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  1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks soo much for sharing your insight, and for the pics! They are absolutely incredible. I was so glad to see these - We've rented the hupah as well for the beach ceremony, and are also using the resort photographer. I'm feeling so relieved after seeing your pics!! I am a little blown away with the price they charge for the pics on disc though - Wow!!!!! Good to know! We also got the ultimate package, but i know for sure I will want a copy of them, so now I know what to be prepared for! Thanks again! Sarah
  2. A friend of mine got married in August, and she made the guests get up on the dance floor and hula hoop for them to kiss! It was pretty funny when people actually did it - but most people were to shy to get up there so they didn't have to do it much
  3. Hi All, Deyanira sent me pictures of the huppah (which I LOVE and have now decided to use) , and also of the flower options that are available for centerpeices or bouquets...if anyone is interested in seeing them I would be happy to email them to you! Have a great day!!! Sarah
  4. Hi NSBRIDE, Did you do a review on here once you got back? Would love to read it if you did! What about your pictures? Did you post them??
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm getting married on January 12, 2011, and can't wait! I have a few questions and I wonder if anyone can help...for those of you who have already been married there. We have specific music that we have picked out for our beach wedding. So prelude/processional and recessional, as well as music to play well the guests are seated....after the recessional. We will have this all on our ipod. Do they have speakers on the beach to do this? If so, who plays the songs on the ipod for you?? After the ceremony, do they hand out champagne immediately for all the guests? Also, for the reception, we have the himitsu terrace booked (we wanted the bordeax but had too many ppl ). We plan on having all the music preset up on our ipod, and would like to have a dance after the dinner. Is there a dance floor on the terrace? Also, do you have to rent the speakers at an extra charge? Is there a microphone available for the m.c? Any help you ladies can provide would be great!!!
  6. Congrats and Welcome!! Went to Cabo last year and loved it!
  7. Welcome and Congrats! I'm partial to Dreams Punta Cana myself....getting married there in Jan 11. Beautiful ceremony locations, and lovely terraces for receptions. Also, the wedding packages are clear cut and affordable!! Good luck, you will find so much help here!
  8. Thanks Ebredhawk - I may just use the resort photographer then...although I don't really know if 50 color photos is alot? How many did you get with your photographer? Do you know if they offer you a CD with your photos on it with the ultimate package?
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