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  1. Hi Latinive! I bought the 85x85-Seamless Satin Table Overlays from wedding linens direct. Hi Colleen! Thanks! I will definitely email you a few pictures!
  2. Hi Soon2bMrsLozada! Thank you, I loved how the orange looked against the blue as well! 1. For the reception I believe I chose option one, it had martini shrimp cocktail, mushroom soup, a salmon pastry puff and a choice of chicken or beef, I recommend it. Everyone sounded like they liked it! I did switch out the dessert though for the chocolate option (I want to say it was supposed to come with option 3). It was really delicious! 2. Yep, I got the flowers through the hotel. I sent pictures of what I wanted and explained what colored flowers I wanted. They did a really good job! Like I mentioned in my review, the only thing I did not really like were the boutonnieres (but I didn't think to send a picture so that is my fault). 3. Yes, I also got the lanterns through the hotel. I believe they were $10 a lantern. I'm not sure what outside venders cost but I just found it easier to do everything through the resort. Let me know if you have any more questions :-)
  3. Thanks everyone! I hope the review is helpful, I know it isn't quite as detailed as some of the other girls! For the walk, I believe Lindsey is correct in saying if the presidential suite is not being used you can walk down those stairs. I saw a bride come down the stairs on the south side of the beach. I would say the walk is probably even shorter than a minute to get to the chairs, it is hard to say. When I was there the north side suite must have been occupied because I didn't use it. I waited by The Grill/Oceana restaurant. It was fun because everyone at the restaurant and people walking by were smiling and saying congratulations :-). Even that was not too long of a walk, it is so hard to say the exact distance though. It probably only took about 30 seconds until everyone could see me. jkhowell - Thank you for the shoe compliment! I found them off of DSW's online wedding section. They were SO comfortable. Unfortunately I have to hold onto the chair sashes and table overlays until August. When is your wedding? If it happens to be after that let me know! I bought them off of www.weddinglinensdirect.com.
  4. Hi!! We got married at DRC on May 21st. I want to start off by saying I have not been on here since and I apologize if I repeat information. I have not read through all of the posts (I've missed about 250!). The resort is AMAZING and I cannot wait to go back. We were treated like royalty the entire time. We received an upgrade to a honeymoon suite which we were very excited about. Rehearsal dinner: This is my only major complaint. We paid $600 to have a reservation for 32 people for our rehearsal dinner at El Patio. The food was good but I was really upset that we paid extra. I paid because I wanted to make sure we had two nights where everyone would be together for dinner. I wish I hadn't planned this because the restaurant was practically EMPTY the entire time we were in there and I'm sure had we gone right when it opened we would have gotten in fine for free. I have sent a complaint to management but still haven't heard back. Getting ready: The spa was great! BRING PICTURES OF WHAT YOU WANT! My hair and make up turned out exactly how I wanted. I had Xochitel (?). Only 1 out of 5 hairstyles did not come out good and that is because the bridesmaid did not have a picture (luckily we had a hair dresser in the group and got the bridesmaid all fixed up). In the end, all of the girls looked beautiful :-) Flowers: I loved how our flowers came out. All I did was send pictures and they were able to do everything I wanted. One thing I will mention is that I am very glad that I went to see the flowers right when they got to the coordinator's office. I asked for Tiffany blue ribbon on the bridesmaid's bouquets and sent a picture. They ended up putting royal blue ribbon on those bouquets and putting royal blue babies breath in the boutonnieres. Luckily there was some ivory ribbon in the office that we covered the bouquets in but I was stuck with the boutonnieres. Oh well, what can ya do? Also, if you want your bouquet to have stems you should mention it! They almost put the white holder on mine but I needed stems because of my little starfish charm. Ceremony: FIGHT FOR A REHEARSAL! I asked for one three times and Lisbeth kept saying, don't worry everything will be fine! Well, for the most part it was; however, there were quite a few little things that went wrong that wouldn't have had we had a rehearsal. Other than this, everything looked exactly how I wanted it to :-). We got married on the north side of the beach which was pretty private. I think there were people watching but I didn't even notice, I was too caught up in the moment! Our ceremony was at 5pm. We used the technician and did not have a single problem. I made a CD and printed a list of the songs, what number on the CD it was, and when to play it. Cocktail Hour: This was from 6-7pm. My husband and I missed the whole thing because we wanted pictures everywhere at the resort (it is just so beautiful!!) From what I heard it was wonderful!! LOL. Everyone said the Mariachi band was hilarious. Reception: This was from 7-10pm on the deck. Everyone loved it! There was another reception on the beach which we could see but couldn't hear. It didn't bother us at all. We used the DJ that the resort recommends and he was perfect, we had no problems with him. He payed attention to the list we created and also played a good amount of songs for our older crowd. Lisbeth suggested we enter the reception, do our dances, and cut the cake right away so that we didn't forget to do it at the end of the night. I actually really liked doing this because we had some daylight left for pictures and everyone was paying attention. We only had 32 people which meant we had to have a sit down dinner. If you are in this situation you should probably pay for the extra hour of DJ. We had to start dancing in between meals because it took SOOO long to eat :-(. We had less then an hour after dinner was done to dance before the party ended! I tried moving the party to desires but my guests were tired by the time we got up there and left!! Fire Dancers: Lisbeth suggested to do this after the DJ finished at 10pm. Great idea! We ended our wedding with a bang! If you are considering hiring the dancers you should do it! Who else gets to have fire dancers at their wedding?? Just us lucky destination wedding girls :-). Photographers: I upgraded the package and am glad I did. I had Anel and she is absolutely wonderful. She is fun to work with and has great ideas. We also had Frank and Alina for a little while for different parts of the day and the pictures they took turned out really great as well! If you have any questions let me know, I will try my best to continue to get on here for a couple more weeks! I just want you all to know you have nothing to worry about. Even with my little incidents I still loved my wedding and would not change anything. I am very happy with how everything turned out!! When you get there just relax and go with the flow, you are in paradise! Here is my slideshow, woohoo! http://0511cuce.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/cuce/
  5. Sorry to go back to the lanterns, however if you were quoted $60 a tower I would take it!!!! Lisbeth quoted me 120 a tower because there are 12 lanterns. She sent me pictures and they do look really nice. She also told me if I wanted to bring down my own lanterns they would charge $50 for the tower and to light the lanterns. After looking at pricing I decided it is much easier to just pay the full price for the tower. Did you ever get clarification specifically from Ana on how many lanterns the $60 includes? If you did please tell me, $60 is way better then $120!!!!
