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  1. I believe I paid 60 for my bridesmaid bouquets and they were yellow roses - if that helps. I can attach pictures if anybody would like I did not have mine the night before, I had it after the ceremony. I did miss most of it due to pictures, but my family did not. The timing seems to work out. After the ceremony we got any family/group shots done first and then everyone left for the cocktail hour while my husband and I had pictures of just the two of us taken
  2. I used DJ Doremixx, but the resort set the pricing, not the DJ. So you might have to pay the rate the resort charges which is 300 per hour not including the fees
  3. I know how you feel, it was SUPER frustrating at the end trying to really get a fix on our budget. However, if it makes you feel better when we got down there and were given our price breakdown from them, it was less than I was quoted and budgeted for I had the same problem with them not responding, try and get your TA to really push on them to give you some responses.
  4. Here is a picture of the chair sashes I ordered from wedding linens direct - I believe they are the crystal organza?
  5. If you're having your reception on the pool deck they won't stay lit, it's rather windy (which is kind of nice because it keeps things cool!) I was going to pay for the under the table lights to help with the light but they "couldn't get them" but I did bring down white floralytes (there are other colors as well) and put them in my centerpieces.. just an idea as a possible alternative to candles. Here's what it looked like And looking at this I just realized I probably should have unfolded my overlays and let the creases fall out before the wedding Oh well!
  6. Hi! I will definitely go through for pictures of my reception setup, I had it on the pool deck though - so pretty similar to pbjwed's setup I brought my own table overlays/chair sashes down so I just gave her those to put on the table. I did bring pictures of the flowers I wanted, (different shades of yellow roses) - and she said no problem. If you notice in my pictures it's not all roses as I requested but it still turned out nice Definitely bring pictures of what you want! I did provide a table chart to the coordinator though, to show how i wanted the tables arranged and where to put
  7. You're welcome I don't have my wedding pictures yet - but here are a few that guests took of the arch setup on the beach & our centerpieces. My colors were navy & blue if that helps. Let me know if there's anything in particular that you want pictures of and I'll post them if I have them Hi Ashlynn039 and t1219, Thank you so much for all of the information! I am definitely going to check out weddinglinensdirect.com since you both mentioned it. Great advice on the hair and makeup, it seems like it would be w
  8. Hi! I hope this helps: 1. They say they don't have colored fabric for the arch on the beach (if you're using that), other than white. But if you purchase material and bring it down with you they will set it up for you. If you use their chair ties I believe they charge $5.00 a chair for use and they aren't guaranteed to have the colors you desire, however you can also purchase those cheaper (e-bay, weddinglinensdirect.com, etc) and they will tie them on for free. I bought table overlays and chair sashes since they didn't have them in my colors, and they took up very little space in the s
  9. Hi As a past bride (married there on November 15) I can tell you that when you're on the resort there is no reason to have safety concerns. Our TA also arranged our transfer from the airport to the resort and it went smoothly - the airport was nice, nothing shady about it I even went off resort to a place called Jungle Spa while down there (and they weren't kidding, it was in the middle of nowhere!) and never felt unsafe. As far as them not using DJ Dorremix anymore, that's a shame. Between him and Elizabeth Medina, our photographer, they were the best part about the wedding! He did
  10. Hello ladies! Back from my wedding and honeymoon We were married on the 15th - I'll do a thorough review after Thanksgiving, but until then I can answer any questions anybody has
  11. Alright ladies, I leave tomorrow for our wedding. I'll try to post a thorough review for you guys once I'm back from our honeymoon Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!
  12. What are you guys doing for your reception food, I'm less than 3 weeks out and still have no clue. I was hoping to do a buffet since I'm not a fan of the sitdown dinner options (groom & I don't eat seafood!) but apparently I can't since i'm under 40 people.
  13. Yikes! Good luck sifting through your emails!! Hopefully the new wedding coordinator will honor the agreements you already had in place. I would love to extend the reception but I'm just not sure yet that the cost per hour is worth it.. still debating
  14. Thanks for the review & the information!! So glad you had such a wonderful wedding experience
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