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  1. Congratulations and happy planning! I have had the pleasure of working with Malisa from Destination Scout and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her! I was married in a villa in Tulum this last November and Malisa was instrumental with many logistical arrangements both for our guests and with other coordination details. She is extremely resourceful and calm under pressure. She would be a great place to start with your wedding planning! I would be happy to answer any questions if you would like to PM me.
  2. I LOVE it! Now I have to figure out how to get the FI on board to dance his booty down the aisle. Perfect!!
  3. Congratulations and welcome to the forum Andrew! We love grooms here, and hopefully you will love the planning process.
  4. Congratulations Kristiaan and welcome to the forum! You will find lots of information here that will help and inspire. There are many couples on the forum that are/have been married in Tulum, so there is no shortage of information. Paul from Playa Weddings mentioned Milamores Villa as a possible location since you are interested in alternatives to the big resorts. I am getting married at Milamores and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about that accommodation or others since I had an opportunity to explore the area while on a scouting visit last Spring. There are s
  5. It is VERY windy in Tulum and I believe that to be the case all year round. So while it might still be humid in May, you will also get a significant breeze to cool things down. In thinking about January, were you considering getting married around the holidays or later in the month? If you are flexible with months, perhaps Feb or March could proove to be more economical, warmer than Jan but not as humid as May. Similar to Blkatz, cost for our guests guided our decision to choose to get hitched in the low season.
  6. I am so excited to hear that Malisa is providing full service wedding coordination and vacation planning, for she truly has a gift for it. Her own wedding planning experience in Tulum and subsequent review of Milamores ignited curiosity on this forum about this virtually unknown gem. Malisa has great relationships with many business owners in Tulum and is extremely efficient with getting things done. She has been essential for me and my FI in trying to coordinate logistics with reservations at Milamores in addition to negotiating other wedding features. When presented with a challenge, Malisa
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by TorontoGirloutWest No problem - my pleasure!!! I have some awesome pics from Milamores too but I'm hesitant to post them since I think you have that one covered! lol Oh, please post pictures of Milamores on that thread! We can never get enough pictures of that place, especially since their website is down!!
  8. Wow, thanks for posting these pics TorontoGirloutWest, this will help many couples considering staying or getting married at Blue Tulum. My future SIL and her family will be staying at Blue during our wedding so we will be sure to share these photos with her. Thanks again!
  9. WOW, that was very generous of you! I was about to jump all over the cameras, but I'll stay posted. Thanks for hooking BDW folks up!
  10. Yes, yes, yes!!! We just scored some great finds at Five Below for our OOT bags. They have great stuff for kids but we also picked-up some goodies for adults such as the game "fact or crap", citronella candles in small tin buckets, and adult oriented Mad Libs (which were 2 for $1). Good stuff!
  11. Initially I was not interested in seeing this movie but on a lazy Saturday afternoon (we were experiencing a lull with wedding planning), I decided to give it a shot. I was shocked with how much I enjoyed it. It's my kind of humor and has made me appreciate How I Met Your Mother even more!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Valenka_en_Mexico How many posts do we need in order to download the newsletter? anyone know? Hi Valenka. The forum rules have recently changed so that everyone needs 150 posts before you can begin downloading documents. This rule is in place to make sure that forum members are contributing either in the form of support/encouragement or providing helpful information and not just taking ideas without giving back. I see that you have jumped right in as a new member and have been posting so I am confident that you will have 150 posts in no time! Thanks fo
  13. That's a wonderful story! How special that you have had such an amazing journey with your life partner. Congratulations!
  14. Oh, you look stunning! Everything looks beautiful and ya'll look so happy. Where did you get your bridesmaid's dressed, they're super cute
  15. Hi Kayte, welcome to the forum! There are many couples here who are/have gotten married in the Mayan Riviera whose experience will be a great help to you. You will certainly be inspired. How was your scouting trip? Did you find any locations or properties you are interested in?
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