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    Villa Mia, Puerto Vallarta

    Awesome, KatieT! I might need your help! :-) Any advice would be so helpful. We are booked there now and the countdown is on! So far the owner has been so helpful and awesome and relieved any stress I had. Any tips on vendors you used? What did you guys do for entetainment for the reception?
  2. Hi! I love all the information on this site. I can't seem to find anything on the private villa called Villa Mia, though. Has anyone checked this place out or heard of it before? It looks beautiful according to their website and there were a few reviews on tripadvisor, but I was hoping someone had been to or had a wedding there that could tell me about it. Thanks!
  3. Did you pick one of them and how did it go?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by starchild Thanks! I can personally vouch for the Zoo. Crazy fun if you love to dance. The first time I went there they were blasting Snoop Dogg, I stumbled in and a man in a full gorilla suit started pouring tequila down my throat, then pulled me on the dance floor and we were grooving!! The second time I went there (5 years later) a man in a gorilla suit pulled me on the dance floor again - LMAO! Not as chic as Nikki Beach or De Santos but a good old fashioned club right on the malecon. LOL! Same thing happened to me...the man in the gorilla suit.
  5. We are actually doing the legal stuff when we get back home to "finalize it". That way people know/feel like they are going to the real thing and we keep the feeling of it being the real thing, too. Does anyone know of anything I should be aware of about doing it afterwards? It seems to be more popular to do it before and I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
  6. Hi! We decided on a villa and Randy and I just went down our guest list and chose 6 people that were top priority to stay with us at the villa. We let them know that they don't have to because we knew it was expensive, but that we would love it if they could and we wanted to offer it to them first. That way, they knew they were committing to pay for their spot, but if they couldn't commit, they could find their own accomodations (I suggested nearby ones with diffrent prices). People could say no if they wanted a resort or cheaper places. Then, we went to the next few people (next 6 or so) that were close to us and the next priority and so forth. It took us about two weeks of slowly and methodically going down the list to get the villa filled up (26 rooms) with people that seriously committed and really wanted to stay with us and the rest who didn't know for sure can stay nearby! :-) It worked well for us. I'll keep you updated if that changes, though, as we are still more than a year away from our wedding date! ps. We chose a mixture of family and friends based on who we are closest to and who we would want to spend 4 days together with. There were definitely a lot more people than that, but at least we have our closest people with us.
  7. Argh...I was told that the first week of June is still beautiful...was I misled?
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  9. I stayed in Nuevo Vallarta last time I was there. I liked the area, but my girlfriends and I went up to Bucerias a few times and loved it. We had so much fun. THere was a little wine bar I suggest you find, too. It's cute. We also went to Sayulita which had a beautiful beach with cute little villas.
  10. Villa Mia!! Just paid the deposit :-)
  11. Thanks for putting those all together! It's so helpful!
  12. Congratulations by the way, You look beautiful!
  13. Thanks for all the detail! I'm considering this place as well, but I'm nervous about people getting seasick!
  14. Wow, it made me feel better reading these! We've been together 8 years and I thought it we would have everyone beat! Maybe the pressure from everyone else is what makes you think you're waiting too long. We always knew we were going to get married, so we didn't mind waiting.