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February 2010 brides

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#1561 TonyandTricia

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    Posted 13 January 2010 - 03:47 PM

    Originally Posted by svetayasofiya
    oh! and my first dress fitting is tomorrow!!!!
    YAY!!! Can't wait to see some pics!

    #1562 *Krista*

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      Posted 13 January 2010 - 05:14 PM

      Hi girls! Congrats to the non-smokers! That's awesome! My FI has been quit for 2 1/2 years, and I couldn't be happier! :)

      I would really love to have my teeth whitened, but I can't even use Crest white strips for more than 2 days without severe pain. I have extremely sensitive teeth when I eat icecream I have to make sure it doesn't touch my teeth and try to balance it on my tongue until it melts...mmm...maybe my teeth sensitivity was spawned from my tongue freezing incident lol!

      Tricia - you should post a pic of your cute party dress! I hope you love it when it arrives!

      Sofiya - hope your dress fitting goes well!

      Keep up the good work at the gym gals! FI and I have been going 5 days a week as well in preparation. We are starting early, so hopefully we will be in uber good shape by then. I'm hoping to lose 2 sizes, but we'll see...
      July 10, 2010 ~ This was the day I married my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, and love... ~ Mrs. Allen

      #1563 breens

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        Posted 13 January 2010 - 05:37 PM

        Yes, congrats to quitting smoking! Such a great feat!

        Krista, your jewelery is beautiful!

        My beads for my jewelery and bridesmaids just came in today, and the designer is meeting for final information on Sunday and should have them ready by the 25th! So that is better.

        My dress is ready, at the seamstress now, finished, but she is meeting with me one more time in case I drop another 10 lbs before then. I see we are all on the last minute working out binge! When I talk to my seamstress about having to take it in, I laughed and told her I would stop losing weight now, but besides my dress, I have to look good in a swimsuit too. Not to mention the baby preparation. I see many of you are in the same boat as us...ready to try! :)

        OOT bags are still in the works, I have some items, but feel like it's not enough. Still debating. But I am planning on sending a box with them ahead of time so we don't have to travel with them. Is anyone else shipping stuff ahead of time?

        The main reason I was stressing yesterday is because I found out the contract between us and the photographer wasn't clear and it is costing us another $800/900!!! My FI convinced me it is okay (as he always does, I am the stressor and he always says it's gonna be fine), but it really bothered me. I am working with someone in the states that we are flying down and accommodating. While I know we are still getting a great deal, I am just concerned now with the conversations with the photographer yesterday that they are unhappy and our photographs won't be as great. I am hoping they don't hold a grudge and the relationship and photos turn out pleasant and positive. I am normally a little more business forward, but didn't approach them this way because I don't want something so important, ruined. A good friend told me today that I need to have my MOH or "strong" friend to deal with them while in Mexico, but it all just feels uncomfortable.

        At the same time, my boudoir photographer bailed, and I luckily had a plan B photographer for this, so hopefully that all goes well

        sofiya-Yes, I will be there when you get married :) We are doing a beach ceremony and reception dinner. We are a little nervous of chilly weather, but really want to do it on the sand. We are hoping the sand as a dance floor doesn't deter any of our guests from dancing! I've been working with Victoria, and we have received an initial paperwork for basic details and just received the menu choices. I am trying to get her to send the spa prices so my bridesmaids can decide on appointments. also, I hope your fitting goes great! Would love to see a pic!

        Truthfully, when I start writing about it all, it doesn't seem like that much left to do...just feels overwhelming when it comes down to the wire. Not to mention starting a new job in December that is keeping me 10 hour days!

        It looks like our civil ceremony is next Wednesday 1/27. It was cute, today FI said that we should go to dinner after and celebrate. He mentioned having a glass of champagne, and as I have been sans alcohol the month of January (dietary purpose) he said it would only be right :)

        I am also REALLY looking forward to pics! That's my FAVORITE part of this website!

        Thanks for listening gals, it has really helped!

        #1564 svetayasofiya

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          Posted 13 January 2010 - 06:24 PM

          Hey Breens, if I get the spa list before you I'll send it on and vice versa k? :) I know someone else who is getting married at the Barcelo on the 19th... I know they can do up to 6 is it? weddings a day... but how would they handle more than one beach reception a night? Wouldn't the noises and music carry? Not trying to stress you out, just curious. I wish I wasn't so cheap and went for the outdoor reception, but I am such a stress case, I think I would worry too much about the weather, LOL

          I can't wait to start the February 2010 Brides - Baby making thread!!!

          Oh and Breens- you definitely need to have some champagne to celebrate. I am having a hard time not drinking during the week ( not that I am an alcoholic or anything ) but I am trying to watch the calories and I really miss my wine. Especially after the holidays. Does it make that much of a difference? I mean, in a few short months (or sooner) I am not going to be able to drink at all. I want my fair share now.

          shell, I might have waited until after the wedding too... but the problem is my entire family will be there and none have them have ever known that I ever smoked a cigarette in my life! I just hope my BM's don't out me! In November my girlfriends staged this big surprise shower for me (I already mentioned this months ago)... at the restaurant right after the surprise, my girlfriend from here (and past smoker partner in crime) said to me- ''betcha wish you could have a cigarette now!!!'' (I was originally supposed to quit that weekend). Well... my three BM's who had driven in from TO to surprise me thought I quit YEARS ago... I gave her this look of death, like wtf are you doing?!? She 's like what your parents aren't here or anything.... totally outting me but not realizing it.

