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    Jamaica Wedding-Need HELP

    check Sadeki at www.chic-eventsja.com really professional and gives you te best wedding or email her at sales@chic-eventsja.com. Happy planning, i stongly recommend visiting her website to see some of her work
  2. Thats crazy i would say find a cheaper location outside of GP and make it magical!!!
  3. sasha

    Photography in Montego Bay

    Misha Earle is an high end photog but produces the best pictures ever. She is very dedicated and hardworking and she gives great photos did i just said that again check her out on facebook for her work beautiful!
  4. Ensure that when you are booking a local wedding planner that they have done similar weddings to what you are looking for that th price is right and they are honest and gives you their undivided attention. I once worked with a wedding planner in Jamaica for a friend of mine wedding and she was expensive and also told my friend that she doesnt have to email so often lol ensure you seek a great planner. Feel free to message me if you need any help or referrals as i am a Jamaican girl but lives in the Canada and have attended quiet a few weddings back home
  5. Villa weddings can be great only if you have a reliable wedding planner in Jamaica. I promise Sadeki i would recommend her to any bride that would listen as she is very reasonable and plans well visit her site and also just drop any bride that used her on the forum a message and hear what they have to say about her. www.chic-eventsja.com or just email her sales@chic-eventsja.com she will make your budget work trust me and all brides i have recommend is pleased give her a try and let me know your outcome. Goodluck
  6. sasha


    I was referring to catererbrides comment about the $200 per person charge and i was telling you that i have never heard of Natalie Chen, the wedding planner, who is your villa rental specialist. I am not sure but when Sadeki did our wedding she provided the transportation you can email her as sales@chic-eventsja.com. Happy planning!!!
  7. sasha


    @ Catererbride US$200 per person????? thats crazy. I have never heard of that wedding planner Natalie Chen but have you ask your villa rental agent for their preferred wedding planner as it is safer to us as you sometimes pay through them. Well happy pallning and all the best if you need any advise i will try to help you Ladies.
  8. sasha

    Villa Weddings and Receptions

    .hi yes it is located in Spring Farm in Montego Bay a nice and quiet villa i attend a wedding there once and have pictures and they do have a preferred wedding planner if you book with Jamaican Treasures. Hope this helps.
  9. Oh wow that so unfortunate you can also check with Sadeki Peterkin she is known for doing weddings across the island you can also do a search to see what others have to say about her.
  10. Thats really expensive i know that you can get one cheaper. If you know of any local vendor you could ask them for a contact person.
  11. Halfmoon is truly beautiful however it might caus you alotsince you have a group. Group wedding are better to be held at The Iberostar or Rio, Holiday Inn or the Hylton Resorts. However, you might have to look on the cost to have your wedding in these hotels e.g Iberostar charges a fee to have the restaurant private at one point it was US$800 just for the room. You may also try a villa where it would cot less by having the villa for some of your gust then using the grounds for your wedding where you can get to use affordable vendors.
  12. Hi Can anyone provide me with the name of a venue that can hos both wedding and reception in montego bay. Just need the venue for my Aunt. she will provide everything else.
  13. sasha

    Richmond Hill Inn

    Well it has a great view of the ocean and the city, reasonable prices, but it mostly gets local weddings it is approx 20 mins from cruise ship
  14. Well i know chic-events offer these services. I have also seen persons on the site that have used them for one service or the next. Read their reviews.