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  1. Beleive it or not... I am having a very hard time finding these resealable badge holders. The sellers I have found on ebay do not ship to Canada, and I can not find them at any office supply stores. My friend even manages a store and has never even heard of them! Just wondering if any of you brides might have some extras? I am looking for about 20 of them. Thanks!
  2. I am making 12. We are allowd 2 peices of checked baggage as well so if I delegate, then we are good to go! I cant imagine spending $700 on extra baggage Wow. I hope to spend less than $50 on each bag... but I got the bags at Old Navy and they were almsot $10 each right off the bat. Gor some FREE sunscreen with my Shoppers Optimum points, a few things on Vista print... and still on the prowl for more goodies!
  3. Wow, great bags!!! Your guests are going to love them (and you!!!). That is a lot of free stuff! How'd you manage that? Ordering it slowly?
  4. I just got started on my bags this weekend and have been on the hunt for good deals and great ideas. This thread has been awesome - Thanks everyone! So far all I have are bags (got them at Old Navy for $8 each) and sunscreen (used my points at the drug store so they were FREE!!!!) I also plan to order travel mugs from discount mugs. The rest... who knows! I need some DIY projects to keep me on budget! If anyone has any pics of their luggage tags, I would love to see them!
  5. Our wedding is 4 months away and i have been shopping like a mad woman trying to find nice stuff for the guys (who do NOT want to go to the mall)! RW & Co. has some great spring stuff out right now - I found some light linen bled suits that I think I have decided upon. Also found some nice linen pants at Le Chateau!
  6. Wow, I just read this whole thread from start to finish and wrote down so many ideas!!! I sw some cure sayings on another thread for the door hangers. But I am wondering how you all made them?? Someone said they used rack cards. Then what? Cut a 2 inch or so hole in the top?
  7. I heard that there was 48 hour rule! I'm confused! But regardless... I also heard that that was not really enforced. My origional plan was to arrive in the DR on Sunday afternoon and get married Tuesday afternoon and both my TA and coordinator at the Magestic said it would not be a problem. It DID make me a bit nervous though.
  8. Jenn K-W


    Wow, I can't imagine how stressed you must be! That is really terrible news. I always say that everything happens for a reason, even though you may not know why right now. The Sun Village Resort just wan't meant to be. I must sound cheesy right now! LOL I really hope you find another resort that you love. The resorts that the others have suggested are all great looking places. Good luck!
  9. Awww, that was so sweet! It's a lovely video! I bet you have been watching it over and over... I really love that song, too. I've never heard it before. Does anyone know who sings it? (I'm inside a small box that only contains country music... LOL )
  10. Ladies, these pictures are sooo hot and so awesome! I didn't book a TTD session, but I am wondering if I should have!!! I just didn't think we would be comfortable doing that! Did you guys find it difficult, especially with friends, family and strangers watching I guess I'm just shy...
  11. Jenn K-W

    FS David's Bridal Galina Dress

    Very pretty dress. Similar to my own! Not sure if I am gonna do a TTD session or not...
  12. Jenn K-W

    Jamaica Bride!

    A few days?? Wow, Congrats! You must still be on cloud 9!!! It is a daunting task, for sure. I was very overwhelmed at first but feel much better now that we have chosen a resort and averything is booked. My advice - get a Blackberry if you dont already have one! LOL So much planning and coorisponding is done though email and my blackberry has been my lifesaver!
  13. Jenn K-W

    Playa del Carmen Bride (Newbie)

    Welcome, and congrats! Playa Del Carmen is a fun place... I was there earlier this year. I'm sure you and your guests will love it
  14. Ohh, I love this idea! I think I will make these for sure... just as soon as I have enough points to get the template! And the prices on e-bay for the card holders are very reasonable! Thanks, Geralyn!
  15. Jenn K-W

    Should you have an AHR - my thoughts

    We had not really thought too much about having an AHR until a few family members told us "we can't make the wedding, but we'll for sure come to the reception after..." Ummmmm, OK... reception after... note to self! LOL So now I am pondering this thought but am affraid to bring it up to my fiance, as I know he will not be impressed about the additional cost. Its a hard, HARD decision to make! I would love to celebrate with everyone after! But do I really need the stress? I have just nder a year to decide so I'll keep reading this thread for a while!