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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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    Posted 21 January 2011 - 12:32 PM

    Thanks Tigerlily... I feel the same way... The violence is at the borders and I haven't heard anything on the forum about any issues either.. Same for me, the older guests are the ones concerned..

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      Posted 22 January 2011 - 07:37 AM



      I brought my own chair sashes (from weddinglinensdirect.com). They were very cheap and I loved them.


      Also I don't think the spa does a very good job with hair! I had mine done by Victoria and it was nothing like what I wanted. I kept trying to tell her and she would say "I know, thank you". I ended up re-doing it after she was done.....The makeup that she did on me was really nice however!! If you do get it done there have a trial done or take a picture of exactly how you would like it!!!!


      We did not pick the officiant. DRC did this for us. I think you have the option to meet with him/her before the wedding but we didn't. Ours did a great job.

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        Posted 22 January 2011 - 08:01 AM

        I have attached our timeline. DJ Doremix sent us this template a few months before our wedding and we started to fill in songs we like, but then just told him really to play whatever. He did a wonderful job. The third tab has our ceremony playlist. We skimmed here and only rented the sound system for $198+ 11% tax for the hour . They ask you to bring both a CD and an IPOD for the technician to use. In our case, he only used the ipod. I also made sure I printed copies of both  of the song lists, and brought them with me both for the WC, and for the DJ, and Technician just in case. We have modern taste so the vitamin string quartet's renditions of some of our favorite songs worked best for us. Our friends and family loved the music, and it does sound beautiful with our wedding video playing the background. If budget wasn't a factor, I would have probably hired a live violinist. I saw one preform at another wedding and they did an awesome job.


        We held our reception on the pool deck. In my opinion, this is probably the best location at the resort (weather permitting). It was great to be by the beach, and has a beautiful backdrop and is pretty private.  I will get started on my review today with more details. Hope this helps!




        Originally Posted by sarcrook 



        I can't wait to see your pictures and read your review!!  I appreciate you sharing this with us!!


        Can you tell me what your timeline was? 


        Did you give them music for your ceremony as well?  If you did - did you just put each song on CD?


        Where was your reception located?


        Thanks again - SO MUCH!! 


        Originally Posted by volosikj 

        I would definitely start flooding the wedding coordinators with emails requesting Ivan as your DJ, or emailing even try emailing the banquet manager/corporate office.  I got married at DRC this past Saturday the 15th, and met with Ivan a few days prior to our the wedding. I gave him our wedding timeline and he was wonderful. Late Thursday night I got a voicemail and email from him informing me that the resort had canceled him as my DJ b/c they want to use their own in house DJ. 


        The wedding coordinator did not call and let me know this. So the next morning I went down to their office and complained. It really isn't the wedding coordinators but the banquet manager, Walter, that has canceled the contract with outside vendors. I was so incredibly upset and kept being told I would have to wait until 3pm to speak with him (mind you --the day before my wedding!!!) to see if he would make an exception for me to still use DJ Ivan. After having to stop by the office multiple times, luckily, the banquet manager made an exception in my case and we were able to have DJ Doremixx without having to pay an outside vendor fee. I would definitely exercise your bridezilla voice in this instance b/c the DJ really does make the party, and I think Dreams is making a huge mistake not keeping the contract with Ivan.


        I cannot say enough wonderful things about Ivan and the job he did at our wedding too.  All of our guest from young to old, were on the dance floor the whole night and having the best time of their lives! He brought balloons, masks, and cold fireworks, and did just a fantastic job keeping the party going. Literally everyone who came to our wedding (55 people) said that this was the best wedding they had ever been too ever!! Ivan also connected me with Daniel Santos Servin who preformed with 2 other firedancers at our wedding. It was so incredible. It was the most amazing time ever. Even though we paid to extend the party an extra hour, I wish we would have paid to extend it an extra 2 hours because everyone was just having such a great time.  I will post pictures soon and a full review but just wanted to confirm that this is something happening, and by all means you should complain.


        Originally Posted by sarcrook 

        I couldn't agree more.  I sent an email - and included the manager at the resort.  I asked how/why would they take away such an asset to their Destination Weddings. 


        I would be SO mad if I had them booked...I for sure would want for something in return for the inconvenience!!!!!!! 


        That is awesome..we have to keep complaining..obviously something happened because we can't even pay for them to come in from the outside.  We just have to keep emailing so they have no choice but to settle on an agreement!!  It's terrible..I just can't believe they would take something away completely..not a good move.


        It has to be fixed!!


        We all know their is no way their DJ will be like Ivan!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Originally Posted by amlambert 

        Yes, Definitely!  I spoke with veronica and complained.  My TA also called the manager of sales who was supposed to call the general manager.  I would complain as much as possible to get things changed.  Its total BS for them to change things at the last minute for people who have already made arrangements.  I have emailed the new DJ she said we have to use and he hasn't responded yet. 

