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  1. Ha ha, I think it is so funny I was bumped down to a "noob" again with this new system! Teshy, I am 23 weeks tomorrow! Seems to be rolling by so quickly! We have been super busy as my sister in law is getting married tomorrow and we have a disneyworld trip planned in two weeks and friends in town...on top of that, hubby ends up getting an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday night, so to say the least, we have been busy!!! Susie, I am so excited to hear about your new job! That is wonderful and very exciting! I will be around for October, no plans to leave. I may be having a baby shower in the middle of the month, but plans still aren't certain yet. So, whenever you ladies come into town I would be happy to meet up! Well, anyhow, hope you ladies all have a fabulous weekend!
  2. We were married there February 19th of this year. I do believe they said it was colder than usual for them, but that the temperatures do drop to 60/70's at night there normally during that time. There are weather websites that give you averages and the last few years on certain dates and times of year if you want to see what you can expect during your wedding (weather permitting ) But, we did have an open air grill and at first I was worried because it felt a lil windy for our first course, but honestly, after that it started to warm up and the wind died down or we all just didn't notice it anymore. We had a lot of dancing (3 hours worth) and the fresh air was really nice. Also, being at the open air grill, a few friends took short quiet strolls with loved ones for 10/15 minutes since we were near the beach. We had also wanted to do the sand and beach for reception, but when we were there, we walked out to the beach at night, the wind was fine, it was the cold sand that I worried about. I worried for cold feet, more than anything. Hope this helps!
  3. Yeah Teshy! That is wonderful! It is such a great reassuring feeling to see the baby. I am so happy for you guys!
  4. Yeah Brooke! A Boy, that is so very exciting!
  5. Krista! I saw you FB photos and you looked amazing, I am so happy for you and look forward to hearing all about it! Brooke! We will be waiting to hear the news and I look forward to your photo, I only have 12 wk, 16 wk and now a 22 wk, I forgot to take them in between or we were just busy
  6. I am here too, just been super busy and not much time to type posts or anything. We did just get back from a trip to California, Thur-Tue and had two baby showers and visited with all my family. Lots of tears on the trip back, just not always ready to come back to NYC and miss my family and friends so much! Susie, sorry to hear of the issues, hope things work out soon. Chris-Congrats on the anniversary! Brooke-blog is cute, I don't think I would have the time right now, I admire you and your energy!!! Plus if it is any reference, our baby bumps look similar and I will be 21 weeks this Saturday...it started to REALLY grow two weeks ago. I just felt her kick or do whatever acrobatics she does in there above my belly button, today was the first time to feel it so high and now I am anxious of exactly how big she is going to get in there!!! We go for another ultrasound next Monday. I do have a fotki photo account that I am trying to get updated as that is where I am putting up baby pics, ultrasounds and such, I am just getting a little nervous about using FB so much with my child's photos and all, I have heard strange stories lately and it makes me a bit nervous...if you want to see that site, PM me and I will give you the info. Yes, I am waiting to hear back from Krista and see more wedding photos, so excited for her!!! Sorry if I forgot anyone, it is hard sometimes to catch up on here Hope everyone is doing well! It is almost the weekend again, yahooo!
  7. Thanks ladies for the support, I feel ridiculous now to go in to such a babble over that. I am better now and not worried about it! Krista-9 days left! I can feel the excitement! Let the countdown begin So happy it is Friday, wishing everyone a fabulous relaxing weekend!
  8. Yeah, the truth is, the dynamic between my mom and I is an odd one. She originally was looking at two weeks and I told her we would love to have her, so I don't think it is the in the way issue...she also mentioned that my step dad wondered what he would do while at our house, on top of it they always talk about how they don't like large cities and don't understand how we could enjoy living in one. I think she is still upset I moved here and she has always felt that I didn't need her or would emphasize my independence, it's really a long story, and this isn't the appropriate forum to get into it. She also keeps talking about how upset she is not to be able to live near the baby. But anyways, sorry for the rant and rambles, just needed to get it out. Thanks for your support and thoughts, it's nice to get to share and get it off my chest
  9. Uuugh, so I just want to cry right now...My mom and step dad just booked their tickets to come in December after the baby is born and they are only coming for 5 days. I know it seems like enough time, but I have lived in NYC for 4 years now and they have never come once to visit me and I feel like they could at least stay a whole week or so to spend time with us. Also, my mom has 2 1/2 weeks off during that time so it isn't a time off work issue. And they are leaving on the 22nd, which means they won't even try to stay for baby's first Christmas. It really hurts my feelings and I wish I didn't see the email this morning because I feel like it is totally going to ruin my day! Sorry, I needed to share as I have this big lump in my throat and no one to talk to and I have a meeting to run in an hour and I just want to crawl back in bed or in a hole...uuughh!
  10. I didn't have my dress cleaned yet either, and I have plans to get it sewn into a baptism gown...we'll see how far I get on that project! Also, just as an FYI, my dress was sparkling white after my TTD session. No joke the bottom hem was all black and gray after the reception and after we took it in the water it was white again! So those of you with AHR, maybe just take the hem into the water I know, dangerous when you have to wear it again, but I have heard that so many brides say their dress comes out cleaner after being in the water.
