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  1. If anyone is looking to do something like candy or liquor in their OOT bags, there is a company in Cabo that does grocery/etc delivery to your hotel for you. They are called Where in Cabos and they turned out to be great for us. We had already planned on buying bottled water and a few things and wanted to find those little "airplane" size bottles of liquor and maybe some type of candy or snack to put in the OOT bags. The people at Where in Cabos have an order sheet that they can email to you so you can place your order with them ahead of time and they will deliver it to your hotel on the day of your arrival (or whichever day you wish, I suppose!). They also told me that if there was anything you were wanting that wasn't on the order form to just ask, they can probably find it for you. It was wonderful to not have to run around doing errands right after arriving and it was one thing to cross off the "to-do" list before the wedding. Their website is: http://www.whereincabos.com and you can email them at: info@whereincabos.com In addition to our personal grocery items we ordered from them, we got the little mini "airplane" size bottles of rum, tequila and kahlua to put on the OOT bags and locally made brownies which they wrapped individually and with tissue color coordinated to our wedding colors for us! There was a small extra charge for doing this for us but overall the prices weren't too bad . . . especially if you value the fact that someone else is running your errands for you and delivering everything to your hotel. Rebekah
  2. We used Enrique for our wedding July 13, 2010 at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. We didn't do a package deal with him, just booked him for 3 hours, since we were only really interested in getting our pictures on disc (no video) to take home with us and not having a printed book made up. His price at that time was $350 USD per hour + 11% tax + 17% service fee which came out to a total of $1,344 for 3 hours. He did print a small number in a small book for us in addition to the two CDs we got. I guess that must be a standard thing for him to do. We love our pictures and we got them really quickly since we didn't have to wait on having many printed up. We were hoping to have them by the time we left for home (6 days after our ceremony) but he wasn't quite done touching up the pictures by then so he shipped them to us. I was nervous about leaving without them but turns out he shipped them the very next day after we left for home and we had them in about 4 days. If anyone would like to see some, I put a bunch of them on a Photobucket.com http://s793.photobucket.com/albums/yy213/Rebekah4005/Cabo%20San%20Lucas%20July%2013%202010/ Hope this helps! Rebekah
  3. We got married there July 13, 2010 on the beach. We chose a trio of a harp, a bass and a guitar. I honestly can't tell you what they sounded like since I don't remember hearing them at all. Â Of course, some of the reason for this is that they really only played while the guests were being seated (and of course we weren't there for that!), during the processional (this was kind of a long walk so I think we were too far away for most of it - and I was really nervous about reciting my vows so I'm sure I wasn't paying attention!), and during the recessional (again, we were really only in hearing distance for a short while). Â I think we might have skipped having musicians altogether if they weren't part of the package deal there. I guess it's a nice touch but not something that either our guests or my husband & I really remember about that day.
  4. This is kind of an etiquette type question . . . Although it's not like our wedding coordinator has been in constant contact with me over the last year I'd still like to either tip her or give her some kind of gift to show how much we appreciate her planning our wedding. Is this kind of thing customary in Cabo and for the resort wedding coordinators? Does anyone have any suggestions on what we could do (cash or gift)? Thanks! Rebekah Wedding Date: July 13, 2010 Location: Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach
  5. This is a kind of etiquette type question . . . Although it's not like the wedding coordinator has been in constant contact with me this whole time, I'd still like to show my appreciation and thanks so her for putting together our wedding. Is it customary to tip or give a gift to the wedding coordinators at resorts? If so, does anyone have any ideas for what to do for them? Thanks! Rebekah Woods Wedding Date: July 13th, 2010 Location: Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach
  6. So, I finally got a response back from Karina at Sunset Beach about the group room rates and they are going to be able to come down in the cost for us! Woo Hoo! I also had the cocktail hour with appetizers changed to the Sky Pool like you suggested, Lauren. Thanks for the recommendation/review! I can't wait for you to get your pictures so I can sneak a peak through them. The location fees for both the beach ceremony and the Sky Pool will be waived if we can meet the room block requirement, which I don't think will be a problem for us either. I think we are good to go now! Now I can get excited. Don't think I have to decide this now but was wondering what kind of music people had during their ceremonies? The ceremony package comes with 1 hour of live music (harp/guitar/violin/flute/bass solos or combinations) and I have no idea what to pick . . . Anyone with opinions on ceremony music are welcome to comment! Thanks!
