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  1. Wow... they change the format (I hate how hard it is to find this site) and we all kind of abandon it... thank goodness for facebook so I can keep up with you guys! Maybe we need to start a facebook feb bride 2010 fan page! Timberly that sucks that you got charged after all! Teshy & Sabrina -- We are getting so close, I had a hospital scare and got contractions, so they pulled me off of all flying. Not fun. At least I know now that i want to bring warm socks, my own pillow and blanket and some snacks. Tricia- When is your trip again? Everyone else... miss chatting with you hope life is treating you good!
  2. Hey Ladies- I have to apologize I have been soooooooooo busy! It is crazy to think that my little guy is going to be here in 3 quick months-- where did that time go??? Â Congrats to all of us for making it through the first 6 months of marriage -- with some issues (Chris that sucks about the car accident and the dog.... what next?!) I hope you have a blast in Paris and I can't wait to see the photos! Â Susie-- How has the 2 headed monster we call your step daughter been? Â Tricia- Out of curiousity did your dad not like the golf course at Moon? I know that the 4 some that went golfing liked the course but lost 56 balls on it because it is rediculiously hard! Â Teshy- Is your hubby able to feel the baby kicking now? Â As for the October Meet up---- I have no idea if its going to work...we forgot about a wedding and I have to get in my hours for my last month of work so I can get my short term disability at a decent rate and thats my last month of working because they will probably be taking me off around the 27th of Oct. Â I still have this new forum and can't get use to it. I am so glad that we are all connected on facebook other than that I would feel totally lost! Â Hope all is well!
  3. Hahaha.... Nope I would LOVE to quit my job like that! I am getting to go to Vegas for my bday so I might end up having a wine for the first time in over 5 months. Its so weird to think that I am going to have a very active son that won't sleep at night in less than 4 months!  Timberly- I will have to remember the fake letter.....teehehehe  Tricia- Great job on a sober flight and I am SOOOO jealous that you are going back to the Moon. That's awesome!  Teshy- I bet your husband will feel the baby soon!
  4. Hey Ladies- I hate this new forum.... it doesn't even mark the ones I use to follow and its kind of confusing! Not a lot going on around here, I am flying the next two weekends and then I have jam packed weekends coming up in Sept. I am still planning on an october meet up in NYC with all of you though! Last night I couldn't sleep because Jameson was awake all night kicking and i could not get comfortable, he is kicking enough that Justin can feel him now. Justin's co-worker had a scary situation happen where his wife's proteins went crazy and they had to deliever the baby 3 months early- he was born at 1lb 7oz on wens. I am was like thats crazy.... but he is doing ok so far. I told our little guy that is unacceptable and he has to stay in there! lol Hope all is well with all of you! Susie- Good Luck on the new Job! I'm sure it will be great! Erica- Yea for remodel and you not having to live through it!
  5. Sorry Guys I have no time to write, but I am totally in for a NYC meet up the first weekend of Oct!! Its a BOY!!!! We are super excited and going to do the baby registry tonight!! talk soon- Brooke
  6. Krista-- I saw some of your photos and you look soooooo pretty! I am so glad that your day went so well and you are right I am anxious to hear all about it. Tommorrow is my ultrasound!!! I will be screaming about it from here to well everywhere-- for sure will be hitting my blog because somehow I find time to write in that almost everyday! I got a great 20wk baby bump photo today that I will have to post!
  7. Veronica- Your pictures are amazing! Woodsylou-- Its almost here!!! I am so excited for you!! Congrats!!
  8. Yea!!! Everyone is back again!!! I love it! Breens- How exciting that you felt her kick so high. I feel like mine is a trackstar running around on some days (mainly when I am starting to get hungry). I definatly want to see photos!! Teshy- We have our ultrasound on the 23rd. I can't remember if you are going to find out what you are having or not! Chris- You are SOOOO adorable for remembering your anniversary-- Are you guys going back to where you had your first date? Justin had to remind me that we went bowling, so the date is totally out of the question- so much for me being romantic! lol Ali- Are you still traveling a ton for work or are you finally getting a break here and there?? I have to agree I am dying to hear from Krista again. So my Sept filled up really quick with weekends being taken the first 3 weeks are already gone for 2 football games and a wedding. When did we want to do the NYC meet up again?? Early oct?
  9. Krista - summer is always the best holidays! I've never been to nova scotia though and that sounds cool. Susie- sending u big hugs- that's got to be tough to make that decision with ur son; good luck.
