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Blog - Yellow is the "it" girl!

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Wait until you get a look at this blog, my dear brides, and you may just forgive me for being absent so long! I get so involved when I start researching and then the blog becomes this huge thing! I might try taking this in smaller chunks so you don't continue to send me email with "wazzup" in the subject heading wink.gif.





Yellow, my dear brides, is the new "it" this season - or at least it should be! Don't be afraid of yellow! Embrace your inner yellow! And, without further ado, here's the inspiration board....

CANNOT INCLUDE IMAGE DUE TO lack of image space - if you want to see the design board, it's here: InspirationBoard.jpg (image)



Can you see my point?! Don't worry - these images pop-up later down below....



So, let's start with the invites .... in the upper left hand corner we have a whole series of paperworks (invites, STD's, programs) found at Green Wedding Shoes; a very dramatic, elegant yellow and black creation from Dolce Press; upper right one of my heart hearts that I discovered somewhere on Flickr!; underneath we have a really artsy inspiration from Black Eiffel; a golden filigree (Uu Designs); and a stamped, very natural light yellow rustic invite (She Knows).



Starting in the middle, we have face cut-outs in bright yellow (Sway Space); very modern yet elegant grey and yellow invite (In the Clouds Events); and an even more modern grey/yellow combo (One Wed); love these thank you cards in the box at Stylist Events.


Bottom row yellow/navy blue bird theme motif (UU Designs); bright yellow-orange/fuchsia invites (Style Me Pretty); my heart heart heart invite discovered at Quilling by Sandra White; and last this yellow/black combination at Formal Invitations.


Click the image to open in full size.





And, as you know how much I love dresses (and shoes and and and!) I couldn't help but include these great bridesmaid finds ....




Upper right, very beautiful white lace with yellow satin bow (Sexy Red Frame); this retro, yet elegant bridesmaid ensemble (Kenzie Kate); in-between there's a yellow/white bridesmaid ensemble (Bridal Boutique Mr. Penguin).


Smack in the middle we have this awesome blue shoes/yellow dress photo (Green Wedding Shoes); and a very beachy, elegant dress (Tinkled Pink); bottom row we have this sassy golden yellow with purple bust (June Bug Weddings); up top bridesmaids in yellow with flower girl in white with yellow sash (DC Nearly Weds); this great satiny golden yellow dress (Forever 21); and last, but not least, these mellow yellow dresses (Stylist Events).


Click the image to open in full size.



In case you are still not convinced, here are some flowers - nice bright yellow ones!


Upper left, absolutely lovely calla lilies and what looks like a freesia/rose combination (Lindeman Weddings); I heart heart this dramatic bridesmaids in black with yellow floral ball bouquets (Wedding Bee Pro); in-between we have this nice, soft yellow bouquet (hmm - someplace on Flickr!).


Middle row we start with this yellow/purple bouquet (Fashion Bride); and this great calla Lilly/grass combination (Home and Family Network); in-between white and yellow bouquet (Alieli Florals).


Bottom row very elegant yellow bouquet with champagne wrap and bright, big yellow floral ball (Stylist Events); and ending with this fabulous yellow/white bouquet (Silk Wedding Flower Ideas).



Click the image to open in full size.




This is where the yellow truly shines! Such bright, happy looking tables - who wouldn't have a good time? wink.gif


I'm not sure whether to eat or adore this centerpiece with lemon slices and tulips (Porter House Designs); amazing dramatic black and yellow centerpieces (which, for some reason, remind me of Alice in Wonderland!) (In the Clouds Events); in-between, lemons in a tall glass vase (Yellow Brick Blog).


Middle we have this beautiful, elegant black and yellow tablescape (Think Like a Bride); lemons and green orchids (Lindeman Weddings); in-between white vase with yellow stripes and yellow flowers (Entertain Exchange).


Bottom row heart these white mum floral balls with yellow sashes (Wedding Belles Online); great table marker (love the design and the golden color!) (Stylist Events Blog); and these great yellow/black/white centerpieces (Think Like a Bride).


Click the image to open in full size.



Before we get into the cakes and etc., I thought I would give a nod to two napkin accents I found. Top golden yellow with white design (Stylist Events); and navy blue napkins with yellow ribbon accent (With this Ring).


Click the image to open in full size.




Yum yum! Can't forget the cake!


Top row I love this yellow present cake (Minette Rushing); middle, light yellow cake (Real Simple); I love the color and simplicity of the last cake in this row (With This Ring).


Middle row I also adore this yellow cake with white flowers (Martha Stewart Weddings); more golden yellow with white flowers with cool cartoon looking black car topper (Italian Lakes Wedding); heart heart this individual cakes with initials (somewhere on Flickr!).


Bottom row - starts with two golden yellow/purple cakes ... first one (The Sugar Syndicate); second one (somewhere on Flickr!); underneath a yellow-orange cake with white (Anna Whitford); I love this next cake but am not overly fond of the cake topper (Yellow Brick Blog); top a light yellow cake with white ribbon (very elegant, me thinks!) (Pink Cake Box); and bottom a white cake with yellow paper lace (Whipped Bake Shoppe on Flickr!).


Click the image to open in full size.




In case you are still unsure, I went out to find design inspirations for yellow and found these!


Top left, this dress is just so dramatic and Spanish flair looking! (M-A-Belle); this was wallpaper, but I loved the texture and the design - could really do something great with this as a focal idea (Black White Yellow); loved this lounge area and could see this on the beach next to the dance floor! (Stylist Events).


Middle Row, loved this sunshine artwork (Michelle Geller); great yellow/black votives (Pepper Mags); heart heart this black lantern/yellow lamp motif (Lili Vieira de Carvalho).


Bottom row, fab shoes underneath a white dress! (Christian Lou Boutin); Underneath the shoes we have this great yellow/black lantern and yellow lamp (More Ways to Waste Time); heart heart this lighting affect (think dance floor dear brides!) (Project Wedding); and great inspirational wrapping paper ... top yellow cherry blossoms (Ph Designshop); bottom elegance found at The Cinderella Project.


Click the image to open in full size.



As if trying to convince you that yellow is a GREAT color for a wedding wasn't hard enough, I've set my sights on another inspiration for next week ... perhaps July is mission impossible month wink.gif.

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not to keen on yellow especailly with the black as it remins me of bumble bees. The softer yellow is nice and great with a DW wedding

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