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  1. Hello Fellow Dreams PV brides.... Just got my slideshow in last night. Here it is.... http://www.jc2photo.com/darkroom/sha...yandrobwedding Kathy
  2. Also wanted to share my wedding slide show to all you local ladies.... http://www.jc2photo.com/darkroom/sha...yandrobwedding
  3. All places sound great. I too love Irving Mills, my good friend is the General Manager there. Was there last night. I haven't been very active lately, but would love to join the get together. Kathy
  4. I used Franc from Franc Gole Salong. I also had Jesus from his salon do my makeup. They actually closed their salon for me and my 4 bridesmaids, we had lunch caterered in and had drinks. It was the most perfect salon experience ever. He also came in at 7am to open his salon for my day after photo shoot. I can send photos if you are interested. Happy Salon Hunting
  5. Oh my it is such a great fit for you. The back is hot hot hot.
  6. Beautiful photos. I have some of the similiar scenes in my photos in PV. I can't wait to share.... EL photos are amazing.
  7. I haven't forgotten to send my wedding photos out. I have just been busy moving. Stay tuned to all those who PM'd me. I will forward my link soon.
  8. Sorry I just caught on that it is Sept 11th, so brunch won't work. There is always Rosa Mexicana by Union Square....
  9. I've had my wedding, but would love to join ya'll... I bet Yamille would also be interested. I will let her know about the set up.... I know I am chiming in a little late, but there is a great place Philip Marie's on Hudson and W11th Street, they do a $16.95 brunch all you can drink and have a room that sits 20 people. Just a thought. Excited to hear about everyone's planning... I attended the last two NYC BDW Happy Hours and they were great......
  10. Ladies I am having the hardest time posting photos... So if you would like to view a sneak peek at my pro-wedding photos from PM me and I will send you the link. I am so excited for all of you. You are going to have the time of your life I am still on a high. Karen- where in NYC do you live
  11. Subzero I was just getting caught back up on the posts and noticed yours on 6.03... OMG... I may be wrong but I think you saw my wedding... Was it on May 22nd. I got married in front of Oceana and yes my coordinator kept me hidden very well until I walked down the isle. My guests waited under the palapas until right before the wedding party came out. We had our ceremony at 6pm. which was perfect but still scorching hot.... the best part is no one really cares in the moment. I have been so busy since coming home, plus moving, etc, etc.... I will try to post a review soon. My guests had an aamzing time at Dreams.... Best
  12. Stewart from Boca Bento did catering there for a wedding and I saw pictures and it truly looked amazing. Casa Carol Ann is another huge villa that can sleep 22 people and you can also have a wedding there. Kristin from Dazzling Details did a wedding there, you can view it on her blog.
  13. I did a villa wedding at Villa Meditereanno and it was the event of the century my guests were blown away. It was very private and offered everything you could have imagined. Another great villa is Celeste, Casa Carol Ann and Kalista Happy Planning.... Zac is great I met him last year.
  14. My Puerto Vallarta wedding was a dream come true thanks to: Stewart Plush Catering & Boca Bento Kristin & Michelle Dazzling Details Joe Cogliandro Photographer Tomas Flint Photographer Gary & Eva owners Casa Palapa Vista Dreams Resort & Spa Franc Gole Salon (who did my hair and make up 3x's) Tony Garcia Transportation & Excursions Teresa Staurting Vacations 4 Less (booking hotel) Ray Promovision Video Lauren LoBoheme Etsy.com (did my feather flowers for hair) La Bodeguita del Medio (where I had my first look w/ future husband) Lindsay & Adam Playa Fiesta (I hope I didn't miss anyone-if so I will not forget you in my review/planning thread) Special Thanks to all the BDW brides who inspired me and informed me of so many great vendors and connections in PV. Heather Brooke JamieLynn K&RWedding Yamille Casey Lupe Abby PVbeachbride Yanell and so many more..... As soon as I can figure out why I have never been able to upload photos including my avatar from photobucket you will have a very detailed and exciting review.....
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