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  1. LOL I don't think I could handle that but...we sponser some desert racers at my work and we ordered them cooling lines to wear under their clothing to keep them cooled. Maybe look into something like that. And they aren't too bulky (they wear them under there race suits. I will ask my FI what company we got ours from later or you can google " race cool suits or cooling suits or cool shirt" and prob find them that way too.
  2. Shuzzy

    Newly Engaged~

    Congrats! There is so much info out there so browse around for a while! I chose my destination by browsing site pictures and picked the place that looked the closest to what I envisioned my day to be. Of course there were several, and then looked more in depth at prices and what the resort offered for the wedding.
  3. I went through this same thing at another wedding I went to. I was actually the mom of the 2yr old though and my FI was doing the cermony ( he is ordained). My daughter was the same way at that age. I actually thought about my daughter ruining the wedding before hand and took care of it myself. Your FSIL prob has something planned too if she gets out of hand. Don't stress, I'm sure that she doesn't want her to scream and cry as much as you don't. She prob will have a plan to remedy the situation....don't worry. And I don't think its selfish to not want her ruining it. Its your day!
  4. Help. I have emailed twice, called, left a messages, filled out the "call me back" paperwork online and still no response from the WC. All I want to do is get my date set and maybe have a human being to talk to/e-mail to. IS there a secret to getting in contact? Its been 3 weeks and still nothing, am I being Imaptient? What did you guys do to get in contact? Is there some secret passage way I have yet to find? If so can you draw me a map:)
  5. I think it was a waste of money personally. Didn't make that big of a difference for the hassle. I have invested in a good mascara and fake lashes for special days. It's alot easier I promise you
  6. I would go with what becks said. Tell him its not what you envisioned. Let him know you want an untraditional wedding and you want your mom to do it. As for the dance, I'd give it to him. In the long run it prob means more to him than you, but I'd give it to him. I wish I had looked at this forum before I struggled with this same question. I ended up telling my bio-dad about the plans of having the cermony in Mexico and he was upset I wasn't assuming he would walk me down the aisle. So, now I am still doing it in Mexico with my step-dad walking me down the aisle, and having an at home cermony so he can walk me so I don't hurt his feelings, and an AHR where he will be able to have a father daughter dance. Blah! So much work for someone whom hasn't even really been there for me or made that much effort for me! I made a mess of mine, hopefully yours goes better.
  7. Welcome to the forum! I'm trying to book there for Jan 2011 but I can't get a WC to get back to me! So frustrating! How long did they take to get in contact with you?
  8. So I went back to try the dresses back on, this time for all my fav girls, and they all liked the second one better in person. Prob because they actually had it in my size and it fit a little better this time. I haven't made the final, final decision yet. I am thinking that if I do get the Alfred Angelo one that I might add a brooch to the side waist line.(it has a satin or tool waistband option that I wasn't too fond of) I found a really cute brooch at another bridal shop I want to try. It looked antique and unique. They had me trying on birdcage veils and hair pieces that looked great too. So many options!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Angela~ Shuzzy, would you be willing to share the style numbers of both dresses?? Thanks! Hey Angela~ The DB style is WG9871 and the Alfred Angelo is 2034. Hope this helps you out.
  10. Thanks for the feedback ladies! They are both around $400.00 belive it or not. The first one is on sale at DB right now too for about $50 off.
  11. So not sure which one I picking yet. They are both around the same price and I love them both! Help me decide ladies! ( excuse the weird faces I'm making lol weird day I guess) One is Davids (buttons down the back) and the other is Alfred Angelo (lace up back)
  12. Shuzzy

    New to site!

    Have you picked a general location? Start there for sure. I had a great time looking through all these resorts. Theres lots of options so take you time. Riu has really great one's throughout mexico that are really nice. Alot of them have neighboring sister resorts that you and your wedding guests can stay at too. So you could always stay at the nicer one and give the others a cheaper option. Some other places are like that too you just gotta shop around. Barcelo was a good one I found too. Good luck and happy planning! You have plenty of time so enjoy the process!
  13. This was a hard one for me too. I thought I had my colors all figured out and then I changed them....Twice! I got alot of good inspiration from going on theknot and looking at wedding by color. I still haven't put my colors in stone but I have a petty good idea. It might be too dull for you, but all of the colors you like would go great with natural colors like browns, tans, and earthy colors. Keep in mind what color you want your dress to be (ivory/white) and go from there. Also think of skin tones and how you want the wedding party to look. What do you want the wedding to feel like. You could always pair one with an earthy color, them integrate the other colors in other parts of the wedding. Flowers are a good way to do that and centerpieces. Like I said, look at pics and see what gives you an emotional response or is pleasing to your eye. Hope my 2 cents help
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