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  1. I was just there, in Punta Cana from April 24-May 1st. The weather was gorgeous the whole time. We checked the weather before leaving on multiple sites and all were predicting storms or scattered showers the whole time. Instead it was hot (30+), humid and gorgeous the whole time. The worst we got was scattered clouds on a couple days (hardly a rain storm!) My wedding day (27th) was gorgeous - I was happy I had a 5pm wedding time slot as the 2pm weddings always looked like the participants were melting! So hot. And the sand was really hot at 2pm so anyone barefoot was in pain! By 5pm, it's cooled down quite a bit and won't burn your feet. I didn't have a rain plan - but when you're there you just make things work. I'm sure the resort would have done a great job if it had. Apparently April/May is one of the most popular times for weddings (or so said the resort wedding coordinator). Good luck! Have fun!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by melitanner Thanks for the advice Claire...I definitely will downgrade! I selected Gazebo 2 which is the white one. I'm glad I got clarification on the spa discount because I assumed it included hair etc but since it doesn't I can do without. I am so excited It's only a couple weeks left eeekkk!!!! Hopefully time will fly as will my calories!! lol meli I had also assumed it included hair & makeup - not the case! And the thing about the hair & trial being included - make sure you raise it with Jasmin, the wedding coordinator so she calls the spa to make sure they don't charge you for either the hair trial or the hair on your wedding day if it's included in the package you chose. What she did for me (and seems to do for others is to deduct it from the cost of your package, so you pay the spa, but less on the package). Have you visited the resort? The white gazebo is beautiful, but it is right next to a main road/sidewalk where a tram runs so it's busy right next to it. I wish I had taken pictures of it so I could show you - there must be some on tripadvisor or something though. I think they pause the tram during ceremonies, however. I did see it stopped when one bride was having photos taken. The other gazebo (which is surrounded by more greenery) is right next to the main building, but has fewer people walking by. Then again, you're bound to have gawkers no matter where you are on the resort. You must be getting excited! Don't sweat the small stuff - just enjoy the experience!
  3. Hey - just a quick note to say it was an amazing day and fabulous week. I couldn't be happpier! I'll post a review once I get back & manage to round up some photos.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by robinkar Everywhere that I read about the wedding packages, it seems to mention that only the brides bouquet and the grooms flower was included. It seems that it will be an extra charge for the MOH, parents and best man. Do you know if they include flowers as ceremony decorations. Our ceremony was beautifully decorated with flowers (no extra charge) and they moved them to the reception. I think there were even flowers on the tables (that we didn't pay for). Yes, extra bouquets were extra as were hair flowers and boutonnieres. I just got hair flowers for my bridesmaids instead of bouquets and they were lovely (beachy too).
  5. Congratulations Melissa! We brought our own photographer and because he was a guest at the hotel, there was no charge. It was not a problem with the resort. Instead of paying the $75+$500, it would probably be better to just pay for a night at the resort for the photographer if they are local. Just tell the resort they are a friend of the family and ask the photographer to go along with it That said, I saw some of the photos by Arrecife (the resort photographer) - they also took some at my wedding as some were included for free in our package - and they are pretty good. In general they are as good as the photos on their facebook page (friend them if you want to take a look). Not quite my style (pose-y) but lovely nonetheless. I can send you a few they took at ours (where they knew we were not buying a package as we never contacted them to book or anything - so they probably didn't make too much of an effort but still got nice photos). Just PM me. I would suggest downgrading your package. We never got the nightly treats except the first night (I forgot they were even included!) the 20% spa discount only includes "spa" treatments which means it doesn't include hair, nails, make-up - just massages, facials, etc... so it won't save you any money if you are paying for your wedding party to have hair and makeup done. If you booked everything last June, know that they will generally honour those prices. So you can kind of mix and match the prices. Just bring emails or whatever to the resort and have them ready. Generally, if you tell them that's the price you were quoted and the person (usually a coordinator who is gone) you were talking to, it's enough for them to give you the lower price. Which gazebo are you using for your wedding? Claire
  6. Hi, The contact email I use is: weddingscoordinatorbppuj@bahia-principe.com I am getting married there next Tuesday. So far the service has been great. Cheers
  7. Hi, The difference is that they are probably using UHT milk, which is long-life milk that is stored in boxes (big juice-box style) at room temperature - I know that is what they have in Haiti (right next door) so I assume it's the same for the DR. The taste is slightly stronger than fresh cow's milk but it is cow's milk. The chocolate idea is a great one. You may even be able to find UHT milk at the supermarket here so you could try it out for flavour with the kids before going to see if it's going to be the cause of a major melt-down... Good luck!
  8. Wow - she is amazing! I'm literally bombarding her with emails and questions and she gets back to me within a day on most if not all of them. What great service! Do you ladies plan to tip the coordinator? (I think she is the assistant to the coordinator, but she is definitely tip-worthy too...)
  9. Does going for a tanning session count as last minute planning? I'm taking a rather laid-back approach to this wedding thing. Just need to pick the music, finalize the day-of schedule, wrap up a few little things & make sure I get the few things I'm still waiting for that I've ordered (fingers crossed!) I'm taking guests on an excursion instead of doing those fabulous welcome bags lots of ladies seem to be doing (I took the lazy way out, I guess!) Luckily Ana seems to be really on top of things so it puts my mind at ease that things will go relatively smoothly at least on the resort end of things. Now if only I could lose 30lbs by the 27th....
  10. I agree! I've been corresponding with her and she is super quick to respond and seems very nice. I can't wait to meet her in a couple of weeks. Eek!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by MelissaApril2010 Hi Claire, Congrats! You must be getting very excited!!! I know the feeling...! We are having our ceremony under the gazebo as i think we will have a lot more privacy there. I have seen pictures of beach ceremonies and there are people sitting literally right beside your guests, on their beach chairs. The beach tends to get VERY busy! Have you seen the garden gazebo - it is quite pretty as well. There are a couple of them to choose from. Let me know if you would like me to send you pictures... Just over two months to go!! Are you bringing any of your own decor for the reception? Melissa Melissa! So sorry - I've been a bad BDWer and didn't even see your message. I'm definitely getting excited now. Though I also have to admit, I've been taking a very laid-back approach to all of this. I would love to see photos of the gazebos if you have them handy. In terms of decorations, I have a few white paper lanterns that I bought from another BDWer - and that's it! I'm really determined not to fuss - I think it would just stress me out too much. I can't imagine doing all the work everyone on here is doing! Then again, it makes me feel like a real slug to not be doing all of it too A month to go for you. Ridiculous how time flies!!! Claire
  12. Hi Melissa, I'm also getting married there and also having the reception in the Piscis Terrace - five days after you! I'm also planning to get the bar from 8:30 til midnight - no sense in ending the party early. Are you doing the beach or gazebo ceremony? I had chosen the beach, but am growing concerned as I've seen some of the strange photos that people have there Claire
  13. April 27, 2010 - Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana - Claire & Dominique
  14. Nicole, If you do find the answer, I'd really be interested in knowing as a couple of my guests are likely to bring their babies. Thanks! Claire
  15. Congratulations & welcome to the forum!
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