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Hartyt509's wedding review

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#11 Sloan

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    Posted 27 May 2009 - 03:12 PM

    Congrats Harty! Sorry about the Mexico/Barbados mess. I woulda lost my mind. Were the drinks any good? LOL

    #12 Carolyn

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      Posted 27 May 2009 - 03:19 PM

      Congrats... Sorry you had so many bumps but it sounds like you made the best wedding day of it all. Where are the pictures?

      #13 YaelM


        VIP Member

      • VIP Member
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        Posted 27 May 2009 - 03:30 PM

        Wow Marie - i dont know what to say - that is such a crazy story, but at least you are now married :) CANT wait to see pics!

        #14 ~Stephanie~

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          Posted 27 May 2009 - 03:38 PM

          Marie, sorry you got bumped by the swing flu and that everything sucked because of it, I hope you can look back at laugh one day at some of the mishaps but at least you have your husband now, I know how excited you were to start your life with your new MIL!

          We need pictures!!!!!

          Our wedding websitewww.mywedding.com/stephanieandmichaelbailey

          #15 KLC77

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            Posted 27 May 2009 - 03:54 PM

            Welcome back Harty!

            Our Awesome Wedding Pics: http://www.delsolpho...ings/kelly&ron/

            #16 ACDCDCAC

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            • Wedding Location:Santa Maria Bay Beach, Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico
            • LocationSeattle

            Posted 27 May 2009 - 04:03 PM

            oh marie! im laughing and crying at the same time, you just have the best WHATEVER attitude about everything :) i mean, if you cant win, join 'em! im so sad so many things turned out so craptastic for you once that damn swine flu hit

            congrats tho, you're a MRS! its finally done and over just think of all that crud as the horrible dress rehearsal to your future wonderful life!

            #17 Hartyt509

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              Posted 27 May 2009 - 04:20 PM

              Thanks lol oh don't worry I didn't escape MIL crap lol my aunt took up her position rather nicely lol in fact i think it was when she tapped me on the back on my wedding night and told me not to stay up too late that tipped me over the edge lol my mate had to drag me away lol

              nah the drinks weren't that great either lol trust me I tried to drink myself into a stupur but I just couldn't do it lmao

              one of the funniest things was when my friend's friend tried to chat me up with the line "I'd shag you anytime" oh and she's female lmao

              I tell you if we can survive all the shit we've just had we'll be fine lol We got back to London with messages flying all over demanding he ring home immediately. We knew then that his sister had died! but christ why couldn't she fucking wait until we got back and actually spoke to him the heartless bitch!

              To make matters worse she said they hadn't held back the funeral but they frigging had until today so he came home dumped his bags (no sleep for 36 hours) had 2 hours sleep because I told him I would take his car keys off him if he didn't lol. he had something to eat and then drove 6 1/2 hours back to work as he had to go to the funeral in his uniform!! then grab another couple of hours and head out there this morning! She had the frigging cheek to say he should be staying there because he was tired. She does this kind of thing every time we go away!

              So poor bugger has had no sleep. I checked my phone and there is a nasty message about why haven't we rang - I wanted to ring her and say "because we were in barbados you needy bitch" lmao

              Oh yeah and FI could be sent to Afghan on Monday so really this wasn't the parting we wanted as not sure if or when i'll see him again

              I need a holiday lmfao I'm uploading pics so any luck i'll get some on soon lol

              #18 H&F

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                Posted 27 May 2009 - 04:20 PM

                I'm glad that after all the headaches you were able to get married. Congratulations!

                #19 drtracy

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                  Posted 27 May 2009 - 05:03 PM

                  I am sending you a huge drink! It sounds like you could really use one. If only BDW had the power to send real alcohol.

                  #20 Amarillis

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                    Posted 27 May 2009 - 05:34 PM

                    Oh Marie... I didn't mean to giggle the entire time... but your review is too cute.

                    Congratuations... Mrs.

                    I can't wait to see the photos... I am sure you looked stunning - not as you'd been pulled backwards through a hedge!

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