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MarieSam's Boudoir Sessions w/Beth Cocuzzi & Kelly Melissa *reviews and TONS of pics*

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I've always thought you were beautiful in your siggy photos, but whew! You're super-duper smokin' HOT, you little sex kitten, you! Grr-owl!


And, on a more serious note, thanks for the pep-talk about how photogs will work with women who have body issues to make them feel as beautiful as their photos will look -- I despise the refused-to-be-toned back of my thighs, and before I thought BD pics were an absolute "no way!", but now I am warming up to the idea even moreso after taking a look at how STUNNING you look, lady! Your soon to be DH will be beside himself for sure!


I am just positively THRILLED that your wedding is so soon.....only 10 days to go! wink.gif

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