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  1. What cut is yours in the middle? Mine is princess cut, and maybe its the picture but yours looks like a fancy princess cut? ha ha otherwise our rings are identical! For the wedding band I went with an eternity band with a bit bigger diamonds than in the e-ring band to set them apart a bit. I love how they look together!
  2. I did 3 sessions back to back of bikini boot camp - not crazy in your face as some of the other ones, but I still saw some results. For me it was being outdoors and moving and then also because I was exercising more I felt bad about eating junk - so combined efforts resulted in some weight loss. Have fun!
  3. For fire dancers we went thru the resort, USD 800 for 4 dancers for 20 min. They were fine, but because we were running a bit late, we had planned to have them during dessert and we were still dancing when we were told to go sit down to watch. I was kinda bummed that they were interfering with our dancing at that time! ha ha! Just as a note, depending on which company you would like, for that amount you could get 4 to 6 dancers. We had DJ Doremixx locked down a fair bit in advance - he was fantastic! We had him for 5 hours. As he does work at other resorts, I would say book anything and
  4. I got my dress at Cameo and Cufflinks - looooooved the service there! In terms of alterations I didnt have much, but many trips! I had pads added (I highly recommend going to an actual lingerie store and getting their pads, I found at Cameo and Cufflinks they were just pancakes, did nothing to lift) and then the dress had boning added at the seam and zipper and taken in and out and in again (ha ha!) and the alterations lady at C & C was great! (one of them was fantastic and the other a disaster... my first dress fitting really didnt go well, the pancakes! oh the pancakes! sent me on
  5. The amazingly talented Elizabeth has blogged about our wedding http://www.elizabethmedinaphotography.com/blog/ Ceremony location: Secrets Maroma Reception location: Dreams Riviera Cancun
  6. The amazingly talented Elizabeth has blogged about our wedding http://www.elizabethmedinaphotography.com/blog/ Ceremony location: Secrets Maroma Reception location: Dreams Riviera Cancun
  7. Oh I see what you mean. No the staff left after 3 hours! Well maybe a bit after.. they did go around and take last drink requests then. The way I see it, after 3 hours, your guests can literarly walk 50 feet to the resort bar and get their own drink, people would have been drinking all night long with drinks still on the table etc. that I dont think it really inconvenienced anyone. The staff packed up the buffett but kept the cake and dessert set up, it was just fine for us.
  8. I emailed her - we dont have our pictures yet, likely in next 2 weeks or so and I am in no big rush for the album but she said that no she doesnt do them anymore. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  9. we just paid the per hour posted rate, USD 300 and extedned our DJ time to 5 hours (we had to end it at 11 pm, as that is when the resorts quite hour kicks in). Havent seen the price list for 2011, but the 2010 just said USD 300 plus tax per hour for DJ min. 3 hours I believe. USD 2K per hour is just insane! so good luck with that one
  10. sorry I hate to mess with peoples plans - for me though we had our ceremony planned for 2 (we started a bit after) and dinner reception didnt start till 6 and I felt rushed. But maybe it just me. I think it also depends on what your expectation is, how much variety and locations you want... The only complete set of pictures we have is a splurge just because session with the resort photographer, if you like send me an email if youlike and I will let you to know how to view them - might give you an idea of what you can get in that 2 or so hours...
  11. I had our on the deck and loved it! Only downside, was that the day of our wedding was crazy windy, and so some of the decorations broke, and they didnt put out about 1/3 of the decor that I brought with me (still kinda irks me, cause it was hauled all the way to Canada, not used and then I never saw it again...) but anyway, the location itself with the blue infinity pool in the background I thought was just great.
  12. gorgeous flowers! I got real flowers, but I must say these days some of the real touch bouques dont look any different than the real thing, and maybe even better cause you know exactly what you are going to get and you will always have it as a keep sake!
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