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Booked my BD shoot for FREE! Help me find cheap outfits!

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#1 rach220

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    Posted 09 June 2009 - 01:10 AM

    I really wanted to do a BD but decided I couldn't afford it. Everytime one of the group BD shoots came around, I tried to come up with the time/money to do it, but no luck!

    Well, a friends of mine works with a woman who is trying to expand her portfolio. Her photos of scenery/objects are fabulous, but she's just starting to photograph people. Anyway, she is offering me a free shoot in exchange for the use of my photos (I get to choose which ones...and will hopefully crop my face out of them). I'm sooo excited! She is going to make me a book too (that I have to pay for of course) but it will still be a great deal in the end. My shoot is this coming Sunday morning, and I'm meeting her at my friend's apartment. I'm sooo nervous and I have nothing to wear. I'm going shopping this week, but have a really small budget.

    Any ideas of where to find nice lingerie for cheap? VS is going to be out of my price range, although I will check their clearance rack!

    Coincidentally, FI and I were talking about wedding gifts the other day and he was saying we should save our money (we just bought a house) and "make" each other gifts instead. Well, I jumped all over it was like OK!
    Then of course he says, I know what you're going to make me...something to do with pictures (he knows I'm picture obsessed)...haha

    He thinks he's so smart. I hope he's still surprised!

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    #2 potted1

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      Posted 09 June 2009 - 08:13 AM

      Someone had posted this website earlier about their BD session and they have some really cute outfits.
      It is quite affordable compared to VS
      Way to go with the free BD! Im jealous

      #3 ~*petals*~

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        Posted 09 June 2009 - 09:19 AM

        I actually ended up finding some really cute BD outfits at TJ Maxx/Marshalls!

        #4 rodent


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          Posted 09 June 2009 - 09:24 AM

          target has very cute stuff. I also got a lot of my outfits at JC Penney. Check Kohls too.

          my favorite BD outfit was a white sheet.

          #5 Amarillis

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            Posted 09 June 2009 - 09:28 AM

            I don't think you have to spend a lot of money for great pics!

            Here are some free ideas, when I did mine my fav. shots were the ones that actually cost the least, simply because they weren't so 'costumey'

            *satin sheet shots - maybe pull a satin sheet from your linen closet (wish I did this)

            *I used (which cannot be shared sorry) one of my DH's shirts from his store with his logo on it, rolled short with little cute panties that matched they cost only a few dollars

            *wear your own jeans -- the ones that make you feel fantastic, no shirt - and strategically place your arms, I did this with a really BOLD necklace that I'd borrowed from a girlfriend.

            *if possible, based on location, bathtub shots are wayyy sexy -- lots of bubbles, wear your bathing suit (for personal modesty), no one would be the wiser

            *borrow something from your FI's closet, necktie, dress shirt, team jersey, I snuk his old highschool leather letter jacket from his hockey team, and took a puck from his hockey bag as a prop he was stunned at the thought process.

            That could be your whole shoot... on a zero budget!

            Have a great time, and if you are gonna spend any money on this .....

            HAIR AND MAKEUP!!!!!

            that is my $0.02!

            #6 Jacilynda

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              Posted 09 June 2009 - 11:30 AM

              I agree w/ amarillis theres a lot of stuff at home. Use things he thinks your sexy in, he'll really like that.

              I don't know how close you are to waterford but they have a Fredericks store and they have sexy bralette sets for only $24 Frederick's of Hollywood - Lingerie, Bras, Panties & Corsets

              #7 Ginalyn

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                Posted 09 June 2009 - 12:20 PM

                You could also easily dress up any plain bra and panty set with thigh high hose and some heels!

                #8 lil_miss_frogg

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                  Posted 09 June 2009 - 12:50 PM

                  I actually found some cute boy shorts and thongs at Old Navy. And if you're not busty....like I am...they have really cute bras to match. I think they go up to a C cup. Check them out!
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                  #9 jennie

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                    Posted 09 June 2009 - 01:09 PM

                    I love the creative ideas you ladies have. You're all correct! You don't really have to spen too much on outfits. I can't wait until my BD shoot at the end of the month June 30th. I didn't even think about wearing a teacm jersey. What a good idea! I think i'm going to sneak his favorite team jersey outta the house for my shoot and his motorcycle jacket..... if only i knew how to ride the street bike lol It would be hott though, if i did. Maybe i'll drive his Lincoln LS down to the shoot and use it for a few pics. Sneaky sneaky. It's his baby, so i think he would like that.
                    I agree that TJ MAXand Target is great. Lately most of the stores have been having great sales, but you just gotta really look around.
                    I saw a necklace that I absolutly LOVE, but it was way too pricey. It was very bold, a long chain, it drapped down/ dangled in the back also. It looked super sexy on the model's back in the pic.I'm in search of a similair one. Maybe at "Claires" or something.
                    Happy Shopping!

                    #10 tylersgirl

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                      Posted 09 June 2009 - 01:21 PM

                      I saw some really cute bra and panty sets at Forever 21 the other day. The prices were really low! Hope that helps you!

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