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  1. Planning Thread: Wow, is it really my turn I have been literally LIVING off everyone’s planning threads on this site; they are absolutely my favorite part and so incredibly helpful. I’m so happy I finally have my chance mine in return First of all, thanks to Tammy for creating this site and bringing a lot of lovely brides to one area that give advice, give a shoulder to lean on and let us all vent when we’re stressed. I can’t imagine planning my wedding without the amazing support (especially all the Azul Sensatori & May 2010 bride threads) and help from all of you here! This planning thread is HUGE! This is what happens when you’ve been planning your wedding for over 2 years  We got engaged February 16th 2008 in San Diego, CA. FI proposed after a day at the San Diego zoo. We were staying on Coronado Island and FI insisted we walk to along this pathway paralleling the beach to the restaurant which was a 10 minute walk @ 8pm. I was in 5 inch heels and it was 50 degrees out that night so I agued my point but he flat out insisted that we walk instead of drive. It was a gorgeous evening and FI suggested we take a picture of ourselves with the San Diego night skyline in the background, I was shaking with cold by this point and my camera cord was stuck on something in my purse as FI started telling me how I was family and he loved me and whatnot, I didn’t even look up as I tried to unwedge the camera and he nervously starts tell me,” listen to me I’m trying to tell you something!” he got down on one knee, asked and I excitedly said yes! He popped back up and we took this photo: Here’s the picture from the website of my e-ring but my center stone is 1.28 carats instead of what is shown. Driving home from San Diego after our engagement weekend! Here’s my wedding band – Tacori pave band - Tacori Ladies Band With Pave Set Round Diamonds | Robbins Brothers FI’s Tungsten wedding band: We’re getting married at the Azul Sensatori in Puerto Morelos Mexico on Saturday, May 8th 2010 on their Sky Deck. Our colors are black, off white and sage green (including natural greens) with a vintage birds and trees theme. More to come...
  2. I keep seeing everyones amazing and creatively talented boarding pass STD's and keep forgetting to share mine. I decided to make the boarding pass simple and put a thin refridgerator tested magnet on the back of the pass. Our Best Man is a web designer and I guided him through this and used the famous Fiskars rotary cutter and perforator. Sorry these pictures are blurry but you get the idea! Thank you all for the inspiration and templates, I couldn't do it without you!
  3. Hi everyone! I thought I'd share my engagement photos with you all since I've enjoyed looking at yours so much! A sampling are up at our fabulous photographers blog: Destination Wedding Photography | Los Angeles Weddings| Ventura County Weddings| Orange County Weddings Enjoy!
  4. After 7 months of working on these bad boys my invitations were finally completed and dropped in the mail about an hour ago! Thanks to all you creative BDW brides out there who gave me inspiration as I had never even heard of a passport invitation before this forum. I took inspiration from many of you and I always appreciate when all of your share your creativeness with us so I'm excited I get share mine back! The AMAZING BDW forum vendor Ana De Roux (AnaCGarcia) worked tirelessly with me on these for many months and put up with my millions of changes and revisions and ideas; it was a great pleasure to work with her. I HIGHLY recommend her, she’s prompt and talented and I couldn’t have done this without her. I spent time collecting vintage US stamps, for probably the past year now to use on my invitations. I love stamps, especially old ones! I also found an Etsy seller that found years and years of newspapers in her house from the 50’s and 60’s and had her make me envelope liners. She was a dream to work with and even picked out portions of the newspaper that were wedding appropriate, Etsy name ColShelly. My wedding is vintage inspired birds and trees, sage green, black & off white are my colors.
  5. Hi Ladies!! I'm back and a Mrs!!!! Greatest feeling ever My photographer just put about 30 of my pictures up on his blog so I thought I'd share! Once I get all of them I'll put up some more photos for you all. Azul Sensatori Wedding in Cancun with Amy and Daylen | Chris Schmitt Photography Blog Enjoy!
  6. Chong and Amanda, have unbelievably amazing weddings!!! I went to a wedding yesterday and it got me all nostalgic and I missed you girls so much I had to jump on here and wish you well and say hi to everyone else!
  7. Yeah Kiara is gone... she was my coordinator and I agree, she was the absolute best! She emailed me a few weeks back and told me she was leaving. It was only a matter oof f time, they give these WC's an insane amount of brides to work with =/  I did, I brought white string lights, paper lanterns, lots of candles, 3 vase submerged orchid centerpieces with floating candles on top, cigar roller, guest book table, cake table, escort card table, manzanita branch decorated etc. I brought all of my decorations except the vases, which I rented. I loved all my decor  I'm going to be honest with you, the only thing about Zocallo al Fresco which may surprise is that there is absolutely NO breeze or fresh air that really comes in there. It's like a hot box and we were all sweating and very hot, that didn't stop us of course and I was dripping with sweat and didn't care because I was having a blast, just realize, that it get's extremely hot in that area.
  8. Â OMG! So excited for you Amanda!! We never got to run into each other at Target, I moved over the weekend so we'll have to do real coffee one day and you can tell me all about your wedding
  9. Hi ladies! Â I wanted to jump in and say hello, I miss you girls and think about you all the time still. Hope everyone's planning is going great and my old married ladies and doing amazing! Â XOXO Amy
  10. KittenHeart

    Share your Etsy Finds!