  6. Hi! I am unsure about the bambooish looking chairs, Lisbeth never said anything about those. However, she is allowing me to use the white garden chairs for the ceremony and then moving my sashes to the covered chairs for the reception. I never even asked her about this, she just offered it to me so I said sure!! I just bought sashes from the weddinglinensdirect.com website and she said they will tie them to the chairs for free. Hope this helps a little!
  7. Perfect, thank you!! spa1.drerc@dreamsresorts.com, spa.drerc@dreamsresorts.com Hope that helps! L
  8. Hi everyone, I need to book my bridesmaid's hair appointments but cannot find the email address to the spa anywhere. Does anyone have it?? Thank you!
  9. Ashley - Congratulations! Your photos are beautiful and you looked gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! Also, thank you for letting us know that you did not use any outside venders. I can't tell you how excited I am about those lanterns :-)!!!!
  10. I would like some advice on music for the ceremony. I am completely clueless! How many songs do I need to choose? Do I have to pick which parts of songs to play? I am using the sound system and need to download some stuff to my ipod. Any advice would be great!
  11. I was quoted $100 each as well. I'm assuming it depends on which flowers you choose. All I chose were lillies and roses and she still quoted me that much...oh well, hopefully they will be really beautiful!!! haha
  12. Thank you! This is very helpful :-). I want my pictures while the sun is starting to set as well. Quote: Originally Posted by Carbaholic We're doing our ceremony at 5:30pm. We figure it will take about 30 minutes ( to 6pm) then pictures for an hour (to 7pm) and have our reception start at 7pm. Between the ceremony and reception we'll send our guest to one of the bars. We worked this out by working backwards from sunset, which will be at around 7:13pm on May 3, 2011 according to http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?n=923&month=5&year=2011&obj=sun&afl=-11&day=1 We really wanted to have the pictures taken on the beach while the sun is starting to set. Hope that's helpful!
  13. Hey everyone! I am excited to hear they are no longer charging $500 for outside venders! I'm trying to figure out if I just want to use everything that the resort has or if I want to use an outside source. I've seen some stuff on Deco Cancun and EW Cancun and am not sure how it all works. I definitely think it would be fun to have a lounge area but I'm just not sure it's necessary. I am just curious what all of the rest of you are thinking :-). May brides, what time are you guys doing your ceremony? I was originally told 6pm is the "perfect time" by the old planner and the photographer. Now Lisbeth is saying that it is kind of late and by the time we start it might be dark! I obviously don't want that. I'm curious as to what everyone else is getting told. I added myself to the list below, I can't wait until May!! :-) Steve and Amy 2/04/2011 Tara & Andy 2/10/11 rscherle- 2/19/2011 Rachel & Kevin - 2/20/2011 saymyname74- 3/5/2011 L'Oreal and Michael - 3/26/11 Brooke & Rasheed- 04/03/2011 Kerry & Gary - 4/8/2011 Melissa & Michael - 4/22/11 Dawn & Jimmy - 4/30/2011 Leah & Jamie - 5/3/11 Lisa & Andrew - 5/6/11 Ursula & Matt - 5/7/2011 Melissa & Nathanael 5/8/11 Winter & Steven - 5/10/2011 Leanne & Adam 5/14/2011 Alaina & Dan 5/21/2011 Lauren & Brian 05/25/2011 Brooke & Mike 06-18-2011 Deanna & Christopher 7/6/2011 Sharon & Josh 7/17/2011 Colleen & Clint 7/19/11 Lindsay & Frank 7/23/11 Maile & Richard 8/26/11 Ivelisse & Steve 10/28/11
  14. pbjwed~ Thank you again for all of the information! I guess I just have to figure out if I want to bring the chair sashes or bring in Deco Cancun. I feel better now that I have choices, I was not excited about paying $5 a chair for a sash! Anyway, thank you again for posting so many pictures and explaining everything that you chose to do. I am sure it will help a lot of future DRC brides :-). Alaina
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