  7. Thanks Lauren! I'm still waiting to hear back from Karina on whether or not they will come down on the room rates at all. It's been about a week now and still haven't heard anything about it. It's not as much of a concern for our costs but we'd like to try to keep the costs down for our family and friends if we can. I'll have to ask about changing the cocktail hour location to the Sky Pool! How do they section off the wedding party/reception area? Or do they? Do you just mingle with the hotel guests? Rebekah
  8. We got a preliminary quote from Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach for our wedding there. We haven't committed yet but thought I'd share and see if anyone has any comments . . . Location Fee (Beach) . . . $900.00 USD Ceremony Package #3 (31 to 60 people) . . . . $3,139.00 USD - Wedding Ceremony performed in English by a Minister - Decoration of the wedding area with seasonal flowers - Bridal bouquet with seasonal flowers * - Boutonniere for the groom with seasonal flower to match the bridal bouquet * - One hour of live music for the ceremony - Aisle runner - Banquet Chairs with covers and ties - Set up fee - Microphone & speakers - Wedding coordinator assistance - Tax and service inclusive * we aren't having a wedding party (no bridesmaids or groomsmen) so this doesn't include any flowers for the wedding party Cocktail Hour (in leiu of traditional dinner type reception) Location Fee (Manila Bar terrace) . . . . complementary Appetizzers . . . . . $1,778.00 USD - Shrimp taquitos - Pumpkin flower quesadillas - Pork carnitas - Assorted Mexican Salsas - Corn chips - Guacamole - Sausage and potato Sopes (Price is $28 USD per person + 10% federal tax + 17% service x 50 people = $1,778.00) Drinks . . . . . $1,651.00 USD 1 hour of domestic open bar (Price is $26 USD per person + 10% federal tax + 17% service x 50 people = $1,651.00) The only sticking point we have right now is the group room rates that we were quoted from Karina. She quoted us $220/night + 13% room tax + 10% resort fee + $7 porterage service which comes out to be like $277/night. I've emailed her and asked if this can be negotiated because the other places we've gotten prices from (Sheraton & Fiesta Americana) are lower than this. And also, you can get that exact same price through the Sunset Beach website right now if you book airfare and hotel together! How is that a "group rate" then?? Has anyone had success negotiating the room rates? Thanks! Rebekah
  9. Thanks girls! I got a reply back from Viviana this weekend with some of their general information and menus. One question: her emails says that in order to be considered a group and receive the special concessions that one of the requirements is that you have to hold the reception there. My question is what do they consider a reception?? We just want a cocktail hour with appetizers in place of the traditional dinner type reception. Nothing too fancy, just casual and fun. Thanks again for the contact information! Rebekah
  10. Hi, Can anyone give me an email address or even a phone number that I can use to contact the Sheraton Hacienda in Cabo about getting information on weddings there? I'm trying to get information from a few places so I can decide where we are going to go. I submitted their online request form through their website at least twice now and I haven't gotten any kind of response (it's been at least 2 or 3 weeks since I first did it). Thanks!!
  11. Can anyone give me an email address or even a phone number to contact Playa Grande? I wanted to get information from them on possibly having my wedding there and so I sent a couple of emails to the email address listed on their website but have never gotten a response. I'm in the beginning stages of planning and want to have a few resorts to compare but that's hard to do when you can't get in touch with them! Help!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by liznsergio Hi there! I'm getting married in Cabo as well, in June 2010 )...We are hoping to book our wedding at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. I haven't seen much about GRand Mayan on the forum either but it looks amazing. Have you been to the resort? Is it near the airport? Hey! We're looking at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach for our July 2010 wedding. I've just gotten very preliminary/general information from them so far. Are you looking to go the whole "sit-down-dinner-type reception" route? That's all the info I've gotten and we don't want that at all. Maybe a cocktail hour with appetizers but we really just want something low-key and casual. Rebekah
  13. This will be a 2nd marriage for my myself and my fiance and we also have an established house together. We don't need anything and consider our friends and family coming to Mexico the biggest gift (and probably most expensive! LOL) that they could give us. My question is this: do you not say anything about gifts, hope people don't spend their time and money getting you things, or is there a proper way to let people know this? I've seen that it's considered tacky to put ANYTHING, either way, about gifts on the invitations so how do you tell people that they don't need to buy you anything?
  14. Hi! We're going to Cabo next summer to get married. Not sure of the date yet but will probably be in July 2010. Haven't decided on a resort yet either but we are looking at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and the Fiesta Americana (at least those are the only 2 to reply to my email requests for information yet!). If anyone has or is planning on getting married at either resort, let me know what you think of them! Name: Rebekah & Doug User Name: Rebekah4005 Location: Cabo (looking at PB Sunset Beach & Fiesta Americana) Date: July 2010 I am getting a little confused about which resorts have wedding coordinators on staff that you work with and which ones don't so you'd have to hire an outside WC. Can anyone help with sorting this out for me and what an outside WC typically costs (we're not looking for anything big or fancy)? Thanks!
  15. Rebekah4005


    Hi! I'm Rebekah. We don't have a specific wedding date yet but are thinking sometime in July or August of 2010 and would like to do it in Cabo. We've been to the Pueblo Bonito Rose before but nowhere else. We're thinking maybe the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach location but would welcome any suggestions/reviews that anyone has. Has anyone been married or been to a wedding at Sunset Beach before?
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