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Bdw vendor in love :) :) :) :)

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Okay now I know a ton of you ladies (and gentlemen) in this forum and if there's two things that I know you folks like thats PICTURES and LOVE STORIES :)


so I'm going to share mine with you all since I'm super duper gidddyyyy and might as well be a 6th grade girl with braces crushing over her classmate and dialing his number just to giggle and hang up without a word.


Okay so wayyyyy back when I first got the internet in like 1997-98 perhaps on my first computer I had A-O-HELL. Now everyone in the world pretty much had aol at that point even though it was horrendous and did nothing but screw up your comuter.


Anyways I spent countless hours in chat rooms just passing the time and doing silly things to make people laugh (much like I do on BDW) and well probably one of the first women I really ever talked to was this girl named Danielle. She was still in high school and like 17 I think at the time and I was a sophmore in college and 20-21ish. She was asking me stuff about cameras and photography becuase I was just starting out with my photography degree.


We got to talking and became fast friends and talked for a few years. Once she got to college I started to notice that this super fun and awesome "girl" that I had been talkign to for years was starting to become quite the looker. We started to talk more and more and talked on the phone. Once we got on the phone we would talk for hours on end. We would keep each other laughing for hours and hours. By this point I was maaaaadly in love with this woman and couldn't get enough of her. I never mentioned anything because I didn't want her freaking out considering that we had never even met and she always kind of kept me at a distance because we lived across the country from each other. I eventually started to date someone (my first grilfriend AND YES I was a very late bloomer) and she became jealous but never mentioned it. That ended and she started to date someone and I became jealous and so on and so on.


After she graduated college she spent about 6 months in the Virgin Islands working and we would talk still for hours and hours. I knew we were both intersted in each other and I offered to come down there to finally meet her and spend some time in the VI with her. But she always had an excuse to keep me in 'fantasy land' because she was scared of becoming really attatched to a guy who lived in another state. She started dating this guy on the island and completely crushed me and i decided I needed to try and move on because it just wasnt going to happen for us and she would never take the chance to give me an opportunity.


A couple years go by and we are still friends shooting emails back and forth here and there to catch up on things and we are friends on myspace and facebook and always chat and are friendly. She ends up dating this nice guy for a while who eventually proposes to her in front of her friends and family and even though she didn't want to say yes she did because she didn't want to emberass him in front of everyone AND she felt like perhaps she wouldnt find anyone better because he treated her really well and he loved her. She loved him but wasnt IN LOVE with him and he just never made her laugh the way Yours Truly did wink.gif


She got a job in the next state over and figured this would be a great opportunity for her to end it because he had his friends and family and work there but he followed her out to Tulsa. I got an email about all this news and replied with "ahhh man and all this time i thought you were gonna wait for me and finally give me a chance" to which she thought I was joking.

Two years go by and she hasn't even sent out the invitations and barely made any plans for the wedding.


Then.. by the grace of god, on July 27th she wakes up to having had a dream about me. I wake up and pop on facebook to find her online and says to me that she dreamt about me. The second I heard that I knew not all was lost and I had a fighting chance to win her over finally. I become wide awake and start asking her all sorts of questions about the dream and what happend. Turns out in her dream I was just as random as I am in real life and was playing the computer game Mine Sweeper hahaha. She was picking out an outfit for a party we were going to in chicago even though neither of us live there. We ended up kissing in her dream since we were dating and she told me that it was such a intense kiss and that she felt more passion in that one dream then she had the entire time with her fiance.


So we started talking for a few hours online and on the phone and we decided that we still obviously wanted each other and that we would have to meet to make sure that she wasnt marrying the wrong guy and to ensure that she wouldnt be my "what if". We decided that I would come down for a photo shoot for her work so it would be professional and she wouldn't have to feel like she was sneaking around on her fiance.


The next day I went to my sisters for her birthday and we talked the entire morning and the entire drive down and for a while in the drive way. During my time at my families she kept texting back and forth with me and she said that she was in Arkansas on a work trip and wished that I was there so we could meet and she could sort out what she should do with this engagement. I told her I would come down there the next morning but I didn't have the money at the time for a flight. So her next text message was a credit card number and said get the first flight in the morning. Eight hours later I was on a plane to meet the woman of my dreams. She mentioned though to me that she didn't want to quit her job and she definately didn't want to move. This made me kind of sad because I am unable to move right now but I wasn't going to let that stop me from meeting her.


