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  1. Hey ladies, I just got my boudoir photos done and my photographer does not make the books for you. Where did everyone else get theres done? What do you recommend? Thanks, Denise
  2. Wow they look great. We were just talking about engagement photos and how we have none. But we are saving the money and using some from a cruise we took ha ha ha
  3. Congrats! I have always wanted to go to CR. What a beautiful choice
  4. Congrats and welcome
  5. Congrats and welcome
  6. I think you should get it. If you love it that is all that matters. There is always the saying "it is better to be overdressed than underdressed"
  7. Congrats and welcome I am sure you can find all the info here!
  8. Never too early! If u get done with the planning early than you can relax
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