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  1. I agree, picking the place is definitely the hardest part of planning a DW!
  2. Cant wait to hear about your experience!
  3. Why did you decide to choose between those three places?
  4. I'd love to see your resort analysis. Its something I want to do but cant figure out where to begin Quote: Originally Posted by TLC4Rock Welcome and join the DR Brides!! :-) Really I have a resort analysis I used to help with my decision that I will be happy to share. You would of course adjust it to fit your needs. Also get a TA or a DW Specialist soon. They will help you narrow down your decision. Happy Planning!
  5. Are you going just the two of you?
  6. I am thinking of doing a Jamaica wedding too! How are are picking your resort?
  7. Do colours even matter when you're doing a DW? Other than bridesmaids dresses, I hope to have everything else pretty much taken care of by the resort
  8. Did you find the rates changed enough to make it worth waiting much past the initial 8 months? Did those guests that waited say 6 months out get a much better price? Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 We've got our wedding booked at Dreams Puerto Aventuras just south of Playa del Carmen. Initially I'd thought it was out of my price range, but after looking at the prices on westjet vacations (especially with seat sales!) we worked it out that we could get most people booked for around $1500pp. Some of our other guests booked through Air Canada or expedia and they paid a bit more overall but no one has gone above $1700 for sure. The prices were up and down a few times but our guests booked starting about eight months ahead up to about two months ahead. I definitely recommend checking through WestJet Vacations (or find out about group rates at a specific resort then book flights on west jet) to see if they have any of the resorts you like in their packages. Oh yah and we had guests flying from Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver - just to mix it up a little bit
  9. amandagee

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    Do you plan on getting married before you leave so you dont have to have blood work done in Mexico?
  10. Oh and I dont plan on having an actual AHR because I figure it ends up being just like a real wedding would be. The most I plan on doing when we get home is hosting a bbq in our new backyard. We are looking at houses right now and I think it would be great to have a housewarming/congrats on your wedding party for all those people we love
  11. Thanks for the welcome everyone!
  12. Now I have to figure out where to do. How did you all decide where to hold your DW? There are so many choices!
  13. Hey everyone, I just decided this week that I'd had enough of the planning involved in an at home wedding. We are going to do a destination wedding instead! I'm aware that there is still some planning to do, but I LOVE travelling and cant wait to pick a resort and start planning for this! My name is Amanda and I havent decided where to go just yet, but know I want my wedding to occur in early 2011. Any suggestions would be wonderful!
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