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Better late than never...he finally did it!!!

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So let me tell you about last night...we went out to eat to Red Lobster. for my 25th birthday. To my surprise my parents and my sister were there too. We had a few drinks and a nice dinner with some great conversations. After we ate they brought a cake out for me and sang happy birthday. It was a cheesecake with strawberries all over...yummy. After eating Junior gets up from his seat and says, "I have something to say." He puts his hand inside his pants pocket and pulls out a little box. I looked over at my parents and my sister and everyone is all teary eye. Junior gets down on one knee and says, "This is something that I should had done a long time ago...Jessica, Would You Marry Me? I almost forgot to respond to him from the shock that I was in but I of course said Yes!!!


Its Official!!!


We have been engaged for awhile now but he had never officially proposed. It was so perfect! I will post pics later.

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