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  1. Honestly - I totally know how you feel. I was so burnt out from a year and a half of BDW and WeddingBee and planning in general....it was such a relief to be a "wife and not a bride"! Also, add to the mix that I didn't LOVE our photos....it kinda lead to a bit of post-wedding letdown. We have some nice stuff, but when you are looking at $5000 photographers for a year....a $1000 photog doesn't add up It's all good now...onto the next chapter!
  2. I never posted any actually - I'm not sure why! I didn't even write a review... I think I was wedding-d out by the time I got home and have been staying away from the computer a lot. Just burnt out I will post some for you guys soon
  3. Prices will go down for 2012, ladies I am (was - just closed my business) a travel agent and I feel your pain! The Airlines and Charter companies are just getting their rates and everything going for 2012 and they always come out crazy high. That being said, often Group Rates are more than you will find just on expedia and what-have-you. They play off of the perk that everyone gets the same rate, and it won't go up after every few couples that book. Even being a travel agent, I DID NOT go with a group rate. I could not justify those prices for my group - nor was I going to put deposits down for them. Whenever someone was ready to book, I had a look at all of the different tour operators and what schedules they had - and they picked which one they wanted. Sure, not everyone was on the same plane, but when it saves your geusts $500 each - it really doesn't matter!
  4. Hi, sorry - the sashes and the table runners have all been sold. Thanks for your interest.
  5. White leather flip flops size 40 with beautiful rhinestone medallion. ($30) Shoes only worn for about 4 hours - still in new condition. Fits closer to a 9 or 9.5. Price in Canadian dollars and does not include shipping.
  6. 5" White Hairflower with pink accents and alligator clip on back. Slightly frayed on edges, but not noticeable once in hair. I got lots of compliments on this flower, and many asked if it was real. Price is in Canadian dollars and does not include shipping.
  7. ALL SOLD! 50 Satin Chair Sashes ($40) and 8 Table Runners ($10) Many of the table runners were never used and are still in their bag. Items in good condition, just need a pressing. Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping.
  8. ALL PINK LANTERNS HAVE BEEN SOLD 5 x 16" Orange Lanterns ($3 each)) 2 x 10" Orange Lanterns ($1.50 each) All lanterns are in great condition. Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping.
  9. Pink and orange items, hairflower, wedding sandals and more!
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