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  1. Hey Erica! I was wondering If you have a facebook with some of your wedding pictures or any other site that has pictures from your wedding?? I would love to see them!!
  2. Wow I didn't even see how that turned out when I wrote it! I meant on June 17th and what day are yall leaving the resort??
  3. Hi Ashley!! I am getting married at Dreams on June 7th hat day are you leaving the hotel?? There are lots of weddings coming up in the next few months!! Courtney
  4. Hi Everyone! I have not been on here in a while and was just reading all of the upcoming weddings and I can't wait to hear how they all turn out!! We are getting married at Dreams on June 17th!!!!!! I have been working with David who has been great and answers any questions I have. we are having our ceremony on the beach at 5:30 with cocktail hour following on the beach from 6-7 and then the reception from 7-10:30 on the Cascade Terrace! We have the Ultimate wedding package and have booked DJ Ricardo for our Dj who has also been great and responds so quickly! Our colors are Mermaid and White! Thats all I can think of right now, I am just trying to finish all of the small details and get all of the guests booked and we will be ready to go! What is everyone doing for the rehearsal dinner?? Thanks everyone for all of your ideas and imput! Courtney
  5. Getting ready to send in the deposit for our date!!! July 17, 2011! Just waiting for the paper work from Yaria:) I can't believe it, it is starting to feel real now! I just want to thank all of you who have posted your reviews and pictures and just your thoughts, I would have been lost without all of it. I am also looking into booking DJ Ricardo who I have heard wonderful reviews about! Our reception is going to be on the beach and reception on Cascade Terrace!! Im getting so excited, but still have so much to do! If anyone has any tips please let me know, any info is great!
  6. Hi everyone!! I just wanted to say hi and that I will hopefully be a Dreams Cabo bride, I am looking to have my wedding June 17th 2011, I am so excited, but have so much to figure out still! any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Also, if anyone would like to share with me what they had to put down as a deposit to hold their wedding date, I would really appreciate it!! Just to give me an idea! Thanks a bunch:)
  8. Hi everyone! Just wanted to say I love this site, I am still deciding on a resort for June 2011 and Moon Palace is at the top of the list, so I would love any info or thoughts to help me make a decision!!
  9. I haven't been on here in a couple of days so I had to come check it out again! I haven't looked at any hotels or anything the past couple of days which is shocking, considering I cannot ,make up my mind. The only thing I have done is bought my dress and booked my photographer so 2 things to check off! Anyone have any resorts they love that have reasonable wedding packages?? I really love Ceiba, but everything is separate and i'm afraid the wedding will come out to be more than I was budgeting for.
  10. Hi, I am also very interested in Ceiba Del Mar, would you mind telling me what rates you got for next year, I am looking for June 2011. Thank you.
  11. Im a 2011 bride also! Undecided still, but I really like Ceiba del Mar in Puerto Morales:) Anybody have any info or reviews on that hotel?? Or any suggestions on any great all-inclusive in mexico
  12. Does anyone have any recommendations for a photographer from the states that would be willing to do a destination wedding for the cost of a week in Mexico??
  13. Thank You everyone! I haven't even picked a specific town yet, i just know Mexico for sure, it's so hard!! Has anyone picked a resort for 2011
  14. I would love to see your pictures, I am really considering this hotel. My e-mail is cowgirlcomo@aol.com
  15. Hi my name is Courtney and I am planning on getting married in Mexico in June 2011 I havent picked a hotel yet, but I am looking for a nice, but reasonably priced all-inclusive hotel so the guests wont have to pay for much after they get there. Anybody have any suggestions. i have been looking at Ceiba Del Mar although it is a little expensive I really like it alot. I would love any thoughts anyone has for me:)
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