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  1. You're right about a lot of options and choices available.......all the best with picking the right one for you two.......happy planning
  2. Welcome and congrats.......with all the info, resources and support here, you're sure to find a great "fit" that will be THE place for your DW........enjoy!
  3. We have both fresh pasteurized milk in the regular tall 1 liter cartons in the refrigerated section of the dairy case, or the UHT (ultra high temperature) milk in the rectangular 1 liter cartons on the regular, non-refrigerated grocery shelves. Both are excellent quality, as are all the dairy products here. The varieties available are extensive. You can get lactose-free, skim, full-fat, 1%, soya milk, rice milk, flavored milks - like strawberry or chocolate, and others. Chances are you'll find one you or your kids will like, so no worries. Enjoy
  4. Have you considered a small intimate resort in the DR on the north shore? It's a tranquil spot nestled in the lush verdant gardens of Vecinos, a beautiful resort at the edge of Cabarete. Stay in and relax or go out on the town in minutes to taste the night life there......perfect combo of choices!
  5. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your wedding and already reaching the first decisions. Lots of great info and support here - enjoy your planning process, and all the best!
  6. You've already made a great first step by joining this forum - congrats! and welcome aboard. Now, with a little research and lots of help from people here, you're sure to find that perfect fit you're looking for.........all the best!
  7. You've picked a great resource to help you with info to make a well-informed decision........all the best!
  8. Hola SomerSK ........how many guests are you expecting, and how many days will they be staying at your destination? We'd certainly be open to entertaining your budget....let me know - Lynda
  9. That's the beauty of a DW ! most of the work is done for you, so you can relax and enjoy the event.......all the best with deciding on which destination is the right choice for you......enjoy - Lynda
  10. No worries - when you're "going the right way, things have a way of falling into place just right!" You'll see, everything will work out great.......enjoy! Lynda
  11. Lots of great info here - you're sure to find the right destination for you that's the best fit.......enjoy your planning and life going forward! Lynda
  12. Welcome aboard and all the best with your plans going forward.....enjoy the ride! Lynda
  13. Check out Vecinos in Cabarete DR - excellent choice for a small intimate family wedding - and minutes from a very popular snorkeling beach at Sosua. Lots of other family-friendly activities and attractions in the area too - might just be a great fit. Best of luck with your planning and enjoy the process........Lynda
  14. Vecinos in Cabarete DR is a perfect family destination and great size for a small intimate wedding.......all the best with finding that best fit for you! enjoy your planning......Lynda
  15. The DR is a beautiful destination........relax and enjoy - you've already made that first big decision. Well done.
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