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  1. I wore heels, bigest mistake ever hahaha then took them off for pictures, the sand was not to hot to go barefoot
  2. We talked them down to $2500 tax included it was expensive but i love all my photos and it was still cheaper then flying down our own photographer. Ladies you all need to relax a bit. enjoy your wedding, its a freaking destination wedding! The resort is soo beautiful, pictures don't do this place justice! Â If you want to bring your own photographer just do it, stop complaining about it. The less questions you ask the better with the resort, You are in Mexico not Canada not the UK and not USA! They do everything different, they don't speak good English but guess what your in their Country! Honestly if you want to bring your own photographer do it! just don't tell them they cant do anything about it. They said we couldn't video tape well guess what we did and they didn't say anything about it ! They don't care, they wont say anything. But if you ask them of course they want you to use the resort photographer. Â Juan was our photographer and he was amazing, he was never in the way and i love all my photos and worth every penny. Â Everyone will have a different experience , its what YOU make of it, complaining about the little things in life is such a waste . when you get there the resort speaks for itself. Â I could complain that our minister was 1.5 half late but i got married in August during hurricane season and the only thing i cared about was that IT DIDNT RAIN on my wedding day. And it didnt, it didnt rain once!! I dont care to let little things bother me. It was such a great day and the resort is soooo soo beautiful! Watching all the shooting stars at night is so breath taking. Â Ladies have fun, try to relax! Enjoy your wedding!!!! Â
  3. ALso i have the pricing for the photgrapghy from the resort if anyone would like it! We only wanted to buy the $500 photo package , which gave you the photgraphy all day and 36 photos. but once we saw them all we really loved them and wanted all of them! i recived 176 photos, 10 were free withour symbolic cermony package So for 169 photos on a cd they wanted $3500 ,We talked them down to $2500 and they also gave us a really nice photo album . Â We were really upset that the photos were soo much money, but we loved them so much that it was worth it. Â I have all the pricing, just email me jennster_04@hotmail.com and ill send you it. Â If anyone is having their weding at akumal PLEASE request Eugiena as your wedding cordinator. She is the best! and speaks the best english and gets back to you that day! Â As for the beach ceremony, its a no brainer , ur in Mexico you have to be married on the beach!! The have resort people making sure noone comes near your cermony. We did have people sitting and watching us from a distance and it made a great picture!, They all cheered me on when i had to walked down It was a great feeling! Everyine loves watching weddings so the people that watched from a far distance were polite and kept quiet. Â I got back last Friday and married life feels great. !!!
  4. The Mexican fiesta night is thursday 830-1030. Its a show and a few games, no dinner. You cant reserve seats but you wont need to theres enough seating for everyone its huge. it cost $16 per person to go and you go to the main lobby for tickets and they charge your room. I also have a welcome newsletter boklet i made , our guest loved it! I mailed everyone them 2 weeks beofre the wedding If you would like it just email me  jennster_04@hotmail.com  If you have kids the day care is $10 AN HR OR $15 an hr for 2 kids. I thought it was really expensive and the daycare is only open untill 5pm,
  5. Our cake was beautiful! We got a 2 tier cake and they didnt charge us extra. One of my guest took picktures of the cake so i will post when he gives me the pictures. Â Yes we did have a poolside recpetion and we went with the resort dj. Ladies you have to do the poolside reception! No question!..its worth every penny!!! It was amazing! also there is nothing else to do other then go to the hacenida after dinner. We did speeches, first dance bouquet toss and garter toss at the poolside .We had the polside from 8-11 and then we all went to the hacienda after. Bride and groom didnt stay long at the haceineda but all of our guest shut it down haha They all stayed till 5am!! Im glad they had fun! Â We went with the resort photograpger, "Juan" Who was amazing. Ladies iw ouldnt worry so much on the photograpgher, its a destination wedding which should be less stress for everyone. The resort photograpghers are really really good. Â The only thing im upset about its that our minister was 1.5 hours late... they found a replacement for him. which meant i got 1.5 less time with our photograpgher on the beach. Â Im getting more pictures from guests at the end of the month ill let everyone know when i get more.
  6. Hey Girls!I just got back from getting married at Gran Bahia Principe Akumal ! Here is my facebook album for you girls too see  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=468051&id=777700580&l=0475ebaa1a  If you have any questions about the akumal resort you can email me at jennster_04@hotmail.com
  7. Hey!! I just got back from getting married at gran bahia principe akumal!  Here my facebook album of the professional photos! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=468051&id=777700580&l=0475ebaa1a    if anyone has any questions email me at jennster_04@hotmail.com
  8. I am also getting married the first week of August! but in the mayan riviera!! We are getting married at 4 pm because the sunsets by 530 we were told so we wanted to have pictures while the sun is out
  9. yes i am, 4 bridesmaids , dresses cost $125 each, But i am makinh them pay for alterations
  10. Hey! Im also from Calgary and getting married in Mexico in 2 1/2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill let you know how the resort is. Gran Bahia Principe Akumal
  11. Oh and another great part is that its a private beach. the beach goes for miles and miles. you could walk for ever, but i wouldnt recommend walkin long lol we walked really far and took a cab back lol it was sooo soo hot in Sept! Also you dont wear wrist braclets here, they just ask your room number. i love that part! i hate thos stupid wrist braclets! and no towel service, you can use as many towels as you want. Not like other resorts where you only get one beach towel! Everyone said the resorts an hr away from the airport but its about 20mins Also be very very careful when you come off the plane there are timeshare people pretending to be cab drivers, Theres was an older couple who was suppose to share a cab with us and they got suckered into the timeshare scams, they didnt get back to the resort untill after midnight and they said it ruined there entire trip because they didnt know who they could trust anymore. Poor couple
  12. Ya it sucked and almost ruined our vacay lol but we bought some knock offs off the vendors and bought new ones when we got back home. Yes the beach is really nice! The sand is normal sand color, its not white. and the water is nice, its not clear blue but its still nice. Loved it there! This resort is geared towards couples, i wouldnt recommend children going, not much for them to do other then hanging in the kids club all day. The best part abou tthis resort is ......BEACH SERVICE!!!
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