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Hi Everyone,


FI and I just complteted this newsletter that we sent to our guests yesterday. The first page (which is not included) is specific to our event and therefore probably not very useful to the forum. The remaining 13 pages however may be of use. It's broken down into the following sections so you can decide if it is worth downloading:


1. Brief overview of Tulum and the Yucatan Peninsula

-location, culture, landscape


2. Regions of Tulum

-Archeological zone

-Tulum pueblo (town)

-Hotel zone (beach hotel row)


3. Accommodations in Tulum - we only highlighted a selection of accommodations that represent a range that we think will meet our guest's needs


4. Getting to Tulum

-Entry requirements: passports and customs

-Cancun International Airport and transportation


5. What to bring


6. Things to do in and around Tulum

-useful travel and planning websites


7. Useful information



-time zone

-remaining healthy

-remainins safe

-useful telephone numbers


We hope this helps anyone who is traveling to Tulum or trying to put something together for their guests.



Tulum Newsletter- Version II.doc

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Originally Posted by jmb0902 View Post
Thanks girl, this is great. Where are you staying in Tulum?
Much thanks, I hope it's useful.

We are staying at Milamores Villas in Tulum which is down the beach road toward the biosphere. I see you are staying at Dreams, do you have guests staying throughout the area, or will they be with you?

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