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Proposal... not so smooth but I loved it anyway.

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My fiance had everything planned out: how to get the ring through customs, a private candlelight dinner, and most importantly where to hide it so I wouldn't see it until the perfect moment where he would ask me to be his wife.

Our vacation in Jamaica had been perfect: sun, romantic beaches, plenty of drinks from the pool bar- everything we could hope for. Then, on our third day, after returning to our room to get ready for our candlelight dinner, my fiance reached into the pocket of his swimsuit and came out empty handed. From the look on his face I could tell that the safe key was gone. "No worries", I said, "we're in Jamaica- isn't that their motto?" He frantically started searching the room to no avail. I suggested he try the pool where we spent our day.

While he was gone, I called the front desk to find out what our options were. Only two options existed: find the key (obviously) or pay $100 to have maintenance drill out our safe, and there was a good chance they had already left for the day. After 15 minutes, I heard footsteps outside, "Did you find it?" I hoped that the answer was yes. No luck. I then told him about our two options and said, "Why don't we just wait until tomorrow, we can have a good look around when it's light out." He insisted that I called the front desk and requested to have the maintenance crew open the safe. Again, I persisted, "No, why can't we just look tomorrow and hopefully save $100?".


What came next was something that I was not expecting to hear at this moment. "Because your engagement ring is in there!" My what? I suddenly went into search and rescue mode and flew down to the pool with more determination to find this damn key than anything ever before. I asked the bartenders again, hoping by some miracle that someone found it. No luck. Then, I started searching the lit pool in the dark night. Because it was dinner time, there was not another sole in sight. I'll never forget the moment of sheer exhilaration when I saw what might either be a leaf or my key. Regardless of what it might be, I jumped into the pool fully clothed (the first time in 3 days that I wasn't actually wearing a bathing suit) and tried to fish the object out of the water. I felt it with my foot and it was definitely a key! The water was too deep to reach down and grab it so I had to hold my glasses above my head and dive underwater to get it. I raced back to the room dripping the entire way and barged through the door with the key to our future. My fiance opened the safe and proposed to me soaking wet. My emotions were on high alert from the adrenaline of the whole situation and I started sobbing from sheer joy, and then we both started laughing uncontrollably. Not more than a minute later, we heard a knock on the door. Two maintenance workers had come from their homes to drill out the safe. We explained our story and apparently word got around the resort because for the rest of the week my fiance was known as Key Man by the staff.

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