Now I know what you are thinking..... this is just about her having a fling and sowing her oats before the wedding but we agreed that we wouldn't do anything that she would have to regret in case she decided that she would still marry her fiance.


She picked me up at the airport and she looked even more amazing than i could have imagined. We were grinning from ear to ear and the second we saw each other we were so happy and not an awkward momen the entire two days I was down there. It seriously felt like we had been dating for all of those 12 years that's how great it was.


The last night I was there we decided that things were going so well that perhaps we should have a kiss just to see if it was as passionate as it was in the dreams and if we did have physical and romantic chemistry and not just really great great friends.


The kiss was probably the most passionate kiss I've ever had and well needless to say it lasted longer then just a single kiss. BUT still no funny business cause she was still engaged.


The next day was our last day together and we were like newly weds. We definatly didn't want to leave each others side. She started to talk about perhaps seeing about transfering work to seattle so we could be together and I was blown away. I was so happy. Her job is managing all the promotions for Jagermeister for Arkansas and Oklahoma. The woman that does what she does though for Washington and Oregon loevs her job and wouldn't want to just quit ever. But Danielle mentions that they were married for3 years and perhaps she would be pregnant soon and wanna quit.


On the flight home I was praying like crazy that somehow things would work out for us and she could be up here with me. I also started planning out a cute way to propose to her. I would have married her there on the spot if it handt been completely insane.


That next morning I was shooting a wedding and we are texting back and forth like crazy. I get a text message from her saying "she is pregnant" . I almost crapped my pants at the fact that the woman I was praying would get pregnant so perhaps she would quit was actually pregnant. If that isn't eerie enough she told her mom and grandma and best friend and little sister that the wedding was off. Her little sistr told her that for the last two weeks she had been dreaming that Danielle was with guy who wasn't her fiance but was taller and spikey hair and blue eyes.. UMMM MEEE in other words. And her sister didn't know what I looked like. At this point my skin was crawling I was so freaked out by all this.




So since all this we ahve been talking every day for 3-8 hours a day on the phone and online and she is coming up to seattle to look into moving up here. It's gonna take some sacrifices and some luck and hopefully a job opening up for her somewhere but I have faith it will. It's all been falling into place like crazy so far and I am just in awe of it all.


I have so much planned for the 6 days she is here to really win her over and not make her even question that she should move and feel bad about leaving friends and everything behind there. On the drive back from the airport I'm going to make a stop in west seattle on the water and show her the view of the seattle sky line at night and tell her that i love her. Since I never have actually done that even though she knows I was before and am now. It's been torture not telling her over the phone constantly especially when we have to hang up.


Then we have a baseball game, a concert, a soccer game, all sorts of tasty dinners with my fun friends, getting tattoo's (not matching) and i hired a plane to take us up over the city for an hour, also a picnic hike to this really amazing huge waterfall, and EVEN introducing her to the family the last night.



SOOOOOO she comes in two days. (actually 1 day 23 hours and 5 minutes) at this point and i'm pretty excited as you can see. So pleeeeeease everyone pray that everythign is perfect and that she is able to find a position here or something or this girl guits so she can take over



OH and the really cool thing is that she loves to travel and she loves photography and wants to be my second photographer and learn the ropes. so watch out cause we are gonna end up being the frickin best husband wife photography team out there world wink.gif


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First picture together ever in 12 years!

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man i can't believe you read the entire thing. I would have totally skimmed through it.


i left soooooo much out. i need to start writing a book and make it into a movie . THE LAPTOP... the modern day "notebook" heheh

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I read through the whole thing too...but SO worth it! I think its very cute how giddy you are and with all you have planned for her I'm sure she's not going to want to leave :) Sending good vibes for you guys that everything's going to fall into place!

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thanks debra. it's going to be tough next week when she has to leave again. luckily I will be going down there again in late september and planning a trip to mexico and maui together before january. we're gonna have a great life if it all works out like we hope

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maaaan that was looong, but so sweet. You almost made me shed a tear. I would wish you luck, but you have allll the cards stacked in your favor.. you don't need it. Congrats!

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