  11. So today all I can think about is how much I wish we were back in Mexico getting married. I think about it so much, to relive those moments! Ahhh, here's to thinking about white sandy beaches and margaritas in the sun....
  12. Chris- I am sorry you had to go through that alone, when I read your post I wished we lived close together and could hang out and talk about all these things and give you a hug! well, here is a cyber hug for you! It sounds as everything is going well, so keep positive, it is good for the baby. I am sorry about your bracelet, I hope it shows up soon! Teshy-Super exciting to start buying things, we are having three showers apparently so I was told to wait to make those purchases, but did begin shopping on registries. Funny how elaborate everything is and the decisions to be made! I did buy her a little "lovey" from me, it is a giraffe, with pink giraffe spots...but so far we are holding back on the other stuff...pretty soon! Krista-Crazy stress with that AHR, I hope you can rearrange without too much hassle and stress. But-on the other end so excited you are leaving to get married so soon!!!!! Well, just getting bigger by the day, will have to somehow get some pics up for you all! Also, keep us all posted on when you ladies are thinking about coming to NYC...October is around the corner!
  13. We had an internal ultrasound at 7/8 weeks too. It is technically standard here that they check everything is in place where it is supposed to be. I had it without any spotting and that is what they called it. Will be waiting to hear how it does. Maybe you will hear a faint heartbeat like we did during that one, they will listen for it! Thinking of you!
  14. Hello Ladies! Wow, so much in such a short time. Krista-your dress looks amazing and you look radiant in it, you are beaming! It is getting so close, I am so excited for you! you are right, gettting to the airport and the whole nine yards is such great anticipation, just remember to enjoy all of it, from the little things to the big day! Chris-Your story is hilarious! You crack me up! I know what you mean about the exhaustion, just be sure to get your rest! Teshy-13 weeks! That is amazing! We just had our 17 week scan and it was amazing (will write more in a min) Brooke-I can't believe you felt the baby, mine is moving around like crazy and I think that I am feeling her, but I am not always sure, I just really think so because it is such a different feeling. Overall, we are doing well. Like I mentioned, we had our ultrasound on Friday (17 weeks on Saturday) and found our we are having a girl. It was funny because the technician first said, I am 90% it's a girl, and I look at husband and said well, you have a 10% chance of a boy still, and the technician says, yeah, I am pretty sure it is a girl! IT was funny...But the pics were amazing, we saw her heart, her kidneys, all her arm and leg bones, brain, hands, and face. It was funny because she was moving all around, the technician was even saying she was already a mover and shaker (just like her parents She is 6 oz and about the size of my palm. We are just elated and over the moon, I get so happy just thinking about her. We have already shopped for a few fun cuddly toys and a cute hat with a big flower on it! And you ladies with the boobs, I am with Krista, I do not need anymore boobage. My origibal 34DD's were a little bigger in the first few months but have settled down a bit in the last two months, I am hoping they don't increase, but I know that the reality with breastfeeding is that they will I am just hoping that it isn't much, but I guess they can help set off the imbalance of belly weight and have less back pain! ha ha! Anyways, hope everyone is having a great weekend and all the father's are having a wonderful father's day!
  15. YYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE!!!!! Chris I am so excited for you! I know how you feel about it being early but wanting to tell!!!! Crazy how those prego tests are all different! I was in the same boat of wanting a baby and as soon as you are pregnant your world starts spinning! I still have many a moments of disbelief about what we are about to embark on and the life changes ahead! But, boy oh boy I am excited! I think we are a good vibe group as so many of us have gotten pregnant in the first four months... And Erica we will be thinking about you, be sure to keep us posted! Ali, yes, I am so jealous of your Hawaii trip! What island(s) are you going to? How long are you going? what a wonderful honeymoon! Susie-I posted on your FB but I wanted to say again that I loved your photo montage, so fantastic to relive the moments! I have 12 week baby bump photos and I will be taking 16 week baby bump photos this Saturday. I am not sure where to post them for you ladies, I am still secret on FB and I am not really sure why, just have so many unpersonal friends on there that I guess I only want to share with those I am close to, bizarre I know. I do have a fotiki account that I could try to share, let me figure it out... Also, we went to start our registry. Early I know, but we are going to have a shower in July with my California side and that will be the only time we head out west before the baby comes, so sooner than most, but that is okay. So, the registry is overwhelming. I went in only to pick out the big items, crib, stroller, port a crib, and car seat and it still took forever and so many choices. For the first time in my life it wasn't about savings and all about safety!!! Merchandisers definitely have you in a strong hold because they know that you want the best and safest for your baby! Next I have an appointment to discuss bottles, nipples, and breast feeding items...Who knew this was such an endeavor. What ever happened to the simple choices of baby items ha ha! Also, we find out the gender June 18th!!!!