  10. Chris- Thanks for the words of encouragment. I have been feeling so fat lately that I had to go and find photos of other peoples bumps to make sure that I am on track (turns out I'm actually kind of small and need to stop whining! lol) .... so I started a blog... I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing, but its a honest thing about being pregnant. Maybe you guys will have to tell me what you think and if its to honest! The Real Story of Pregnancy
  11. Hi Ladies- I have been SUPER busy if you can't tell by my latest photos on facebook! I am offically 19 weeks along and next week is the half way point to all of this. The 23rd is only 9 days away and then we will know for sure what we are having. Yea! I heard from Shells (ok I harassed her first and sent her a message on facebook asking where she has been). Sounds like she has a LOT on her plate right now. I hope everything works out for her. Anyone seen Erica in a while again? Our board is getting quiet without everyone! lol
  12. Chelle-- Congrats your big week is finally here! Yay!! Don't worry about the weather report. They said Thunderstorms the week of my wedding and the only day we had rain was on the last day of our vacation! Can't wait to see photos and hear about it when you get back!
  13. Happy wedding day krista! I hope all ur wedding dreams came true, I know u will have looked amazing! I can't believe July came so fast!
  14. I've seen facebook updates and it seems like Krista is having an amazing time! Yea!! I can't wait to hear all about it. We had to change our ultrasound appt to the 23rd instead of the 21st.... I didn't want to have to wait 2 more days. Oh well!
  15. I did a rehersal with my wedding party and I am SOOOO glad that I did. I found it to be very helpful. We did it at sunset the night before the wedding and we had called and left messages on the phone to meet in the lobby and we all walked to the site together! It worked out well.
  16. Krista-- OMG!!!! Its finally here and I am soooo excited for you! I can't wait to see photos and to hear all about it! Remember to stop and enjoy time with your husband that day because it goes by sooooo fast! To the rest of you ladies- Hope you had an amazing weekend... I did go down the slip and slide after all with my girlfriends. I will try to put up the video- it was soo fun!
  17. Tricia-- What are you reading? Anything good? I am always looking for a good summer read or like 5! Have you guys read the Glass Castle or a Thousand Spelendid Suns... both in my top reads!
  18. Krista--- That is awesome that you have been able to cut off all of those inches! That is so cool. I can't wait to get back into the 30 day shred I loved that feeling, and the P90X was crazy to. I've seen insanity and thought it would be fun to try.
  19. Krista-- Its almost here!!!! I can't wait to get to hear all about it-- so exciting. Ali- How was your vacation! Susie- Enjoy every quiet moment of her being gone! Chris-- AHHHHHHH I hated those days of things not moving. I bought benefiber and put it onto my non-fat frozen yougert and since it didn't have any flavor I was a much happier person. Today was my 17 week check up appt, got to hear the baby's heartbeat again it was at 140 today. I have been feeling little movements more and more, sometimes I feel them a lot when I get mad or anxious. That photo is so not flattering, but I figured what the heck I am pregnant so there won't be any flattering photos for a while! hahaha! Any big plans for this up and coming 4th of July weekend (I think only the us celebrates that though right!?!?!)
  20. Sabrina-- I can't imagine how you are feeling. I would hate to not see my mom all the time. She drives me crazy because she is always rubbing my tummy and talking to her grandchild, but I appreciate the fact that she is close by to do it. Talk to them and let them know you want them to stay longer. Krista- 10 DAYS!!!! Sooooo exciting!!! Do you have major butterflies and checking over lists of things that you can't forget?? Teshy- Are you starting to get the bump going yet??
  21. Hi Ladies-- I am seeing that a couple of you are leaving for your weddings this week!! I can't believe its been almost 4 months since I was there. Time has flown by! I hope that you have amazing weddings and that they make all of your dreams come true!!
  22. Krista-- I am glad that everything worked out for you then. Thats a little bit of stress off your shoulders not to have to worry about any clean up (that was the worst part of ours was the set up and clean up!) Chris-- I hope you are feeling better today and more confident that everything will be just fine! Every mommy is nervous at first and we didn't get to hear a heartbeat until week 12!
  23. Breens--- Congrats on the little Girl... that is just so exciting, now you can start getting lots and lots of pink! Any ideas on names for a little girl? If we have a girl ours would be Megan (after my bestfriend) Lillian (after my great grandmother whos wedding band is now attached to mine) Teshy-- It doesn't happen everyday but at the most random times and it is pretty cool! Chris- You must have been so stressed, glad it turned out ok. Hope they find your bracelet. Sad! You can enjoy the pregnanacy at around 12-13 weeks when the nausea ends and the showing stage starts!! Tricia- I just wish I was able to go back and participate in a beer drinking contest with you again! hahahaha (or even have a beer or margarita at all!!!-- 6 more months!) Krista-- I would just keep the venue and assume that 10 ppl won't show up, we had a ton of people who said they were coming and then didn't. Things happen!! I wouldn't stress about 10 extra ppl (just pretend they showed up and you didn't know!)
  24. I felt the baby moving today for the first time... I was like... Ohhhh wow that felt crazy! I hope everyone remembered to Thank their fathers or any other guy who is a father-- after this crazy year with the weddings and everything! Hope you all had a great weekend.
  25. Krista!! U gave me goosebumps because I know u will look amazing! Soooo pretty!
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