    Love your stuff! Wow this is like a flashback, I used all these same exact Etsy vendors for my wedding (aside from the parasol) and even used lyrics in my clutch as well! You're going to love all these details on your big day
  11. KittenHeart

    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    If they kill off Eric there's going to be hell to pay! Is it seriously 2 weeks until the series finale?
  12. Hi girls! Â Remember me? Hahaha, man I've been sooo busy lately it's ridiculous. DH and I decided to up an move last week as well and we're moving in 2 weeks and working 12 hour plus days and he's gone in Nebraska for a business trip... anyways enough about me! Â What have I missed?! How's everyone's planning? I miss all you old married ladies and B2B's
  13. KittenHeart

    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    Ok I need to catch up on the books, every time I jump in here something get's spoiled! I'm trying to catch up! So far the book seems to mirror Season 1 pretty closely.
  14. LOL! Thank you so much! They were happy guests for sure
  15. Originally Posted by Steve&Julia  sorry for the late reply I have been putting my pictures on a web site and working LOL  http://stevenjulia.shutterfly.com/ ROMERO is the password  I flew him from NY and put him up in the hotel he took rehearsal, ceremony, and trashing pictures for $2200 gave me over 800 pictures  takes direction well and was nice.  if you want his info let me know   Julie - just checked out your pix, love them! You looked gorgeous and you and I had very similar weddings! I got married on the SkyDeck and had our reception on Zocallo al Fresco as well. Was is unbelievably hot for you there? I almost couldnt' handle it.
  16. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to you ladies, I didn't have time to catch up but I hope all is going well! I'm crazy busy so I'm trying to catch up here and my inbox and all that!
  17. Welcome back Mrs!! Congrats!!! Can I just say how happy I am to say I TOLD YOU SO!! I did my rain dance for you and bam, no rain, I'm just sayin  Didn't you just love Le Blanc? I never wanted to leave... omg it's just gorg! I saw a few of your pix on FB, you're just stunning! I love it all! Â
  18. KittenHeart

    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    I was mistaken, it's only 8 books! Â The Jason/Crystal story line is super annoying, I just want to find out what her and her family are and move on! Â Ok I'm glad you brought this up because this threw me off... so it REALLY is Rene's baby and she's not crazy? I just wrote her off as crazy, haha! Â AGREED, That Summer chick is SOOOO annoying!
  19. So it’s finally time to regain full use of my living room! Please PM me with what you’d like. Here’s what I have left from my wedding that’s now for sale (these prices don’t include shipping, that will be determined once I know where it will be shipping too and how many items): Mini Cocktails for Dummies, 6 inches tall that went in my OOT bags – 19 of these, all of them for $10.00 Senor & Senora wooden signs with black ribbon instead of white. Both signs $20.00 total Natural paper lanterns 1 -13 inch 4 – 15 inch 7 – 17 inch 3 – 19 inch “Throwies†made by my DH with 3 led lights, 2 lithium batteries, strapping tape wrapped with an alligator clip all hanging from monofilament fishing wire which hangs on the hook part of the metal framing in the center of the lantern. There is a piece of clear plastic that can be removed to activate the led lights for ease of use. 17 of these to be sold with the paper lanterns All lanterns and throwies (cost around $150 for all supplies) for $50 total.
  20. KittenHeart

    KittenHeart's (Amy) Post Wedding Sale

    The swimsuit was a gift to me at my bridal shower and it doesn't have a brand, it was purchased from a boutique here in Los Angeles.
  21. KittenHeart

    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    My books arrived!!!!!!
  22. Thank you Wendy, you're too sweet! Â Wow, I love your dress!!! Soooo pretty, the edges are all uneven right? It's going to be stunning in Mexico in the sun and oh so pretty! Â
  23. Welcome! I'd email your TA and ask them to have your assigned wedding coordinator contact you as you'd like to get the process going of choosing options etc. They should be able to do that. Â Nice to meet you Ashley, welcome to the thread! Â You're welcome, I'm a past Azul Sensatori bride so if you have any questions, let us know!