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Newbie.. Looking at either Cabos, Mayan, or Punta Cana for DW!

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Hi All!


I am newly engaged and know without a doubt that I want a destination wedding! I have to admit it has been a little overwhelming trying to find a place to start... so I am sooooo thankful I came across this website. It seems like an excellent resouce:)


I am thinking of a date sometime next May. I don't want my guests to pay a fortune to attend my DW wedding, so I have narrowed it down to Cabos, Mayan, and Punta Cana (as they seem to give you the most bang for you buck). And my youngest guest is 13, so I know that means I can include some adults only resort who have that as their min. age.


But from there I get totally lost about how to go about picking a resort that I know I will not get a chance to visit. Any advice or information that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!


Looking forward to using this site!


Jen :)

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Hiya Jen,


You'll have waaayyy too much information here to help you make a decision!


Congratulations and happy planning.

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