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  1. My wedding planner arrange it for me. It was very last min. Vallarta Wedds Planners did an amazing job. I was only planning to take my wedding party but all my guest wanted to come. They arrange everything. We had a beautiful view of the Malecon. At the end of our dinner the owners of the restaurant and the chef came to greet us and to congratulate us. The staff is all really nice. I had about 40 guest and they serve the food all at the same time. The price was very reasonable. My guest had the choice of two different plates and soft drinks.
  2. Thank you girls for your great comments. Passionsarcasm- Lol turquoise and red is a great combination, I totally recommend it. Enjoy planning your wedding. Thanks for nice comment.
  3. I had my rehearsal dinner at Punto V upstairs is the restaurant, you will have a beautiful view and down stairs is the bar they play live music. Its really nice and the food is really good.
  4. Thank you, it turn out better than I could ever imagine. My wedding planner did an amazing job and my photographer for capturing the moment.
  5. Thank you I don't remember the exact words but it said something like "It is said that if you take a piece of cake and tucked under your pillow will bring to you sweet dreams". You can find the meaning online don't remember the website but I know it's a European tradition I want to say Italian not 100% sure.
  6. I did this idea for my wedding its called Sweet Dreams and it was a wonderful idea taking a piece of cake to eat it the next day, I had many compliments.
  7. Thank you Kim, I worked really hard by making them my self all those little details to save some money. At the end I was really happy the way everything turn out.
  8. Thank you so much, when friends would ask me what where my colors they would look at me weird because they would say turquoise and red are bright colors are you sure you want those colors lol... At the end my fam and friends that attended the wedding loved the colors and they couldn't believe this combination looked so nice. My advice is don't let people discourage you. Thank you for your nice comment.
  9. Thank you to all the previous brides for sharing all your pictures and ideas. I love this website it helped me out through out my planning process.I want to do the same thing by sharing my pictures. I am really happy that studio ceja photography (Salvador Ceja) captured all those details and important moments. http://www.studiocejaprints.com/Weddings/WEDDING-Wendy-Sal
  10. Hi My dress is from Mikaella and the number 1406. Here's some of my pics with my dress http://www.studiocejaprints.com/Weddings/WEDDING-Wendy-Sal
  11. Hi Ladies, I believe I was the last one to get married in December. I wanted to share a few of my pics. Enjoy. http://www.studiocejaprints.com/Weddings/WEDDING-Wendy-Sa
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