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  1. I just got back from my wedding and I thought it was perfect. Everything I ever imagined. I honestly don't know who makes reviews on trip advisor. The resort was very nice. The staff was beyond friendly. I had it right on the beach and it was perfect. They do it off to the side so there isn't too many guests. Apparently a few were watching but I never noticed. I have tonnes of pictures and not one other guest is in any pics. I also saw a couple at the gazeboo and they were wonderful as well. Francelia is a sweetheart. It was everything I dreamed of. I recommend doing the wedding boat for the reception. It made our wedding so much more special. It was private and romantic. If anyone has any questions I will be happy to answer : )
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    April 2010 Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by hoyt75 Yea I learned to not listen to other brides a long time ago... everyone has a different opinions and expectations of how things should be, I say it's better off to leave 'em to them. Holly - STOP LOOKING AT THE WEATHER CHANNEL! I get myself so nervous b/c the weather kept changing and calling for rain. The weather changes non-stop! They were calling for rain and thunderstorms for our whole trip and we only got a few light sprinkles during our reception. Thanks, thats what the WC says as well. Its just so hard when you see thundershowers everyday! haha I will stop though, thanks I feel better : )
  3. So she would be around 9 months now? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I'm sorry but what baby at her age doesn't want their mommies. By the time your wedding is here she will be a toddler. The difference will be huge. I can't believe your FSIL is being nice about this. If someone in my family said my daughter couldn't be the flower girl because the dress might get stained I would say find someone else. Not to mention the baby might cry? She will be walking by then I'm sure her dad could walk her away so she wouldn't ruin your wedding. She is your neice. I'm kind of shocked you wouldn't want her in your wedding to share that special day. When she is older I'm sure she would love to know she was not a flower girl because she may have stained a dress with a few flower petals. Wow... im sorry but I'm a mother and I just find it offensive.
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    April 2010 Brides

    Hey everyone! I wish I saw this thread a long time ago ; ) I'm gettin married next monday. My main conern is the weather! Everyday it says rain and thunderstorms. For the ladies who have gone already did it rain alot? I'm so nervous.....
  5. Thanks so much! I found it on the website after I put that and forgot to update! She emailed me back as well. I think this is a busy time. I leave this thursday!
  6. I'm so frustrated. I leave in less then a week. I have been emailing the WC and she will not respond to my question. She usually responds in less then two days but this has been 3 weeks and I can't get an answer. I want to know the total cost of my wedding. I will be using travellers checks and I need to know with the add ons. She responed before telling me the cost of the actual package but its the add ons I was asking. This makes me worried that she is unaware now of add ons such as the carribian trio. Does anyone have the recent package prices with the add ons so I can get a rough idea? Apparently the one I was going by from last year has changed.
  7. Thanks for the tips and advice! It helps alot : )
  8. I hate trip advisor. I was so worried at first about my resort as well. I then looked at all the resorts and there is bad reviews everywhere. I don't think you have anything to worry about at all! Everyone will love it. They are going for your wedding so they will be super excited. Unless your guests don't like the sun, white sandy beachs, food and booze then you won't have a problem ; )
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    Scared my son.....

    I think so many people get nervous about it being perfect. What you have to try and understand is its perfect because your loved ones are there sharing it with you. What makes a great day is those little things that people can look back and smile at. If he does something you can look back and laugh. He is 3! They don't understand what the big deal is, its just another day for them. The last wedding I went to the brides nephew was 3. He climbed under all the isles and was running around. We all still look back and smile. It was adorable. I have a 3 year old who will be the flower girl and a 14 month old who is the ring bearer. To be honest I have NO idea what it will be like. My daughter is shy at times and may not make it down. My son just started walking and is clumsy and will need help. I never once thought it would be bad. I'm pretty laid back but I think you just have to relax a bit.
  10. Thats a great idea! Thanks I would never think of that. They both love chocolate milk so I'll bring some just in case. As long as its cow and safe then I'm happy. I never thought there would even be a difference.
  11. This might sound like a weird question but does anyone know if the milk is the same? I've had a few people tell me its different. I have two children who are 3 and 1. They drink alot of milk! I'm a little worried if its different. Is there anyone who has travelled with babies or toddlers and noticed a difference? Thank you
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    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by purpleshells OMG! im freaking out!! I feel so disgusting!! I went to do my first dress fitting like 2-3 weeks ago it fit perfectly..like a glove,yesterday i go to do the second fitting and bam.....back crack galore..WTH!! somehow in 2-3 weeks I made a huge butt crack on my back! how could i have been do uggggghh im soo disapointed in myself and disgusted!!! I have 3 weeks to go before i do my FINAL fitting..they said worst comes to the worse theres room to move the zipper over a notch..BUT the thing is, is that IT FIT 2-3 weeks ago.....they did not resize it..it is me........aHHHhhhHH so nowww im hoping that by starving myself, drinking lots of water, and by eating mainly fruits n veggies I will loose 5 lbs? the girl told me at the store that even 3 lbs could do this.... so im hoping to lose atleast 5 lbs.........soo disapointed in myself and embarassed.....feel like crawling in a hole I wish I found this thread a long time ago! I hear you. I just tried mine on for the last time two nights ago and same thing! My arms look HUGE as well. Its a corsett and the back does up but the button on the top won't stay on. I leave in two weeks and have decided to drink only water, fruit, veggies and green smoothies. I have already lost 2 pounds. I also bike for 45 minutes-hour a day. It sucks but it works haha I know its probably water weight but I drink lots of pop and eat salt so if that comes out thats fine. Whatever makes it fit! You have lots of time still to loose 3-5 pounds healthy! Don't worry you will look gorgeous!
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    I hear you on the freckles. I'm covered. My face looks darker because I have so many. When you get a bit closer you can tell my face is just covered in them. So are my arms and shoulders.
  14. That is one of the worst things I've ever heard. I'm so sorry. I would be going crazy. Report them to anyone you can.
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    What's your first dance song?

    We finally made a choice! Lost together- Blue rodeo