          #1565 breens

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            Posted 13 January 2010 - 06:38 PM

            Yeah, I was just thinking to myself, what a silly time to not drink! Oh, well, its going well and I will for sure have a glass of champagne next week :)

            I am worried about the multiple weddings. 6 a day! But, I am hoping and have heard, that being in the moment of your own wedding, that you really don't notice the others happening around you. I believe there can be up two receptions on the beach, spaced apart. I am not sure how they manage it, and I thought about the sound and such, but figured not to stress now. Our back up is the mariachi grill...

            Are you shipping stuff ahead of time?

            I'm excited, my Victoria's secret swimsuits came today!!! I am so ready to start packing!

            #1566 svetayasofiya

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              Posted 13 January 2010 - 07:01 PM

              No I don't have anything to ship. I have a few things to bring down but it'll fit in a carry on. I didn't do OOT bags or anything.
              You know, re. the multiple weddings thing... I wouldn't worry. I think we forget what experts they are down there, lol. Maybe it's the LACK OF COMMUNICATION!!! haha Anyway, there certainly won't be other ceremony's at the same time as us, so nothing to worry about there. And a party's a party. It's not like we exclusively have the resort to ourselves. I shouldn't have said anything... I didn't want to give you something to worry about! SORRY!!!!

              #1567 teshy1

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                Posted 13 January 2010 - 07:03 PM

                It's really a comfort to know that everyone is having the same thoughts as me and that I'm not the only one constantly thinking about the wedding and stressing over what I have left to do!
                I made yet another "to do" list yesterday; I'm queen of lists. Maybe it's the dietitian in me. We tend to be hyperorganized (anal, to be frank!)...
                I just got a tip on a great hair stylist, so I'm planning to book a cut and colour the first week of February.
                Stagette party Feb. 5 -- yay!

                Thinking about going swimsuit shopping this weekend while FI is working. I just hate trying on swimwear in the middle of winter when I'm pasty white. Ick. I've also been upping the ante on my workouts, like many others. Also started keeping a food journal, like I do with many of my clients, as I've found it really helps me stay on track with healthy eating.

                Hope everyone is having a good (or at least manageable) day!

                #1568 SusieQ

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                  Posted 13 January 2010 - 07:17 PM

                  Ladies... I just got some positve news... FI's cousin (Stacey) had another MRI done yesterday and she was went home this afternoon. The doctors in Toronto sent her scan to a specialist in Texas and he has agreed to see her Jan. 25th, she has to fly to Huston and visit their hospital for more exploration of the tumor. This doctor doesn't want to operate without a plan to remove it all and feels that she is safe to wait until this time.
                  She can not be with supervison because she could have a seizure or dizzy spills and fall. However it does sound more positive and less of a crisis today. I am feeling so much better.... This poor kid!!

                  On another note I had a facial done today... I feel lovely!!!

                  I hope you ladies can kick that smoking habit... I have never smoked so I can not say I get how hard it is to quit. However I have seen people I love struggle with the addiction and try to quit a dozen times over. I do wish you gals the power to quit.

                  #1569 breens

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                    Posted 13 January 2010 - 07:24 PM

                    Glad to hear Suzie! A facial seems a suitable, well deserved treat!

                    Sofiya- no worries, not stressing...thought about the multiple weddings when we decided to do it there. Are you in need of any information? I am glad to help/share info as best as I can.

                    Is anyone else shipping things ahead of time to their resorts? With OOT bags and all, I just feel like we have too much stuff. Plus, we live in NYC, and getting to and from airports without our own personal car can be a bit more difficult.

                    #1570 FutureMsMoulton

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                      Posted 13 January 2010 - 07:37 PM

                      Originally Posted by TonyandTricia
                      A tan also helps your teeth look whiter...double benefits!

                      Also, my civil ceremony is next Sat, (1-23). Tony just sent me an email that said "10 days baby!!!! I LOVE YOU!!" It's just so cute to see him as excited as me. :)

                      And I ordered a "party dress" for the bars/disco after the reception. I just got a sassy bridesmaid's dress and had them order it in white. It comes in one week before we leave...I hope I like it!

                      February is almost here!!

                      Sofiya- no worries, not stressing...thought about the multiple weddings when we decided to do it there. Are you in need of any information? I am glad to help/share info as best as I can.

                      Is anyone else shipping things ahead of time to their resorts? With OOT bags and all, I just feel like we have too much stuff. Plus, we live in NYC, and getting to and from airports without our own personal car can be a bit more difficult.
                      Our resort won't let us ship down to them-- which sucks!! Are you flying out of JFK or LGA?

                      Great job on the no smoking ladies!

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