        Originally Posted by sarcrook 



        We should send an email to our WC's and the General Manager regarding the Doremixx news...


        Maybe if we swamp them with emails they'll rethink??!!  It's worth a shot..right??????????





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          Posted 22 January 2011 - 10:03 AM

          Thanks for sharing sarcrook.  I'm definitely interested in DRC's answer.  My wedding is in May and i had planned on using Doremixx.  except i was neverr able to get a confirmatin form any of the WC's since they almost refuse to answer any of my questons!


          And please share the DJ websites when they answer you.  i tried googling the dj they lised but wasnt able to find anything.  thanks!



          Originally Posted by sarcrook 

          I received an email responding to my complaint from the Director of Sales...this is what it said:


          "Dear Sarah:


          Is in our best interest to exceed your expectations  in your wedding date, thereforeI would like to inform you that we have renew our contract with our vendors  / outside service providers, and here is the list of the approved vendors as of today, we will keep you posted any update:

          Approved vendors:

          Flowers:  Fressia & Glayde

          DJ´s:  Visual sound  & AVI Sound System

          Musicians:  Mariachi la Diferencia / Trio Caribe±o los selectos

          Video:  Blue Channel

          Photographer:  Adventure Photo

          Furniture & D©cor: Pending


          Our main concern is satisfaction & safety, this is why we have listed our approved vendor list, you will be getting some benefits and most important a responsible and qualify vendor for your important event.

          If you have contacted a vendor and it is not listed here, there is 2 ways to solve this, either can renew his/her contract or pay $ 500 US fee for one time visit, please let me know if I can be of further assistant or you may have any question."


          Since they didn't specify that we couldn't use Doremixx I did reply and asked if I could pay the $500 for Doremixx or DJ Mannia.  I also asked why $500 - I understand their should be some sort to fee to bring in an outside vendor but I'm not sure what the $500 is for??!! 


          I asked them to send me the websites for the two DJ's they listed - I want to make sure I can get the same services as they had with Doremixx!  I think it needs to be an even exchange!!  Ya know? 


          Of course I ended my email with how disappointing it was that Doremixx was no longer on their list - how all of us future brides are very saddened by the news! 


          I'll let you know when I hear back! 



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            Posted 22 January 2011 - 10:04 AM

          • Hi Ashlynn039 and t1219,
          • Thank you so much for all of the information! I am definitely going to check out weddinglinensdirect.com since you both mentioned it. Great advice on the hair and makeup, it seems like it would be worth trying to do a trial and definitely bringing pictures! Ashlynn, it would be awesome if you could upload pictures, I would love to see some!
          • Thank you again!
          • Alaina

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              Posted 22 January 2011 - 02:04 PM

              You're welcome :) I don't have my wedding pictures yet - but here are a few that guests took of the arch setup on the beach & our centerpieces. My colors were navy & blue if that helps. Let me know if there's anything in particular that you want pictures of and I'll post them if I have them :)





            • Hi Ashlynn039 and t1219,








            • Thank you so much for all of the information! I am definitely going to check out weddinglinensdirect.com since you both mentioned it. Great advice on the hair and makeup, it seems like it would be worth trying to do a trial and definitely bringing pictures! Ashlynn, it would be awesome if you could upload pictures, I would love to see some!




            • Thank you again!




            • Alaina

              #5317 sarcrook

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                Posted 23 January 2011 - 08:52 AM



                Thank you SO much..again I can't wait for your reveiw!! 


                What made you pick the Pool Deck for your reception instead of the Terrace right off the beach? 

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                  Posted 23 January 2011 - 10:33 AM

                  I feel the same way about Ivan. He was awesome and contributed GREATLY to our amazing wedding!!

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                    Posted 23 January 2011 - 12:44 PM

                    Hi Ladies,


                    I have heard that they are changing there vendors and will not be using DJ Doremixx..  I think thats absurd. they should honor all the contracts that brides already had..   I must say this hotel really cant get it together.  But for the brides getting married.. THEY DO MAKE IT HAPPEN IN THE END. SO dont stress!  Your wedding will be beautiful  and the resort itsself it FANTASTIC!!  


                    Good luck to all the upcoming brides!!!!!! 


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                      Posted 23 January 2011 - 12:51 PM




                      our wedding cake.. looked better from the back..   they put all the flowers that were suppose to go on the table around the cake on the cake.  I found the note with instructions but they still put it on the cake!!!

                      these were our floral centerpieces the hotel provided with our package!!!IMG_5041.jpgIMG_5396.jpgIMG_4860.JPG


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