flip flops from David’s Bridal. MOH’S DRESS A now discontinued design from Alfred Angelo, here’s my MOH in it prior to alterations. GROOM’S ATTIRE Sorry, I don’t have a pick of the suit. He wouldn't me take a pic of him, but he’ll be wearing a black suit with black flip flops and a cream shirt and cream tie with blue flowers. I'll have a picture when I get back. BEST MAN’S ATTIRE The best man is in black pants, the same shirt and tie and the groom. No jacket. The tie is slight different in that it’s dark blue with cream flowers (just the opposite of the groom’s tie). FLOWERS They were a bit of a disaster at first. I ordered silks from a local florist (real touch was way more money than I wanted to spend). They were beautifully designed and looked lovely. I originally wanted cobalt blue, white and lime green flowers. However, the florist told me that she couldn’t find blue in my colour, so I told her to nix the blue and just do white and lime cream. I ordered the flowers in April and they only arrived the weekend before departure . When I went to pick them up, I noticed there were dark flowers, I didn’t say anything because they looked beautiful and I thought they were navy blue. When I got home, I discovered they were actually purple! I had a minor freak out and there’s a post here about it.. I felt they completely clashed with my MOH’s dress so my MOH and I went to 2 Michael’s stores to buy white roses so we could take out the purple ones and replace them with the white ones. I only have before pics. INVITATIONS The invitations were “print your own†from Target. THE GARTER The garter is a from GartersByKristi on Etsy. It’s the Montreal Canadiens as they are Kevin’s favourite team. Still More...
  4. SAVE THE DATES After lots of discussions we finally decided on a destination wedding. The only request that Kevin had was that we had to be married in Cuba, which was fine by me! We had our first vacation together in Cuba and we just fell in love with the country! In all honesty, we didn’t do much research into the resort. We inistally were looking at the Paradisus Rio de Oro, but our TA suggest the Melia Las Dunas, and we have heard nothing but great things about the resort (it also helped that we go a much better rate. We started off by just wanting to research the cost of the trip, but after discovering that we could only hold the rate we ere quoted for a short period of time, we booked right away , which meant I had to send out the STD cards quickly. Here is my STD. I printed them myself at home on the response cards from a package of DIY wedding invitations I bought at Walmart. (Sorry the picture is not quite clear) THE DRESS As a plus size bride, dress shopping was a little tough. I must have tried on hundreds of dress until I found “The One”. It was important that my dress looked like a wedding gown and that it had a train. I figured, I’m only going to this once, I have to look like I’m the bride and I always wanted a train on my gown! The gown was purchased from Becker's Bridal on The Danforth in Toronto and it's an Allure Gown (I think W174) THE JEWELLERY I was initially going to borrow something from my mother (my something borrowed), but her jewels did not match my dress. I borrowed my MOH earrings that she wore at her wedding and I purchased this pendent to go on a chain I already owned, and this bracelet giving to me by my in-laws for my birthday (no Pics...they are already packed but here is what the earrings look like). The earrings are the tear drops in the large picture and the pendant is very similar to the pendandt in the bottom right hand corner. Hair pin: It's the pearl/floral comb in the large picture. All purchased from Bittersweet Jewellery. I purchased my MOH’s jewellery from Etsy. It is very similar to this, but instead of a starfish, there is a shell (Sorry, I don't have a pic). The earrings: The looke like this but with the same colour blue as the necklace More still...
  5. HOW WE MET We met April 29, 2005 at the birthday part for my best friend, who is also my Maid of Honour. Kevin was the roommate of my MOH’s husbands cousins. THE ENGAGEMENT We were engaged May 30, 2008. We had a houswarming party/Birthday BBQ for my FH. All out friends and my parents were in attendance. We had talked about marriage, and things we wanted for our wedding. FH and my dad (who were both three sheets to the wind at that point, lol) were talking about Kevin and I getting married. I was sitting in the house chatting my girlfriends and my mum, when Kevin came in to tell my mum what my father and him had been talking about, I jokingly said to him “now that you asked for my parents blessing, when are you going to ask me?”. At that moment he turned to me and asked me to marry him. In front of all my family and friends. I burst into tears and it was such a perfect proposal, even if he had been drinking, lol! Here are some of our engagement pics. We actually had them taken in November of 2008. As we were getting married in Cuba, I wanted our engagement photos to be a contrast to our wedding photos. Our photos were taking by Sandra Regier. She was a pleasure to work with during the engagement session and we can’t wait to work with her in Cuba. THE ENGAGEMENT RING I didn’t really want one…at first, but people kept asking about it and saying we had to have one. I didn’t want us to break our budget on it, so one Saturday we went out looking for a ring that fit our budget and we both loved and here’s what we ended up with. When it finally arrived, Kevin took me to dinner at the pub where we first met and had out first “official date” and re-proposed. More To Follow...
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    Movie game

