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    My Cabo Surf Hotel Wedding Review

    Just finished looking through all your pics. I love love love the two of you standing next to the pool with the sunset. I don't remember the sky having those beautiful colors in it on our wedding night. Beautiful!
  2. BeachBride10

    My Cabo Surf Hotel Wedding Review

    Oh my goodness!!!! I got married there last month and I just looked through your pictures and it makes me want to go back sooo bad. I love your flower ring for the ceremony. I haven't seen any of our professional pics yet. We had a huppa/chuppa/canopy whatever its called and I am worried about that taking away from the beautiful ocean in the background. I haven't posted my review yet or even my planning thread. I better get on it. : )
  3. BeachBride10

    Everything must go!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Island Bride Those 5 starfish candle holders that you have, is definitly not enough as I need 26 and I see someone already messaged you about them.. So I went to the yankee candle website and I cant find them They are exactly what I'm looking for though Could you please send me a link or something so I can buy all that I need. I've been looking for months for them and cant find any that I really like, but these are definitly it! Good Luck on selling the rest of your stuff and paying for the remainder of your wedding! I didn't read through the rest of the posts, but if you still want these candle holders I found them! $4.19 I just made an order. There are lots of other starfish things on their site. Shell Tealight Holder
  4. They look fantastic! And believe me I know exactly how much work it is. So I think it is so rewarding to hear all the compliments from people when they find out that you designed and created them yourself. I believe you said you had to redo them? What happened?
  5. I don't know if I am going to use this or not, but I saw it from another bride on here, forgot who so if this is yours, thanks and hope you don't mind. If I use this I don't know if I will display it in a frame or if I will put it in the guestbook? From each of your experiences, Comes a very treasured gift. A special piece of knowledge, We didn't know exists. Please share with us your wisdom, About marriage, love, and life. How to be a loving husband, Or a perfect wife. Please write your hopes and wishes, To share with us for life. For the greatest gift of all, Is the gift of your advice. What would you like the newlyweds to remember most about this day? Hope this helps!
  6. Hey ladies... I hope this works, I forgot how to add the pictures. In the first picture the crystal organza is on the left side and the regular organza is on the right. The second one is a close up, and the crystal organza is on the right side. The third picture shows them hanging, and the one on the right is crystal organza and the left if regular organza. Hope this helps, and I have chosen the crystal organza ones. I know they are more expensive but I only needed to buy 30 total, and I wanted them to be wider since I will be tying them vertically.
  7. BeachBride10

    Chair sash vertical tie

    Thanks again for the big help! I will post my pic of my chairs when we get back. Only 46 days!! Oh my goodness!!!
  8. BeachBride10

    Chair sash vertical tie

    Oh my goodness!!! This is the one!!! The one with the fuschia sashes. Thank You Thank You Thank You!! You rock!
  9. Help.... I have been searching BDW for an hour now and I can't find this picture that I found on here. I had it saved on my computer and my computer has crashed!!! I am looking for a picture where the chair sash is tied vertically on the chair. It was a fuschia sash that was tied vertically. If anyone knows what picture I am talking about that would be soooo lovely if you can help me find it. I have even tried to google this and can't find it. Oh, it doesn't have to be fuschia I just need the picture to show my WC. Thanks so much for any help!
  10. It may be a little late for this info now... but I have purchases samples of the cyrstal organza and regular organza in the fuschia color from weddinglinensdirect and yes the crystal organza is one inch wider than the regular, and it has more of a shimmer to it. It also is more of a darker more true fuschia color whereas the regular organza fuschia color seems a little more like hot pink when I have them laid next to eachother. I will try to post a picture of the two when I get home.
  11. I bought my linens from weddinglinensdirect.com I am not sure if the quality is what you are looking for. They were fine for me. I ordered sample chair sashes in satin and organza in different colors to see what I wanted before I made my order. Hope this helps.
  12. BeachBride10

    BDW Platinum Vendor Review: EM Weddings Photography

    Luv your favorites.. and the rest are beautiful as well. Thanks for getting a review up for us. I have booked with EM Weddings in May and can't wait, but I will post a review as well.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by mrsrhbtobe I looked just yesterday for these books again thinking someone on this forum could use them, and no luck. I'll check the 2 other Targets that are closer to us before we leave for our wedding (in 4 days YAAAAAY!!) and PM you if I find some. How many do you need if I do find them? Oh thank you so much for being willing to do this for me! But, don't you dare! : ) You've probably got enough things to do in the next 4 days!! Whooo hooooo how exciting! No really, I found some on Ebay but that was really sweet of you to offer. Have a blast!
  14. Would any of you lovely ladies who have a Target with Spanish for Dummie books be willing to make a purchase and mail them to me? I have been checking my Target for a year now and have never seen them. I have seen other "blank" for Dummies but never the Spanish ones. Let me know
  15. I would definately do one bag per couple. I have some single guys that I was thinking about using a cooler for their bag (with stuff in it) or a sling bag. As far as what to put in there for the guys, the only things I have thought of are frisbee, beer mug, maybe snorkel gear (may get spendy), under water disposable camera, beach towel. Hope some of those work for you.