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2 weeks left until my Jamaican Wedding at ROR!!! Still so much left to do!! Help!!!

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#1 JD61109

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    Posted 24 May 2009 - 04:06 PM

    I leave in exactly 2 weeks from today!! I'm so excited but also so worn out from all the wedding planning!! I still need so many things and since I'm on a budget it's really hard to find what I need for the price that I need! I have 70 guests coming to Jamaica :) very happy about that but we decided to do welcome bags for everyone and oot bags sorta thing but I have been having a hard time picking what I want inside the bags.. more than anything I've had a hard time finding the tote bags that I like and are in my budget.. any ideas anyone about tote bags that can fit a lot of stuff.. kinda like a beach bag?

    Left to do:

    buy sand unity set (heart shaped one)
    buy memorial candle for fiance father
    buy memorial bowl with floating candles for our grandparents
    buy more gifts for the guests and wedding party
    choose my flowers!!
    choose and other decorations for the reception
    guest book with pen
    cake knife/server
    tote bags that are not expensive (personalized maybe)
    clothes for the 2 weeks I will be in Jamaica


    Sorry... I had to vent!

    #2 inunez

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      Posted 24 May 2009 - 07:10 PM

      in stead of bags i am using boxes that i bought from oriental trading.com. i'm not sure what you want to put in your oot bags but there are a lot of stuff at dollar tree direct.com. you probabl still have some time to order. if you order all your things now - you can get them before you have to leave.

      #3 m_willis22

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        Posted 24 May 2009 - 07:25 PM

        oriental trading is great for oot bags. i got mine for 9.99 per dozen. you can also get things for the bags as well. check out target or walmart travel size section as well for oot items. you can also get your memorial candles and bowls there and decorate them yourself. as for the guestbook, you can get postcards once you get to jamaica and let people write notes on those and then put them in a book when you get back. that will reduce your list before you leave.

        most important...just breath...you will get it all done. i have 2 weeks and 6 days left so i can feel your pain.

        #4 Jacilynda

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          Posted 24 May 2009 - 08:06 PM

          First just breath! You'll really get stuff done when you relax! No worries, your list could be much worse!

          I know what you mean about a bag that is bigger and not just a tote. Joe and i didn't want small bags either. i know you said you have 70 guests. But how many actual bags do you need? For stuff to put in them I say the dollar store, you'd be surprised whats in there!

          Here are some bags I looked up:

          these are $130 for 60 bags: Color Accent Tote Bags

          $1.49 each: IKEA | SOLIG | Beach bag

          $2.49 each: IKEA | SOLIG | Gardening bag

          $2.99 each: IKEA | Playing | Soft toys | FABLER | Bag

          $2.99 each: Pier 1 Imports - Reusable Shopping Bags

          I'll keep looking but target also has bigger bags in their dollar section!

          #5 sasha

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            Posted 24 May 2009 - 09:05 PM

            You really need to relax and trust me it will workout. Do you have a planner in Jamaica to sort out your decorations etc, use that person or if not you can use mine. Let me know if you are interested. I know how you feel but it will all workout.

            #6 drbrainfreeze

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              Posted 24 May 2009 - 11:31 PM

              Just an FYI, I bought my cake server set from OTC for under $20. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

              But really, everything will work out. And dont stress too much on every detail. Just relax and enjoy it all!

              #7 JD61109

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                Posted 25 May 2009 - 01:42 AM

                Thank you so much! Jacilynda, the bags are great.. I never thought of looking at Ikea. I actually bought bags from favors with flair (the small let the fun begin canvas bags) but went I received them they ended up being to small... we are still going to use them for something but we have mugs, Jamaican sauce, candles, shirts, large buri fans, and stuff from the dollar store that we wanted to put into the bags as a welcome bag for all my guests. I am thinking for the bridal party I will get personalized bags that say maid of honor and bridesmaid on it (like the ones from Oriental trading) I get mixed reviews from them about the size and quality of their bags but I'm going to look into all those sites and maybe get something that I can iron-on a personalized logo on. For the guest book and all the ceremony stuff I just have to get it and not worry to much about it. Our wedding coordinator is the one they have at ROR. The only thing we have discussed with the WC is the time of the reception, dinner, and after dinner plans. I know they have a florist there so I think I'm just going to wait until I get there to sort things out but you are all right.. I just need to relax!! It's just really hard not knowing the details until I get there but I know it will all be okay. Thanks girls!!

                #8 Jacilynda

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                  Posted 25 May 2009 - 02:13 AM

                  You'll be fine! I've heard girls say they spend 30 minutes when they get to the resort and they are able to cover everything and it turns out amazing! Don't sweat it!

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