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  1. Hi Anne! I know, we still can't believe we have 90 guests coming LOL. We actually sent out about $140 invitations, honestly I thought about 45 max LOL But really excited for the turnout! We sent the Save the Dates a year in advance. The wedding invitations we sent out back in March with rsvp deadline of June 1st.
  2. FutureMrsS, yes we are arriving 4 days before, so I see myself going straight to Desires to take a look LOL maybe the Jacuzzi is a better alternative due to the amount of guests I'm having... Thanks again.
  3. FutureMrsS, thanks for sharing!! Regarding the jacuzzi area, maybe we should look into having the cocktail hour there if the Desires lounge wasn't that impressive, the only concern I had was that we have a party of 90 guests!! Good News!! Gina emailed me back and said that she spoke to the manager and they will close the restaurant for us as originally planned and keep the reception at the Pool Terrace vs the Deck.
  4. I am so upset... I'm getting married in 19 days and I just got an email from Gina advising that they cannot offer the availability of El Patio Restaurant for our rehearsal dinner because their our occupancy is high. I had reserved this over a year ago and ordered invitations for the rehearsal dinner for my guests advising it will be at El Patio. They are trying to get me to change the location to the beach. And they also want to change my location preferences for the cocktail hour from the Desires lounge to the pool terrace, where I requested to have my reception and my reception to the Pool Deck.. which I told them over 3 times that I didn't like the terrace because of the wooden floors, think it will be annoying for those ladies that have heels, and I'm afraid that sand from the beach will go into the food.. . Mind you I reserved this , and , and
  5. Kad1010 It's a sitdown dinner if you have less than 40 guests, over 40 it's buffet style
  6. Thanks chrissyandrob for the overlay sizes.. all that's left to order LOL I'm stuck on Welcome bags now!! My guestlist went up to 95 ppl and now I'm debating on what to do about welcome bags..
  7. Justney, What size did you order the Table Overlays? Do you think it would be tight putting 10ppl in a table?
  8. Micaela, I picked the Ultimate Package, but it's still per person after the first 20. Will definitely let you know about the weather.. I'm getting nervous thinking it will be real humid for the reception, which will be on the Pool Terrace.
  9. Hi Ladies! Does anyone know what size the round tables are for the reception? I am trying to buy the table overlays but am not sure of the dimensions.
  10. Hi micaela, I'm getting married on July 30th and have 95 guests booked! Will definitely add my review on how my wedding day flows... I was told that outdoor weddings need to finish by 11pm
  11. @Missy - great video, looks like you guys had a lot of fun... My fiance wants to know where your husband got his suit.. He liked it..
  12. I know! We have 64 people booked already! Lisbeth went over every detail! From locations, decorations, food, flowers, prices, she even sent me a preliminary balance. After speaking to her I feel so confident that everything will turn out great! She had all the details and information I had been emailing her since the beginning of the planning.
  13. I had my conference call with Lisbeth yesterday to go over the wedding details and it went very well... She's so sweet and seems to have it all together.. My wedding isn't until July 30th but she made me feel like things are in order
  14. ursula, the bambooish looking charges are an extra charge, only the white garden chairs or the covered chairs are part of the package.
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