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  1. I believe there are semi-permanent and permanent ones, which could last for months. All the weird feeling of putting them and having them on for the first time are definitely worth it when you see your gorgeous eyes pop up on your wedding pictures and videos! XOXO Chelsea Like my FB page to gain access to my jewelry and exotic accessories on sale!!! www.facebook.com/JetSetterJewelry
  2. That's just elegant! The design and color is beachy and adds an accent of royalty to your wedding dress! Nice choice! For the benefit of the other brides, here are some of my necklace and earrings creations that could give a regal yet a beachy touch to your beautiful destination wedding dress. Nature plus elegance topped with sophistication? It is possible! XOXO Chelsea
  3. As a past destination wedding bride, I can truly relate to that. But indeed, every single thing will all be worth it. Just the thought of being with the people you love celebrate your union and marking the beginning of a happily ever after with your groom is something to cherish on! XOXO Chelsea
  4. You look alluring! Perfect shots. We like them here so your FI will surely and definitely love them! XOXO Chelsea
  5. @ IluvPinkandPurple - The color red does not only prettify a white or ivory colored gown but it signifies love, passion, power and good luck. Now that's a load of confidence while donning your lovely dress and charmingly exotic hair jewelry! XOXO Chelsea
  6. Very detailed review! Looks like you had fun more than you've expected. Congratulations and thanks for sharing this to me, as I've enjoyed the pictures with your happy faces, people who made it possible, the white and red combination is just so romantic; and to the other brides and realize how great it is of having a destination wedding!
  7. So true! It is the most fun, exciting and fashionable way of celebrating the happiest day in a woman's life- in paradise! XOXO Chelsea
  8. Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Both of you are very fortunate to have each other. I'm telling you, you won't regret having a destination wedding!! The preparation, the beach, the bonding, the celebration- everything!! Stay strong and we're wishing for your fiance's speedy recovery. God bless you both and best wishes! XOXO Chelsea
  9. Thanks so much @Moments That Matter! The wedding was amazing, and the TTD a year later to celebrate was magical as well! XOXO
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