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  1. I was asked to post some of my wedding pics from Elizabeth and I want you all to see her work. I really loved her, great personlaity, funny, speaks both spanish and english, and she stayed longer than I expected/paid her to and one thing that stood out was that I had sent her a list of all the "shots" that I wanted and she brought it with her on the day of my wedding and tried her hardest to do all the pictures I wanted ( I asked for a lot =-) ). She also captured the flavor of Vallarta in my pics which is what I asked for too =-) ! I loved her and highly recommend her if your in PV!
  2. I love this idea too I wish I couldve done that for mine! If that doesnt work out then you can take him to La Casa de Habano two blocks off the Malencon, and they are for sure real cuban cigars. We have La Casa here in Tijuana and buy cigars all the time but did not know there was one in PV when we were there =-(. Anybody that loves cigars will love it there =-).
  3. Hi I used them for my wedding and I loved the video! I meet Ray a few days before to let him know the schedule and them I just paid him cash on the day of the wedding, no contract either but he and 2 other videographers where with him, total of 3 but he had to leave a little early. They were there with me all day ( about 8-9 hours) and I paid 850 USD. He did a great job!
  4. Thank you everyone for all the nice comments, I was already sweating in my dress once I stepped out my room but you can't tell in this photo. I will write a review and have pics/video soon, I can't wait too!
  5. I have wavy but frizzy hair and it did very well in PV humidity! I was surprised. I loved my hair and makeup which I got done at Sebastian's Hair Salon! I recommend their services!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm back from Vallarta and had such a good time there! The wedding went perfect, well almost, but the major things ran smoothly! I don't have the pro pictures yet ( elizabeth Lloyd, who I HIGHLY recommend!!!) but here is one picture of us walking down the hall to go take more pictures ( this picture was NOT taken by Elizabeth): Sorry the pic is kinda big...
  7. Really!!! my wedding is in 3 weeks in PV but I dont mind the rain it wont stop me from doing what i have planned =-)
  8. I just made my appoinment with Sebastian instead of Franc Gole hope I made the right choice since I havent really seen brides who used him!
  9. I had seen this place when I went or my second visit and I reallywanted to go there when I returned for the wedding! I will def. check it out!
  10. Hi Mishka, How much does you husband charge for mens hair cuts, i was menting it to my fiance and he was intrested. Thank you! Virginia
  11. thats ok he didnt want to get his hair cut at a salon he has really really short hair almost nothing so they cant really mess it up hahaha.. thanks for the info please let me know of a barber shop near the sheraton or malencon if possible.Thanks again!!! Virginia
  12. Does anybody know of a babershop in PV to cut my fiance's hair? Please let me know any info. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Virginia
  13. I just booked my hair and make up appoinment with Franc Gole. I got the packeage which included the trial run for 170 USD. Does anyone have pics of hair/makeup from this person besides the website pics. Thanks!
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