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  1. Chong and Amanda, have unbelievably amazing weddings!!! I went to a wedding yesterday and it got me all nostalgic and I missed you girls so much I had to jump on here and wish you well and say hi to everyone else!
  2. Yeah Kiara is gone... she was my coordinator and I agree, she was the absolute best! She emailed me a few weeks back and told me she was leaving. It was only a matter oof f time, they give these WC's an insane amount of brides to work with =/  I did, I brought white string lights, paper lanterns, lots of candles, 3 vase submerged orchid centerpieces with floating candles on top, cigar roller, guest book table, cake table, escort card table, manzanita branch decorated etc. I brought all of my decorations except the vases, which I rented. I loved all my decor  I'm going to be honest with you, the only thing about Zocallo al Fresco which may surprise is that there is absolutely NO breeze or fresh air that really comes in there. It's like a hot box and we were all sweating and very hot, that didn't stop us of course and I was dripping with sweat and didn't care because I was having a blast, just realize, that it get's extremely hot in that area.
  3. Â OMG! So excited for you Amanda!! We never got to run into each other at Target, I moved over the weekend so we'll have to do real coffee one day and you can tell me all about your wedding
  4. Hi ladies! Â I wanted to jump in and say hello, I miss you girls and think about you all the time still. Hope everyone's planning is going great and my old married ladies and doing amazing! Â XOXO Amy
  5. Love your stuff! Wow this is like a flashback, I used all these same exact Etsy vendors for my wedding (aside from the parasol) and even used lyrics in my clutch as well! You're going to love all these details on your big day
  6. If they kill off Eric there's going to be hell to pay! Is it seriously 2 weeks until the series finale?
  7. Hi girls! Â Remember me? Hahaha, man I've been sooo busy lately it's ridiculous. DH and I decided to up an move last week as well and we're moving in 2 weeks and working 12 hour plus days and he's gone in Nebraska for a business trip... anyways enough about me! Â What have I missed?! How's everyone's planning? I miss all you old married ladies and B2B's
  8. Ok I need to catch up on the books, every time I jump in here something get's spoiled! I'm trying to catch up! So far the book seems to mirror Season 1 pretty closely.
  9. Originally Posted by Steve&Julia  sorry for the late reply I have been putting my pictures on a web site and working LOL  http://stevenjulia.shutterfly.com/ ROMERO is the password  I flew him from NY and put him up in the hotel he took rehearsal, ceremony, and trashing pictures for $2200 gave me over 800 pictures  takes direction well and was nice.  if you want his info let me know   Julie - just checked out your pix, love them! You looked gorgeous and you and I had very similar weddings! I got married on the SkyDeck and had our reception on Zocallo al Fresco as well. Was is unbelievably hot for you there? I almost couldnt' handle it.
  10. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to you ladies, I didn't have time to catch up but I hope all is going well! I'm crazy busy so I'm trying to catch up here and my inbox and all that!
  11. Welcome back Mrs!! Congrats!!! Can I just say how happy I am to say I TOLD YOU SO!! I did my rain dance for you and bam, no rain, I'm just sayin  Didn't you just love Le Blanc? I never wanted to leave... omg it's just gorg! I saw a few of your pix on FB, you're just stunning! I love it all! Â
  12. I was mistaken, it's only 8 books! Â The Jason/Crystal story line is super annoying, I just want to find out what her and her family are and move on! Â Ok I'm glad you brought this up because this threw me off... so it REALLY is Rene's baby and she's not crazy? I just wrote her off as crazy, haha! Â AGREED, That Summer chick is SOOOO annoying!
  13. The swimsuit was a gift to me at my bridal shower and it doesn't have a brand, it was purchased from a boutique here in Los Angeles.
  14. Thank you Wendy, you're too sweet! Â Wow, I love your dress!!! Soooo pretty, the edges are all uneven right? It's going to be stunning in Mexico in the sun and oh so pretty! Â
  15. Welcome! I'd email your TA and ask them to have your assigned wedding coordinator contact you as you'd like to get the process going of choosing options etc. They should be able to do that. Â Nice to meet you Ashley, welcome to the thread! Â You're welcome, I'm a past Azul Sensatori bride so if you have any questions, let us know!
  16. Awww how cute!! Happy Birthday to your little man  I'm the only one I've found on here that did the legal wedding AFTER the wedding, wedding in Mexico. I first of all, couldn't handle planning something else BEFORE my actual wedding, that would have been the final nail in my mental coffin so to speak  First and foremost - I found out about the blood test and was hands down not doing it. I am terrified of needles and avoid them at all costs.  Secondly - I didn't want any sort of "wedding/wedding-like experience" before my Mexico wedding. I consider my wedding in Mexico as real as a government approved and stamped piece of paper. I've never believed that I will only be married once the legal document has been filed and issued etc. My wedding in Mexico was my wedding and I was married then, my vows were said with every intention of keeping them regardless of legalities. I would always he D's wife regardless of our legal wedding and tried for a long time to talk him out of a legal wedding but he wouldn't have anything to do with that.  Third and final point - My vegas wedding was ALMOST better than my first. It was no emotion, no nerves, no panic, no tears, just sheer FUN!  So sorry to go off on the subject, just thought I'd give you my side as well so you can make the decision that works best for you. My Vegas wedding pix are all up on FB if you want to check them out.  Oh!! Well that's wonderful!!! You're just early, ok well October will be here before you know it!  First of all, I don't know if I've met you before, my name is Amy!  I LOVE your color scheme and ideas. The gold and this fuschia/magenta deal is fantastic!  I like the idea of orchids but you're right, that could get pricey. Another girl on here had a fushia orchid theme and it was simiply stunning!  I don't know if this will make sense to you... but this was my first thought. I was thinking ok, you could pick a time period or taste that you like and have one of the colors be a focused theme but still keeping the other.  For example, say you love vintage... books, frames, trinkets etc. Doesn't all have to be the same thing, but it's all vintage & gold. OR Art Deco, or modern... so everything if it's modern is sleek and has clean lines and it could be different items (not just birds or starfish etc)  I'd have fuschia as your color... then I'd do the accent color in your theme or taste. Vintage gold picture frames as table numbers. Vintage gold trinket atop your cake... vintage looking placecards write in a gold metallic pen... gold chiavari chairs... gold jewlery for you and your girls, fushia dresses for them, fushia hair flower/feather/accessory etc.  Just a suggestion off the top of my head!
  17. Love! So cute, flirty and 50's inspired. Â Awww, I know how that feels girl. Can it be replicated for you by a seamstress? I actualy found a dress that wasn't available except in Chicago and it would be hundreds to ship it out just to try it on and contacted someone about making the dress for me and it was far cheaper. Â They look great! I think it's a wonderful idea and very unique
  18. This is definitely good to know and be aware of... but just realize that doesn't mean they are going out of business or stopping flights. Filing bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean the business has closed it's doors. Â Woo hoo!!!! Congrats!
  19. Haha, no worries! I asked so I was already treading on dangerous water
  20. Ok good to know! Debbie was a fox? Like a shifter? I shouldn't ask too many questions... my books are on the way and I'm sure things will be explained
  21. Congrats and welcome!! Thanks girl! I appreciate your compliments Haha, man I have been hardly able to get on here anymore, feel out of the loop! Great job!!! YAY!!!! I'm soooo excited for you, I want to do another. You're going to have a blast!
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