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February 2010 brides

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#1701 TonyandTricia

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    Posted 23 January 2010 - 11:47 AM

    I need to get caught up here! Timberly, so sorry to hear about the ring. I know it's frustrating when we get so excited about something and then are let down. That's why we have this forum though!!

    Have a great weekend everyone! Today's my civil day and I'm trying not to make it feel like we're getting married, but Tony is just so excited and kept sending me messages all yesterday about it. :) We're going to celebrate with dinner and drinks tonight...just what I want to do before my BD shoot tomorrow. I think I'll just try my best not to overeat and drink and hope he doesn't notice!! I don't want the morning swell tomorrow!!

    #1702 vdaybride

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      Posted 23 January 2010 - 11:55 AM

      Shells---"imagine mens private parts with the bit dangling in the middle im on the end of one ball and your on the end of the other.therefore we need to go all the way around the middle bit" --

      Susie--sorry missed the post about you missing me..I miss you too sugar lump...sooooooo sweet. That's great!! your friends surprising you like that. I LOVE it...there you were thinking that you laid down the law "NO SHOWER" and they showed you your roar is like a purr.. good for you for having a good time..sorry about the hangover..take a shot that usually helps mine..lol

      Woot woot PARTY time!! Krista, I hope you have a great time..don't go trying to crash his party either ..I have been watching too much Bridezilla.

      Brooke/Krista/Tricia thanks so much for understanding.. I think when he sees it he will have a different attitude. He better!

      Tricia- HAPPY LEGAL DAY beautiful!!!! whooo hooo happy day :). You will be fine on your shoot..take a favorite CD and relax. Can't wait to see pics. I know you will look great.

      I am off to pick up my dress and his ring. I also need to find accessories for my flower girl, my dads shirt and tie, a headpiece for myself and some dresses to take on the trip..wish me luck lovelies.

      XOXOXOXO to you all.. we are close ladies! can you feel the excitement!?!?!?
      Married 2-14-2010 Dreams, Los Cabos


      #1703 Raykel

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        Posted 23 January 2010 - 04:32 PM

        Brooke - you are so funny! I never thought of wearing that dress you posted with the "air conditioning"....and it is a bit classier than the one with all the rips in it. Good idea LOL Sorry about your computer. That sucks out loud. Is someone looking at it for you - you aren't going to loose stuff, right?

        Tricia - Happy Married Day! You do have a full weekend. We just have to channel some sexpot (I can think of no one right a this minute) and we should be good tomorrow. Does you DH know? Mine does not and now has the day off. So I am going to get up as if I am still coming to work (4 am), somehow get my stuffout of the house and go sleep and then get ready at my mom's. Ugh. I hope the pictures do not reflect the early wake up! He caught me packing my suitcase last night....he asked what I was hiding and told him I was packing for the trip and there was some stuff I did not want him to see yet. LIAR! I know it is a white lie, but still.....he is going to think I have really lost my mind when he catches me repacking that whole suitcase! LOL

        Krista - have a great party! Remember to post some photos.

        Timberly - I am sorry about the ring. That is so disappointing and I would be upset too.

        Susie - I swear I just read yesterday you had laid down the law "NO SHOWER" I believer? LOL....how nice they were able to completely surprise you! You have some great friends....lucky lady! 4 days to go....packing finished or little things left? So exciting - I think I am one of the last this month, so I am just going to live vicariously through all of you till the 25th!

        #1704 SusieQ

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          Posted 23 January 2010 - 04:53 PM

          Hey Trica I have been married a week today it feels great honey.... Have a great day.... Congrats
          Yeah ladies I said no shower..... I just could not see people buying me sexy underwear and stuff..... So at my Husband's request... He explained that would not work for me and he suggested wine for the bride.... I got mostly wine 18 bottles... a beautiful set of white towels with "V" on them for our bathroom. Their cream with chocolate brown momagram. I am so in love with them... I also got a gift certificate for a manicure pedicure. I also from Mark's bosses wife who is in Costa Rica right now a Chef at home gift... We pick a date and a Chef will come to our house and make us a 3 course meal... Wine included.... Totally excited about that one....
          so yeah... the gals didn't listen to me... they went ahead and had a shower... I did have a blast... I am waiting for the pictures to go on facebook and I'll post some... My poor neighbour gfriend had a funeral to go to this morning.... she took all the pictures .. hostessed a party last night and went to a funeralat 10am this morning. One of her employees lost a brother pretty young.... Sad stuff...
          Raykel you don't sound like you about to kill someone ... I hope your dress is ok baby...
          I am so relaxed today... i guess drink a gallon of wine with your best girls can do that for you.

