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Should I book now OR wait????

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#11 lesandlynda

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    Posted 26 August 2009 - 10:21 AM

    Sounds like a tough decision, but really good input from the forum members to help make the right choice for you. Good luck and all the best!

    #12 Jefiner

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      Posted 26 August 2009 - 09:21 PM

      Thanks for everyone's suggestions and responses. We decided to wait a little bit before booking. I will keep you all posted

      #13 MilitaryMrs.s-to be

      MilitaryMrs.s-to be
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        Posted 27 August 2009 - 10:22 AM

        Originally Posted by sunstarsmoon
        those rates sound really good, I would go ahead and book. I am not sure but I think you can do a price change once before the final payment if the price goes down but you would have to ask the TA
        The only thing about this is, I noticed your original quote is from sunwing, They don't do a price change. Thats who I'm booked through and I asked them, because were booked so far inadvance could we get a cheaper rate when it goes down and they said no, what you pay is what you pay.

        Then they started to be werid, I'm not hateing on them, but if I had my time back I wouldn't book through them. Just a thought for ya :)

        #14 Jenn K-W

        Jenn K-W
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          Posted 02 September 2009 - 09:56 PM

          I was just stressing over these same issues. UUGH.
          Seems like my TA keeps getting new quotes every week or 2. Feels kinda like we are all playing the stock market, doesn't it LOL Will they go up...or will they go down?

          I got a new quote this week for Sunquest which I felt wasn't bad. $1410 plus taxes for July 2010. I feel so bad for my guests... I just want them to have the best rate! This is so hard... My parents feel this is far to early to book, but I've been watching prices for a few months, and this one is not bad. What to do, what to do.
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          #15 nsbride2010

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            Posted 03 September 2009 - 09:36 PM

            I got a rate this week from Sunwing to Dreams Punta Cana on June 29th, 2010 from Toronto for 1078 + tax, but we used their affiliate rate program. Our TA pulled some strings for us and now we get the early booking rate BUT our guests don't have to pay up until 45 days before... not to mention that he got our deposit down to $150.00 per person! Sometimes if you push with your TA, they "find" ways to do things for you... so find a good TA and don't let him or her go!! I know I am very lucky, because I was in the stressful situation last week of "do I book, can anyone actually afford 1500 before november... etc) so I can totally sympathize!! If he didn't have this deal, though we would have just waited to book.
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            #16 MilitaryMrs.s-to be

            MilitaryMrs.s-to be
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              Posted 04 September 2009 - 07:11 PM

              Thats exact situation I was in, in June. Its sooo stressful. We only had a few days to book....Sunwing only gave us 5 days to decide. So we ended up doing it because it was pretty cheap, considering were booking a year in advance. However, since we've booked with sunwing, they keep going back on us and changing things they've said and telling us that we can't have things they said we could. We were told if anyone else wanted to book into our group they could, at the rate we paid...They can't, actually they can't even book into our hotel through sunwing....We were told that our early booking bonus was up until Dec 31, and after that they would be charging $30 per person to the total, with final payments being made 45 days prior to departure...Which was fine we were totally cool with that...On Monday one of my guests got an email from sunwing saying that the early booking bonus deadline was Oct 31, not Dec 31...So I got in contact with my TA and she got ahold of sunwing and they said they made a mistake by telling us it was Dec 31 and that was to bad..the deadline was Oct 31...She ended calling the supervisor of the group department and finally got them to settle on Dec 1.

              This is only 2 problems we've had with them, I also had problems with their travel insurance and shortly after we booked sunwing called my TA and told her that they charged us the wrong price, only the first 14 people to be booked into our group were guarnteed the price we were quoted even though we all booked before the day they told us we had to and they told her that they were going to contact the others that booked later then the first 14 and charge them more!!!!!!! My TA almost went through the phone at them....Needless to say they didn't end up charging them more.

              All in all if I had my time back I wouldn't book with them, but thats just me.

              Good luck in whatever you decide to do :)

              #17 caribbeanLover

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                Posted 07 September 2009 - 09:46 PM

                From personaly experince with traveling I found booking closer to the date much cheaper. This is the main reason I didn't go, or have't gone with a TA yet. Mtl to Grand Palladium Punta Cana is $1278 but the TA is quoting me $1500!! so far I'm allowing the guest to book when they feel the price is good to them, or they notice it wont change.
                The thing too with the TA is most people don't have that kind of cash laying around, they need to safe.TA ask for a deposit for a month or so and then a full payment. I know my guest can't do that right now.
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                #18 AnyafromCineart

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                  Posted 07 September 2009 - 09:51 PM

                  around $1200 is the best rate for Majestic you can probably ever get. I won't wait...

                  #19 blushingbride

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                    Posted 08 September 2009 - 06:41 PM

                    I think those are pretty good rates. I don't think I would wait...whomever's opposed to the pricing, let them know that they do go up. It's better to book as soon as possible..

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