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    Resort Spa vs Outside Hair & Makeup?

    Thank you so much for your input! Hearing that the cabs mostly have AC makes me feel much better. Â I just booked Suzanne and team for our wedding. Since the resort didn't have any photos of brides that they've done I just don't feel comfortable relying on that. Plus, I spoke to Suzanne on the phone and she was wonderful.
  2. Hello! Â We are getting married at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach; they have a policy where I can't bring IN my own makeup/hair artist. I have to use their salon, or leave the resort to get it done. Has anyone used the resorts salon? I am wary of using it... and would like to hire someone outside. BUT, my fears could be irrational and the stylists at the salon could be stellar. Â I've contacted Suzanne Morel, and am thinking of taking a cab to her salon. Has anyone left the resort to do their hair/makeup? How did that go? Did you melt in the cab on the way back? Â What are you doing/what did you do?
  3. Okay. Headed over to their website ASAP. Hope they're still there!!!!
  4. MplsBride

    Musicians - what type?!

    Xtenna - Thanks for getting back to me We selected the Harpists just last week, after listening to a couple videos of beach weddings that used them. I did want to do the Mariachi band, but it just doesn't really go with the vibe of our wedding... boo. Are you getting married there as well?
  5. MplsBride

    Legal Ceremony or Symbolic Ceremony??

    Aeluzu - I think of the religious ceremony as the anniversary date. Think of the paper work as just another step to take in getting married... you're doing "legal day" so that you can get married in Cabo!
  6. MplsBride

    Legal Ceremony or Symbolic Ceremony??

    We were planning on doing the legal and religious ceremonies in Cabo, however, just yesterday we changed our minds. Here's why: 1. We would need 4 witnesses who've been there for 3 days. We're having 30 guests, but only 2 will be there 3 days before the wedding (most are coming 2 days prior and staying 2 days after). We didn't want to have to pay the resort to provide us with witnesses 2. More paper work. We'd need to bring divorce decrees (for my fiancee), and birth certificates. In our state, all we need is our ID. 3. No blood work needed in our state (MN). That saves us $100 ($50/person in Mexico) 4. Don't need to do translations with the certificate for it to be useful in the US. They give it to you in spanish, you need to pay extra for it in English (so I read). You need mulitiple copies in English for name changes, documentation in the states, etc. 5. Easier to get copies, if needed, in the future if we do it here. 6. Cheaper. It's $125 in MX but only $40 here. We both view the religious ceremony as the "real" one... and even in MX you have to do TWO ceremonies, and they do the legal one prior to the religious one anyway.
  7. MplsBride

    Tips or Gifts for Wedding Planner?

    I never thought of this either - I honestly don't think that I'd bring a gift... as I'm unsure what she'd like... I do think that money/tip would be appropriate. I've been in contact with mine often (!!). Thanks for asking this questions. I'll stop back to see some other answers!
  8. I love everything that you put into the OOT bags... My wedding is in October and I've got to start thinking about that!! I'm going to use a lot of your ideas. Did you ship all of the towels/bags??
  9. Hi There - we're getting married at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in 10/10... and our wedding planner would like to know what type of musicians to book for the ceremony. We have our option of all of the traditional mexican beach wedding groups (Harps, Guitars, Mariachi, Strings, Brass, etc). I'd love to have a couple harps playing, but as we're getting married on the beach (pacific side) i'm afraid that the wind and waves will drown out the music! Any suggestions?? Thanks Alexa
  10. MplsBride

    Ceremony Music - neep help!

    I love "All you need it love" - like they did in Love Actually. However, a full choir on the beach doesn't work - but a band could do it instrumentally too.
  11. MplsBride

    Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Quote

    Hi! I'll be getting married at PBSB in 10/10 - just wondering if you guys had any advice after your weddings. We'll be doing the sky pool for the cocktail hour and the reception. Did anyone do a full reception, or just the cocktail hour? Thanks Alexa
  12. MplsBride

    Oct 2010 Cabo Bride

    Hi! I'm Alexa. Joined back in December, but just now starting to post (sorry!). My fiancee, Andy, and I will be married on 10/22/10 at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. We'll have about 30-35 of our friends and family with us. Thanks! Alexa
  13. Alexa (and Andy) 10/22/10 at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach
  14. MplsBride

    Cabo Restaurant List

    Hi guys! Anyone eaten at Felix's? We're looking for a mexican restaurant to host our rehearsal dinner (for around 35). Something around $50/person or less. Thanks!