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  1. Jules - yeah! That is great news for you guys - getting the ones you want.
  2. Courtney - congrats and welcome back! Well guys I leave in two days....no wait...one now! It is 4 am after all:) I am pretty excited...been talking to Claudia a fair bit last couple of days....I get to use Citlalli - same thing - deposit in before the change. It is good to hear people like the resort photographer...some of my guests were talking about doing family photos.
  3. Okay...so it is almost 4 am and I am wide awake. Working on my guest book.....would you believe I forgot to finish it? I look on the counter and wonder why the pile of hard cover books....duh I have the covers for the guest book under there! Bugger! So while the pages are printing I am catching up a bit on here:) Packing has been a pain tonight. We planned to hand out all the oot bags except for a few before we left. That didn't work out and we have about 8 left to go - the problem is I did not allow for that when planning the packing! How on earth are you guys taking down all the oot bag stuff for the guests plus your own stuff? Seriously - Susie I get why you had so much weight when you checked on. Crazy!!! I know they will love the stuff - everyone else already does, but I am looking forward to being packed. PRetty much done now except for those last minute things that have to wait till Saturday night. There are only a few of us left! I am so excited....just want to finish this last stuff up and try get a bit of sleep! Brooke, Tricia how are you guys making out? Are you guys doing planning threads? I will, and I apologize guys, but I will have to do it when I get back.....I have just run out of time I think
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMsMoulton Happy Wedding Day Breens-- To Breens and all of the rest of the brides in the last week Shells asked me to send her love and blessings to you all!! Tricia- I can't believe how quickly it has come up now. Funny thing happened today... I totally spaced out that it is Friday and that I was suppose to go and get my dress today...then I forgot that I was suppose to meet my FI for lunch- I left his sitting at Jimmy Johns by himself! I think I have some serious wedding brain going on today! Gotta go, tan, workout and work.. I sound like I am from Jersey Shore! This is hilarious! I have been crazy the last couple of days and finishing up some things right now.....but I did the same thing. Was supposed to go on Wednesday but something came up...so it was not on the Thursday list. As I was running out the door to do other stuff FI asked if picking up the dress was on my list Saturday night or Sunday morning when I realized I had not dress? LOL Glad to hear I am not the only one with bride brain going on! Teshy - congrats and welcome back!
  5. Yea Timberly! I Am so happy for you and that everything went so well:) The tide story is hilarious! Things are nuts guys...we leave in 4 days....bugger....Brooke I am up late at night working on things too. Just can't seem to sleep anyway, so midaswell be up! Happy wedding day TeNeail, Chris and Krista! I am off racing around. Doing my makeup trial, picking up my dress, last minute shopping....then finish putting ribbon on one flower girl dress. Have a good one!
  6. I just read this now...how are things going? Were you able to speak with her and get her to understand how you feel?
  7. I would suggest 20oz are more than big enough. Remember if they fill up a huge keg that it is hot and the drinks may get warm.....people can always go back for the refill - never mind packing those things! When we were deciding on mugs a girlfriend of mine who had been at a DW actually suggested mini bubba kegs, so I don't think girls will mind them.....honestly, I think most guests will just be happy they got something from you. My first oot bag was handed out yesterday by my mom and my cousin thought it was the best thing ever....because how often do people go to a wedding and get a present themselves? Good luck with the decision making!
  8. My FI's neice is 23 months and one of our flower girls...I would not be surprised if she totally punks out when she see's everyone and doens't make it down the aisle..which is fine with me. The only thing is I won't get to see it till the video!!! Just think how funny it will be to play that video clip at his wedding someday One thing you could try - since he is three and does not get the whole "if you are good you get something later"....I saw at one wedding they bought a really nice doll the flower girl wanted and tied it to the front chair so she would go down the aisle to get it.....you could do something similar and maybe have a bucket with some shovels and tell him his job is to walk you down the aisle and build you guys a sand castle? Whatever happens I am sure he will be adorable and it will be a funny moment in your wedding. It is just one more memory:) Good luck!
  9. You know, I never thought of it that way...just habit that when it is the service industry to tip them something. FI and I will have to talk about this and come up with something. Wendy, did you take down things for the staff to tip with like crayons and stuff? I did that in Cuba, but never thought of it for Mexico. I kind of like the idea - your impressions - would this be something good to leave for the maids? Crayons, colouring books etc?
  10. These look great! Good job... ....another thought for people taking something like this with them. I have packed glasses home from trips before in my checked baggage. So far - knock on wood - I have not had any problems. I stuff them full of the small stuff that I don't have to worry about wrinkling...socks, underwear, tank tops, etc. Then you wrap them in tshirts or bubble wrap, put it in a plastic bag (just in case) and put them in the middle of the suitcase. Sounds like way more hassle than it is and I have been lucky.
  11. I was going to, but found a couple of really good deals so bought them....and stillmay add some blingon my own. Victoria Secret has some really nice white leather ones for $19 a pair. I also have a pair from La Vie en rose that were $2.99. If I have time I am going to put a starfish charm I have on them for fun.
  12. I'm sorry - some people out there just seen to want to take advantage of other people...especially us brides. I had a similar but much less expensive lesson from a place called Budget Bride. I hope they do something to help you out. Do you have a store called Chintz and Company there? I knowyou paid for these, but in case you are out of the money and still need flowers they have some really beautiful ones there for reasonable prices. They are not the brand "Real Touch" but they are something really similar and beautiful. I was not looking for the mums you like so I don't know if they are there, but they did have a beautiful selection. I hope it all works out for you!
  13. I was at a wedding this summer and the bride's son (who was actually from a previous relationship) walked his mom down the aisle. I think he is about 7 years old...it was so beautiful. I know your little guy is younger but you should make him a part in whatever way will be special to all of you - it is your wedding and you can do whatever you want on your special day. Good luck!
  14. Leslie....I just saw this today - I am so sorry you have been going through this. My heart breaks for you and the memory of this that is now in your head. Good luck with the counselling and I really hope you can find a way past this. Everyone has given you some really good advice on here - just remember to do what is best for you and to take care of yourself through this.
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