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  1. We really enjoyed Mafolie's (I think this is how its' spelled). It's up in the cliffs, and over looks the harbor so it's gorgeous at night. Food was fantastic also.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BeachBride10 Would any of you lovely ladies who have a Target with Spanish for Dummie books be willing to make a purchase and mail them to me? I have been checking my Target for a year now and have never seen them. I have seen other "blank" for Dummies but never the Spanish ones. Let me know I looked just yesterday for these books again thinking someone on this forum could use them, and no luck. I'll check the 2 other Targets that are closer to us before we leave for our wedding (in 4 days YAAAAAY!!) and PM you if I find some. How many do you need if I do find them?
  3. I use the Smashbox Photofinish bronzing primer everyday....and definitely will use it on my wedding day. Don't be scared by the bronzing part of it. I am super pasty normally and it doesn't make me look like I've over done my makeup. It really does feel light on your skin and I like how it looks in pics. I just cover mine with a pressed powder (MAC studio fix), add bronzer, and go.
  4. Gorgeous pics! I love the one of you two kissing, sitting on what I assume is a dock, where the pic was taken from behind you two. Thanks for sharing!
  5. PERFECT place for a honeymoon! You will love it! I was there a few years ago (before i met my FI) on a romantic get-away and it is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy each other. There were a lot of Europeans there when I was there who were all about the topless sunbathing, so maybe you'll get a great tan-line free tan too
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by KimmyD I went to Target and I could not find any. I went to book section, and the dollar bins - Am I missing them? I hope my store carries them! What a deal. I will keep looking. They were up front in the section that has all of the St.Patty's Day novelties, summer fun stuff, and kids toys. It's usually right when you walk into the store. Good luck looking!
  7. I stayed at the Ceiba del Mar 4 years ago (before I met FI) and it was SO ROMANTIC! The food was fabulous, the spa treatments were amazing, and I loved the European feel of the hotel. If you're looking for a quaint boutique hotel away from the touristy parts of Mexico, this hotel will be paradise. I didn't want to leave! I thought about mentioning this hotel to my FI for our honeymoon.....but then realized it's be WEIRD to go to the resort with 2 different men. Ha!
  8. I've been an awful procrastinator about my OOT bag supplies. That worked out in my favor today because I went to Target to buy some Spanish for Dummies books.....and they were 50% off, making them only $0.50 each. I love a good deal! Even my FI was pumped about the savings, because he was the one who like the idea of the books. They had a ton left at our Target, so I hope this helps any of you ladies who need them. YAY for deals!
  9. I am a physician myself, but don't plan to use Dr in our announcement, only because that's my preference. However, I will play devil's advocate a bit though and say that I've been to many weddings where male physicians were married, and they introduced the couple as "Dr. and Mrs. Jones". Basically, I'm saying it's your choice:) You should be proud of your accomplishments! And you're not diminishing them in anyway by not being announced as a Dr. ...you're just being you. How does your FI feel?
  10. I purchased one about a year ago to photo categorize all of my off-season shoes into clear boxes (yes, I'm OCD.....), and I'm pretty sure I bought mine at Walgreen's. I found these online just now: Amazon.com: Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera: Camera & Photo Polaroid One600 Classic - instant camera Good luck! It's funny how cheap these things are, but the film is expensive!!
  11. GORGEOUS pics by Elizabeth (as usual) but you certainly didn't make it too difficult for her:) You were a gorgeous bride, and all of the details were perfect. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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