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  1. When we were there for our wedding, we and several other people in our group did see topless women; Not at the hotel pool but on the beach. There weren't topless women left and right but they were there. If you have already booked, I would probably warn the parents of the children who will be there so that there will be no surprises for them and they can be cautious while on the beach. We just turned our hands and kept walking but I know some people prefer not to see it at all. Good Luck!
  2. I like #1 and #3 the best. You really can't go wrong with either of them! And like everyone else, what Stomach?!?! You don't have one!! You look great!
  3. Congrats!! I'm glad to hear that you had a great time at the RIU and that your day was awesome!! You're a MRS!!!! Yay!!!!
  4. You look great!! And I love the hairpiece!
  5. My DH's groomsmen rented their suits in Ocho Rios. I believe it was 150.00 and when they returned the suit they got back 50.00.They rented Ivory suits and they were very nice.
  6. Sadly, I think Kanye is just one of those people who will never learn from his mistakes...beause he doesn't think he makes mistakes. Even after getting booted from the show, he's still trying to justify his actions in his so called apology to Taylor.
  7. I agree with everyone else. I'd definitely wear the dress all night. My dress was heavy but it was beautiful and there was no way I was taking it off that night.
  8. I would definitely wear it again! We just had our AHR and I wore my dress for the first 2 hours and then after all the formalities, I changed into a party dress.
  9. Ok so I just saw the youtube video and WOWWWWW. That's the only thing I can muster up to say. LOL!
  10. Aww I'm so glad to hear the trip was a SUCCESS!! Here's to hoping she finds a job ASAP!!
  11. I have to say every wedding I have been apart of, the entire wedding party helped plan the bach. party for the bride but I agree that the MOH and the BM should talk and you should kind of stay out of it. If they decide to have 2 parties for you, great. I also have to say, I understand that you have your sorority sisters but if I was the MOH in a wedding and I wasn't invited to attend the 2nd bach. party simply because I wasn't your sorority sister I would be a little upset.
  12. I would definitely get a custom band made. I also had a custom band made. None of the bands in any store I went in would fit my E ring and like a couple of the other girls. The jeweler made a wax of what the band would look like so I could see what it would realistically look like with my E ring and then once I approved the design the jeweler went ahead and made the band. What I also liked is the jeweler found out the clarity of my E ring so he could match the diamonds in the band to the diamonds in my E ring. That way, my E ring didn't have one color diamonds and my band have another color, KWIM? A little more expensive for my husband but hey, I'm worth it. LOL
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by bosi Ive been thinking about this issue as well. My tentative AHR will not be for a few months after the DW (I live in MN and my guests from warmer countries will not be too thrilled to be invited to a wedding before the month of March !!) I think that it would probably be inappropriate to wear the dress 4 months after the actual wedding??What do you think? I will also be having another AHR in Africa in the summer, I think that would really be too late to wear white. What do you think?? I think whenever you decide to have it, its never inappropriate to wear your dress at the reception. I think people will love to see you in it at your reception. Don't let the time frame be the reason you don't wear the dress again!
  14. I'm wearing my dress and my husband is wearing his suit but only for the first 2 hours. While we are having alot of the traditional things a wedding reception would have, i.e cake, dj, buffet, open bar, garter & bouquet toss, I don't want people to think this is a typical reception because we are going for a party feel. We will both be changing into party clothes for the last two hours.
  15. I think making her Jr. MOH or Co MOH is a great idea. Plenty of brides have two MOHs and it prevents you from having to hurt your future step-daughter's feelings by taking the title away from her.
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