    Crossroads: Dan Aykroyd
  7. Thanks for the compliments, but the flowers were still bothering me. I took them over to my MOH house to see how they looked against the dress and they completely clashed. I had a bit of a freakout. My MOH and I decided to head over to Michaels and we picked up some white roses and ended up popping off the heads of the purple roses and replacing them with the white. Which is what I wanted and had ordered in the first place. I loved the purple...but only if my colours were purple.
  8. LIW

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J Ashley sounds fun. So I went to return my bustie (sp?) that I bought in April because it was too big, to get a new one. I went from a 42D to a 34 D!!!!! Then that 34D bustie did not work out, so I went insane and bought asuper fancy bra and panty combo!!! Oh well I lost 40 lbs I should show it off 40 lbs!! That's fantastic. Congrats!
  9. I picked up my flowers today! I love the way they look. They are silk. But now I'm kind of concerned they won't match my MOH dress. What do you think? and here's my MOH's dress Will they work?
  10. We're heading down to Cuba in a week and FH and I were thinking of providing some cigars for the guests during the cocktail hour/reception. Since most of our guests are non-smokers, I don't want to give them away as favours, but I'd like our guests to be able to help themselves to a cigar if they so choose. I'd like to set up a "cigar bar" of sorts and I'm looking for a clever way of telling our guests that they can help themselves. I've found this online and I modified it: We picked each other and said "I Do"!. To celebrate, help yourself to a cigar a gift from us to you! I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for something better?
  11. LIW

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Thank you so much for the tip! I went to lingerie boutique near my office today and I bought one! I didn't think I'd even be able to find a Goddess, but it was the first thing I tried on and I went with it. I think it's going to work! And it's surprisingly comfortable. I feel so much better. One less thing to do. Thanks again!
  12. LIW

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Okay ladies, I leave next saturday for Cuba and I have a minor problem. I need to find a bra or something supportive for the "girls" but I can't find either a) anything that fits and a bra where the band does not poke out of the back of the dress. I found 1 bra that might have worked but they didn't have my size in the store and would have to order it in, and there was no guarantee it would arrive before I left. Also, there was no guarantee that it would even work. So, I need something that I can get now that will keep the "girls" up and won't show under the dress. My MOH suggested duct tape, lol, but I'm not liking that idea. Any suggestions?
  13. LIW

    Melia Las Dunas - Cayo Santa Maria - Special Meal

    Quote: Originally Posted by motherofthegroom I cannot get anything other than being directed back to the main page when I hit that link! it's frustrating! I think I need BDW for dummies! usually I'm pretty good with this stuff. I also cannot navigate around this site, it's not so easy I guess. I'd love to do more research but can't when I keep going around in circles, not even sure how I managed to get back here! lol..... bye for now, maybe forever lol Unfortunately, site rules require you to have a minimum of 150 posts before you can open links to pictures and templates, etc. Since you only have 13 posts, that most likely why you are having trouble navigating the forum. Just keep posting away, you'll find once you have your minimum number of posts, things get a lot easier.
  14. LIW

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    I'm sorry to here about Penningtons. Sometimes Addition-Elle has some stuff. I was there on Saturday but I didn't really see anything, although I wasn't looking too hard either. I've been trying to find something in my size too without any luck. Sears might have something
  15. LIW

    Happy Thanksgiving Canucks!

    Quote: Originally Posted by scrouse Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! And funny you mentioned fitting into your dress...I had my official fitting yesterday morning--right BEFORE turkey dinner!! Maybe I should have waited till after!! Hopefully I can keep things under control for the next 6-weeks!! LOL, I'm sure everything will fit perfectly and you'll be beautiful! But just to make sure, maybe we should all run around the block a few times, hahaha! I hope you had a great dinner! I'm sure it was worth it!