          #1705 Raykel

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            Posted 23 January 2010 - 04:59 PM

            The shower sounds absolutely wonderful. The at home Chef....sweet!

            I am trying to be positive. Deep breaths and blocking....I can't do anything now until Wednesday. Oh and I am making lists.....such a loser but it makes me feel better! I now have an updated OOT Bag list...things for the oot bag and things I already have as well as things I ordered and am waiting ong. A list of things to update in my binder that I have all the stuff compiled in (clearly not all the paperwork or the virus would not have scared me so bad!), and a list of things left to do this month. Ok....4 lists because I started a music one too. hahaha.....see too busy to worry right at this moment.

            #1706 SusieQ

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              Posted 23 January 2010 - 05:46 PM

              Raykel relax baby... you'll drive yourself to drink.... speaking of drink I guess last nights barrow of wine wasn't enough cause i am having a glass of vino as I typed... I just got back from a tan...

              #1707 *Krista*

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                Posted 23 January 2010 - 10:23 PM

                Hey girls - GREAT NEWS!! I booked our tickets/hotel last night! :) I'm so excited and it feels so real!! It's really weird how it feels more and more real with every step I take. The invitations were the first step to make it feel real, then the dress, and now the airfare! I feel like it just keeps getting more intense as I go! You guys must be buzzing right now with only have a few days/weeks left!!!

                Timberly - sorry to hear about your FI's reaction. I'm sure once he sees it he'll love it! If not kick him in the a**...lol...

                Krista have fun at your party!! :) I'm glad you are able to put the negative behind!

                Tricia! Happy Legal Day! Congrats girl! Have fun at your BD shoot!

                Susie - I'm glad to hear you had a shower/stagette, and that it was such a good time! 18 bottles of wine! AWESOME!

                Raykel you are not a loser for making lists! That makes me feel better too....having control over what I CAN control...tee hee....

                Brooke sorry to hear about your computer, hopefully you can recover it and there's no serious damage.

                My previous shoe pics didn't seem to work, so I'll try again. I hope it works this time!

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                #1708 FutureMsMoulton

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                  Posted 24 January 2010 - 01:16 AM

                  Tricia-- Happy Legal Day! Thats so exciting. Have fun at your shoot and just relax and enjoy it!

                  Susie- You are on facebook? look a girl up jetbluebrooke@yahoo.com (that goes for anyone on facebook- easier to post wedding photos on there to share with friends)

                  Krista- I almost had a heart attack when you said you just booked... I was like WHAT? your wedding is in less than a month! lol...I forgot that we're am attending yours in July for a moment! Thats exciting and those shoes are super cute!

                  I got my computer figured out by myself ( I am a major computer geek-- sad!) but I had to go in a change and delete registries... should have just paid someone to do it!

                  #1709 SusieQ

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                    Posted 24 January 2010 - 04:56 AM

                    Three more sleeps.... Yeah right like I'm sleeping... it's 3am and I am wide awake

                    #1710 shellk

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                      Posted 24 January 2010 - 05:09 AM

                      susie,that is so sweet of her.did you tell her that youve been saying haha its so close and i have got away with it they had better not do anything.it sounds like you had a blast.chef at home thing is great i have always wanted to that but its really expensive.that lady is so special to you i know.because you were soo intoxicated did you manage to sleep?

                      tricia,happy legal day and i hope you enjoy your bd shoot.dont forget to share.

                      krista,i hope you have a good time at your party that will defo help raise your spirits (get it spirits lol).

                      timberley,i hope you got your dress ok and managed to get the other things off your list.with the ticket thing i forgot to say,it is just the time difference thing on here im not a stalker honest.even tho i still resent you for it lol.yeh so with the big cock in the way the willy is making it difficult to get around to see you.bummer.

                      raykel,carry on the positive thinking girl i can feel it in my waters its all gonna work out.

                      well i got my dress yesterday so im all ready to go.shopping for fi today.the house is all spring cleaned (another thing off the list)sad i know.

                      happy sunday ladies

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