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Sensatori Bride

Sensatori Bride (Mesita) Excellence Playa Mujeres Wedding Review w/Pro Slideshow!!

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Hi Ladies! It's been a long journey and I want to start off with saying thanks to all of you! I have gathered so many ideas from this thread and I have loved every bit of it.

So as some of you may know my original wedding date was May 14th in Mexico. Due to the Swine Flu we had to postpone to June 18th. I lost a lot of wedding guests but I am so glad that I kept my wedding in Mexico it was absolutely beautiful.


So here it goes!

For those of you who only want to look at my pictures my slideshow can be found here: Mesita & Durante


My photographer was great by the way but more to come on him later!


Delta Airlines: A

We flew out of Atlanta with a direct flight to Cancun. We didn't get upgraded to first class but they did let me hang my dress in the first class closet. The flight was smooth with no turbulence so I was happy! The only bad thing which is no reflection on Delta is that on the way back I had my cake knife in my carry on bag. I totally wasnt thinking when I put it in there. So my husband went back to the check in counter but they said it was too late to get our bags back which was total bs. They said it would costs $200 to check another bag!! They laughed at him and said something in Spanish when he told them it was important to us. Bottom line is we ended up throwing it away I wasnt too happy but I'm over it now.


The Resort: A+

OMG!!! It is gorgeous everywhere you look. I did not do a site visit so I was totally happy once we arrived. They had wet towels and champagne being passed as soon as you walk in the door. Our room was the best! 8464 in the Excellence Club it was a top floor roof top terrace room. Which means it was two floors with a plunge pool and bed with a gorgeous view of the ocean up top! I fell in love with the room. When we go back next year I am requesting the same room! I experienced the best service area!


Food/Restaurants: A+

All of the restaurants are top notch and the food was great! Our favorites were Spice (Asian) and Agave (Mexican). They must treat the staff very well because they say yes to everything! They bring you another drink before you even ask! The service on the beach was outstanding as well! The drinks kept flowing all day long!



The entertainment was okay. The night of our wedding once the reception was over they had a live band performing. We took over and turned it into karoake which was sooo much fun! We tried to participate in the bike tour but they only let 10 people do it every morning and we were too late. We also did the spanish dance lessons which was very fun! The nightly entertainment was cool too.


Weather: A

There was a bad storm the first night we were there but it was sunny and hot for the rest of the week!


Wedding: A+++++

My wedding was the most beautiful day of my life and I am so glad I chose a destination wedding. It was so surreal and felt like I was in a fairytale. We chose to use the wedding gazebo which I ended up liking better than the beach. The photos of the gazebo on their website don't do it any justice. Yamina(WC) had everything decorated so pretty. The ceremony lasted for about 20 minutes and the minister was great! We chose to do a symbolic ceremony b/c I didn't want to do the blood work.


Wedding Coordinator and Wedding Meeting: A

I was very nervous in the beginning because the communication was horrible! When I got to the resort they knew we were getting married and they called Yamina to meet us in the lobby. I wasn't worried because our meeting wasn't until an hour later but she wanted to come out and say hello. I thought it was a nice touch. So anyways, Yamina turned out to be awesome. She decorated everything just as I asked, she even made menu cards for our reception and I didn't even ask for them! The night after the wedding she sent us chocolate covered strawberries and champagne and had the jacuzzi filled with bubbles and rose petals. I was sooo happy to walk into the room! It was gorgeous! So to my fellow Excellence Playa Mujeres brides don't worry b/c Yamina is great!



Before we arrived at the resort I emailed Yamina a pic of what I wanted my bouquet to look like. They were pink peonies and looked just like the picture! I bought my bridesmaids bouquets with me because I wan't paying the resort for them. My cousin made them for me and they turned out to be beautiful! My bridesmaids loved them.



OMG! My spa experience was the best! I had a hot stone massage the morning of the wedding and it was awesome. It was my first time with the hot stones and I am a huge fan! With all spa treatments you can do a water circuit therapy which I did the next day with my husband. It was a great experience! I was a little nervous about my hair and make up but the lady did a great job! I bought weave to put into my bun and she knew how to put it in! I was shocked. My makeup was flawless...I did bring my own foundation though. I had pictures of how I wanted my hair and makeup and she did an awesome job.


Cocktail Hour and Reception: A+

We had our cocktail hour at the X Lounge which is a really cool spot on the beach. I think they paid attention to what we were drinking everyday b/c they had Dos Equis and Strawberry Margaritas waiting on us! The food was awesome too and everyone was so happy. Our reception was on the Spice Terrace which was so much fun. Yamina had it looking so pretty! There is a gorgeous view of the ocean and it wasnt hot up there either. The cake was pretty too and oh my God it was delish! The top layer was cheescake and the second layer was vanilla filled with fresh strawberries. I love Grey Goose! It is not something that they carry in the restaurants and regular bars and is only at one bar in the whole resort (the Excellence Club Bar). I asked the waiter for Grey Goose and he told me they didnt have any but five minutes later I had my drink! I got loose with the goose! lol


Photographer: A+++++++++++++++++

My photographer is Keith Cephus from Virginia. Him and his wife are awesome. He is truly talented and he made us look so good. I would reccomend him to anyone. He has sent our pictures off to Essence to be considered for publication! I will feel like a true superstar if my pictures are in the Essence Magazine. Check out his website: Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer, Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer, Beach Weddings

He was truly worth every penny and he is now my photographer for life; I don't care that we live in different cities! So ladies if you are still looking for a photog he is highly reccomended by me.


So overall my wedding was fabulous! I was so emotional the whole day and kept crying about everything because it was perfect! I will never ever forget that day and am so happy to have finally married the man of my dreams. Feel free to ask many any questions!




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YAY im so happy for you and your DH. I too was a "swine flu bride" haha. Im so happy that everything turned out perfect for you on your wedding day! Your pictures are amazing !!

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Mesita, I wasn't even there and I'm crying FOR you! Your happiness about the entire experience is just RADIATING through your whole review. I'm glad it came off so flawlessly for you guys! Blessings to you both!


Now- I'm off to immerse myself in those pics..you know I'll be hollering back atcha! CONGRATULATIONS, MRS!!!

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Congrats! Great review!! We were supposed to honeymoon at EXPM but swine flu prevented that sad.gif Your pics are amazing!!

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OK, I'm back....I try really hard not to take the Lord's name in vein, but GIRL...YOU were lookin fly, fierce, fabulous and WORKIN that camera!! Durante was on FIRE...you guys make a beautiful couple (bring on them babies!) and the photos just absolutely capture the love and FUN you guys have together!! You're right, your photog is a genious!


Everything looked beautiful (and have I mentioned that dress? Go 'head girl)...you guys had a blast, of that I have no doubt. Congrats on a beautiful, moving ceremony (I teared up looking at YOU GUYS tearing up), beautiful photos to look back on, and a celebration worthy of your love!

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Thanks for the great review! Your wedding day looked amazing...and I loved the pics. My fave was the one of your DH looking at you (I assume during your vows) and his eyes are teary. So sweet!! Thanks for posting and I'm glad your wedding day was all that you wished for :)

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Mesita, I'm glad to hear that you had an amazing time in Mexico despite the swine flu fiasco!

Your pictures are beautiful and you looked gorgeous! You certainly worked your dress & your DH worked that suit! LOL

Your smiles in the pictures show that you had a wonderful time.

The pic with you guys in the Sombrero's are just too cute!


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