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    Congrats and Welcome!
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    I'm a newbie!

    Congrats and Welcome to the forum!!
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    A Newbie Hello

    Hello and Welcome!!!
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    Congrats and welcome!!!
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    Congrats and welcome to the forum!!
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    so excited about this site!

    Hi Pam, Congrats and welcome! You'll find lots of information on the forum, Happy Planning
  7. I do not have any pictures of me in my dress. I tried it on but was unable to take pictures until I made a deposit. The dress was sold off the rack the day before I made my deposit so no pictures till MY dress comes in March So here it is on the model!
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    Newbie - Getting married 2010

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
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    Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Site/Planning Visit

    Ladies, Below is the link to the pictures of IRHB. I took many exterior shoots because it was so beautiful. Walgreens Photo Center | Share:Registration
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    Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Site/Planning Visit

    Sabrina, Aunt Ruby's was much bigger. The outside was broken up into two sections. Nicole told me that most couples eat on one side and use the other as a dance floor. Aunt Ruby's also has an inside eating area. The Suites also has an option for an indoor reception at the Mediterranean Restaurant. Taylor, I'll post a link to the pictures. The link has pictures of the Beach Resort. I have more pictures on my fiancé’s camera. I will post those once I get his camera and upload them to my computer.
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    Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Site/Planning Visit

    Breeze616, below are the answers to your questions. Dodds, I sent you a private message regarding your marriage certificate. 1)I know the chair covers and linens are included - but do they have those bows/ties you can put on the chairs? In different colors? -Yes, they do have chair bow. You can choose from silver, gold and white. 2)Can you choose what flowers you put on the cake? -Color coordinating standard flowers are included. However, ypu can upgrade your flowers for a charge. 3)Are there power outlets and somewhere we can run a slideshow (I'd bring the projector) in Uncle Tony's? (preferably the outdoor area? I saw some other pictures that look like there might be blinds or something they can pull down to block out sunlight that might do well..) - I was unable to get a yes or no answer as to whether the outlets are available. I looked for visible outlets but did not see any. As you know, the restaurant is open air. There are screens that can be pulled down in the event of rain. In my opinion, I don’t think Tony’s is the best place to run a slideshow. I would still e-mail Sandy as she can provide you with exact details. I asked Sandy many questions, which she failed to answer to my satisfaction. 4)Can you please see what the total capacity is at Tony's Restaurant, more specifically, how many people/tables would fit in the 'roofed' area (where the ceiling fans are)? -Another question I did not receive a straight answer. We told Sandy that we are expecting 80 people. She assured us that we would not have a problem seating all of our guest on the roofed area. Most couples seat their entire party in the roofed area and use the patio as a dance floor. However, the patio floor is not flat and smooth so dancing in heels may be a challenge.
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    Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Site/Planning Visit

    Hello Ladies, I had a wonderful time in Jamaica! The Iberostar properties are beautiful. We stayed at the Beach, which totally met my expectations. However, we decided to move our wedding to the Suites. We spent an entire day at the Suites. Nicole, the wedding coordinator is great! I have pictures of both resorts and I can answer basic questions for both resorts as well. Due to my demanding job, I am unable to participate daily. I love planning and sharing on the forum, so I'm going to try to visit more often.
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    Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Site/Planning Visit

    Hello Ladies, Sorry, for my late reply. I have not been on much since I posted this. I've been very busy at work preparing my cases for my 2 week vacation. Breeze616, We have some of the same questions. I printed your reply and put it with my question book. Hopefully, I will have all your questions answered when I return. I will take the pictures you requested! doods, I will certainly inquire about you marriage certificate! If you ladies think of anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will check back again prior to my departure.
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    Hello from Vegas

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!