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So I'm A Married Woman!!!

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Whew! That was a long 10 days, but we finally got back on May 31 at almost midnight and totally passed out! Sorry its taken me so long to post. It took a full day for me to unpack and do laundry and yesteday was filled with grocery shopping and other fun stuff like that.


The wedding was awesome and everything was beautiful. Hopefully I'll be able to share some pictures soon. My photog was having some computer issues, so she won't be able to start working on my pics util June 7th (the agony!).


Some random wedding related highlights:


- Janelle, our WC, was super sweet! I was a little antsy about her because I'm this super organized detail -oriented person, and in her emails, she seemed a little disorganized. But everything turned out perfectly and I got everything I wanted!


- Our families met for the first time and it went well!! Yay. Hopefully that will last for awhile as my MIL is under the impression that my mom is "sweet." I love my mom, but sweet is not what I'd call her!! She's very opinionated and can be a handful :)


- Our photographer was way cool! She made us feel so comfortable and worked fast! I can't wait to see the pics.


- The weather turned out to be perfect. The weather report showed showers for the day, but it was completely dry. The wedding gods must have been smiliing on me because it started POURING like 15 minutes after our outdoor reception ended and didn't stop until the next morning.


-We had a beach carnival rception at Iggies. It was awesome. Good food, great entertainment. Everyone had a blast and loved the fireeater, broken bottle dancer, limbo contest, carnival dancers, stilt walker and steel drum band at the reception.


-St. Thomas was beautiful. The people were so nice and helpful. If a local saw we were a bit lost, they would quickly steer us n the right direction before we could even ask.


-We rented the Caribia Cottage on the Mafolie estate. Breathtaking view of the ocean, private pool, balconey... it was heaven. Loved it! There's iguanas, anoles, geckos, etc all over the island. We had a few anoles as roommates!


-We ate at Mafolie's and enjoyed the food, but had a lot more fun and really loved the food at more laid back places like Duffy's Love Shack (you can get sweet glasses with their drinks!), Sibs on the Mountain and the Greenhouse.


- We had those disposible cameras on the table for people to take pictures and leave behind. Apparently our family and friends can't read (or else they have serious stealing problems), because everyone took them!!! And no one is sharing the pictures. WTF!?


-Walking around St. Thomas is a sure way to remind yourself if you are out of shape. I huffed and puffed my way through the streets of that island! I never want to see another hill or set of steps again!


-I assume our ceremony set up was beautiful. Everyone told me so. But honestly, I didn't even notice any of it! I'll have to wait for pictures to actually see it!


-Dispite using massive amounts of bug repellent, I'm totally covered in itchy bites. Grr, it's agony! Especially the bites on my toes.

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Congratulations! Sounds like everything went off without a hitch....except it sounds like you should have chained the cameras to the tables...LOL. Glad everything went wonderfully for you. Can't wait to see the pictures!!

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Yay Jessica, welcome back!! We missed you! :)


I'm glad everything went so well, and everything was beautiful (or so you're told!! lol). I love St. Thomas, and you're right - the locals are so nice!


I'm not sure I can wait until after June 7th for the pictures - that's just torture!!!! and wtf with your guests taking all of the cameras from the tables?!? Maybe they're just pulling a prank on you..?! lol

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