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  1. My Dad is surprising me! SCARY! He is notorious for singing at events like this....sad thing is, hes not as great as he thinks he is! Don't get me wrong, hes not bad, but really...its so embarassing sometimes. Is it bad that I am 30 years old and still humiliated by this! I just KNOW he is going to sing and record something for them to play! :-/
  2. Just bought out 2 Targets! They are so cute and such a great buy! Thanks for the tip ladies!
  3. Im not sure if I want one or not. I love the look, but what about when the sand gets on it or the wind? Looks great in the ads, but how is it for real?
  4. Congratulations and welcome! My hotel WC booked someone for me, but I am not sure who! HA! Good Luck and enjoy the site!
  5. I love the Banana Republic ones! They are PERFECT for an ivory dress....ordering now! Thanks!
  6. A welcome book? What a great idea! I cant wait to see it. I havent heard of this before!
  7. Great job! They are so pretty! Your guest will really appreciate them!
  8. Beautiful! You did such a wonderful job putting everything together!
  9. I have heard anywhere from $100.00 to $300 plus a small gift (such as mementos from your home town/state).
  10. I just bought the same bags! I am glad to see that someone else is using them too! I thought they were a great find!
  11. Congratulations! I hear it is BEAUTIFUL there. My aunt is on vacation there now and my brother has been many times!
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